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Hilton Gets Life

He was sentenced today for the murder of the hiker, Meredith Emerson. He will get life in prison with a possibility for parole.

I think it’s too good for him, and it’s unfortunate that we have to feed him or give him water. I think the fact that he admitted to killing her should have ruled out any possibility for parole.

Also, why was he wearing a bullet proof vest? Who gives a flying fuck if some other whack job takes him out? Not me.

I hurt for his family. For their sake, I hope he does rot in prison. And if by some chance a fellow inmate manages to accidentally decapitate him, i will be happy with that. It really makes me sad that he won’t be wiped off the face of the earth as soon as possible.

I Thought I Was Fearless

I went to the Thrashers game last night with an old friend. We were supposed to meet and ride down together, but he was running late leaving work, so we agreed to meet at the CNN Center. At first, this seemed pretty reasonable to me; I would drive to Inman Park and then take Marta down to the Georgia Dome station. I had done it plenty of times before, but I had never done it when I knew I would be coming home after dark, by myself. I realized when I was getting ready to leave my car and walk into the station that i was not as comfortable with the thought of returning at 10 pm that night as I thought I was. Turns out I was kind of scared.

This really struck me like a ton of bricks. I consider myself an independent modern woman. I go places by myself and in fact like to be on my own around town. I like to eat alone, I play trivia on Tuesdays and park and go by myself. I like to go to movies by myself. But last night, I realized i was scared and nervous to get back on Marta after the game and come home by myself. Even worse, I knew it wasn’t a baseless or irrational fear. If anything, it was smart.

You see, the night before, neighbors had been mugged at gunpoint, in the middle of a busy street, with joggers and dog walkers and diners out and about, not a tenth of a mile from where I had parked about 20 minutes before. To top that off, a friend of mine in Grant Park came home that very same day to find cops surrounding her house after an attempted break-in. That’s two acquaintances within a couple of miles each other who were the victims of crime or attempted crime on the same day. If two people I know experience crime on the same day, how many hundreds of people in Atlanta are affected by crime day in and day out?

I know people are probably sick of my posts about Atlanta’s crime, but I am downright preoccupied with it recently. I no longer go running by myself in my own neighborhood. I used to, but now it just seems risky to me. A year ago, I wouldn’t have thought twice about taking Marta by myself. Last night, I took Marta down to Phillips, but when it came time to head back, I opted instead for having my friend drop me off at my car.

And you know what? It really sucks being scared and feeling limited in my actions, and feeling helpless to protect myself against the wastes of oxygen who are out there preying on Atlanta. It really pisses me off.

Southeastern Flower Show

The 21st Annual Southeastern Flower Show starts today and runs through Sunday (alternative to Super Bowl parties anyone?) I’ve always wanted to go, but have never made it. Looks like I might not this year either, but if I do, it will mostly be to glimpse my gardening crush Walter Reeves. Love me some Walter Reeves. I’m also kind of interested in what kind of options they will have for gardening during droughts.

When: Wednesday, January 30 – Sunday, February 3, 2008
Where: Georgia World Congress Center, Building A
Hours: 10:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. Wednesday through Saturday, 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Sunday

No Excuse for Not Voting: Advance Voting

You have no excuses, unless maybe you are dead, in which case you can’t possibly be reading this, or if you are, you are a zombie, in which case we need to start stockpiling these.

Advance voting info from the Secretary of State’s office here.

You have all week and next Tuesday, too.

Putting Atlanta in Everywhere

Have you seen Everywhere magazine‘s website? This new outfit from the makers of JPG (which is to say, 8020 Publishing and We, The People) is a user-created travel magazine publishing photos, stories, postcards, and travel-worthy sites from reader-contributors around the globe.

Atlanta’s part of the globe. Let’s get in there and make places out of some of our favorite Atlanta spots — let’s make Atlanta a part of Everywhere. Get your photo or article in the magazine and you get a little cash and a free subscription. Even better, we get people coming to Atlanta to see the places they didn’t even think of, and to learn that Atlanta’s not Savannah.

What place would you submit? Where do you take guests from out of town? Where would you send a traveler who wanted to see some authentic Atlanta, something beyond the aquarium and the Coke museum? What are some places worth discovering?

Pleasant Experience: Cobb County DMV

On December 19th of 2007 I celebrated my birthday as many other Georgians do: by renewing my car tags.

My first and hopefully only year to register in Cobb county (no offense, Cobborinas), I found myself shocked and delighted at the single best DMV experience in the twenty plus years I’ve been driving.

I rolled into the parking lot of the South Cobb Government Service Centers at 4700 Austell Road thirty minutes before the office opened. It was partially intentional: big cuppa coffee and a good read in hand, along with a mental preparation to sit/stand and *wait*. The third person in line behind a closed door, I took a spot on the tiled floor and waited patiently, fully primed to have forgotten some unknown but needed document to transfer between counties and also ready to blow a wad of money on a sticker I’d rather spend on myself since it *was* my birthday thankyouverymuch.

The doors opened, I was directed to a perky gal behind a podium (not a window) and found the following:
– I had all the documents needed
– Their application was able to pull up everything she needed to know about me
– I was able to pay by debit/check, unlike Fulton county where I always ended up at an ATM somewhere b/c I don’t believe in checkbooks

So here’s the glorious timeline:
– In @ 8:30
– Out @ 8:33
– Sticker on @ 8:35
– On the road @ 8:36

I’m just sayin’, it was a helluva surprise having a pleasant experience at a DMV office and gave me an entirely new appreciation for a place I don’t want to like because of the big homophobic scar they left on us during the Olympics . Oh, had you forgotten about that? I hadn’t.


The Buzz

Channel 46 News recently did a piece on how neighbors in my neighborhood, East Atlanta, are using technology to fight crime in the area. The report focused particularly on an online forum,, which the neighborhood uses to disseminate information on recent crimes in the area.

Of course, it didn’t mention that we also use “The Buzz” to keep up with where everyone will be for happy hour on Friday, or what bands are playing in our neighborhood that night, or just to have massive discussions on books, movies, tv, religion, and politics. It didn’t mention the huge way that the Buzz has made an impact by helping animal lovers find homes for the strays in our area, or helped new parents find other new parents, or the growing information contained on the site about services in the area, recommended plumbers and handymen, zoning and code violations, area schools, and community associations.

The Buzz is a pretty cool tool, and I have to admit I spend way too much time on the site, but I have also met some really cool neighbors through it, and I think I can speak for most of the people in the EAV when I say that it has brought a lot of people together into a more close-knit community, where people help one another, and work together to improve the community we live in.

Members of the Buzz who actually live in nearby neighborhoods, but not in East Atlanta Village proper, have requested that the Buzz creators expand the Buzz to include other intown Atlanta neighborhoods, so now those living in Grant Park and Reynoldstown, have their own sites, too. Ormewood Park and Unincorporated Dekalb residents are still under the umbrella of the East Atlanta site, but they have their own sub-boards for information specific only to their area.

If you live in any of the Southeast Atlanta neighborhoods, or just frequent their establishments, be sure to check out the sites; they are a great local network of information.

We Won!

Remember that $25,000 grant to help cities build more playgrounds?

Well, we won!

Yay, Atlanta. Bring on the monkey bars!

Pretty Pictures

As we’re all pondering what become of last night’s snow flurries and how the Hell we can waste some more of the bosses time by looking at, er, researching on the internets, I give you The Library of Congress’ Flickr Photos! [LOC Blog] [Flickr Blog]

Lest I be accused of not being Atlanta-centric, check out these two photos from the over 3,000 non-copyrighted images the Library is hoping you help tag:

U.S. Penitentiary, Atlanta, Ga. Jul. 1, 1911 (LOC)
Peace Monument, Atlanta (LOC)

If I were a more enterprising blogger, I’d have some links here to modern photos of these locales, but in keeping with the spirit of the LOC’s photos, I’ll ask that commenters provide the links. ;-)

Or, you could freak out about the lack of snow making you have to work. But I wouldn’t advise it.

Enjoy the photos!

The Sheriff Redux

I wrote about the Sheriff, a local character in East Atlanta, a couple of years ago. I think I did a decent job describing him, and even included some links to photos. Well, I was looking for something else on YouTube, and came across an interesting piece on him. I guess it was put together for local news, but I don’t remember ever seeing it or hearing about it at the time. Anyway, it found its way to YouTube, and now you can all share in the good fun that is the Sheriff, see him at work in the Village, and hear about his life in his own words. Good stuff. Only video can truly do this guy justice.

Interestingly, it was uploaded this summer, but the footage is old enough that Burrito Art is included. Not sure what year they went out of business, but it’s been a while.

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