we still want you to pull up those pants.

i figured that the attempted ban on saggy pants had died an appropriate death, but apparently it has not.

from this morning’s ajc comes this:

Councilman C.T. Martin introduced a bill in August banning clothes that expose underwear. The City Council created a citizens’ task force to study the idea and make recommendations. The council will decide whether to accept the recommendations.

apparently the task force is preparing to make it’s recommendations in a meeting tonight at 6 pm at city hall. i am honestly a tad bit bummed i am busy tonight, because i can only imagine just how much fun this hearing would have to be.

and seriously, when the mayor is looking under couches for quarters because of a budget deficit, how much money was spent on this task force?

just curious.

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  1. abby on March 27th, 2008 @ 8:54 am

    Maybe I’m a starry eyed idealist, but I assumed the "citizens task force" meant volunteer. It’s nice to think so, isn’t it?

    Also, as a follow-up, great headline this morning: "Task force opposes saggy pants ban." So no policemen issuing citations for flashing your underoos.

    At least we’ve yet avoided another ridiculous waste of time, brain cells, and taxpayer money: "Local officials from the American Civil Liberties Union have vowed to sue the city if it passes any such legislation."

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