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Breaking News: Vick sentenced to 23 months in jail

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highly recommended: the photos of joel meyerowitz


last saturday during our car-free afternoon around town one of the things my gf and i did was to take in an exhibition of several photographs of joel meyerowitz at the jackson fine art gallery in buckhead.

this exhibit is highly, highly recommended. it focuses primarily on the photos meyerowitz took on cape cod in the 70s, which are stunning in the color, detail and absolute nostalgia they invoke. there is also a local tie-in as meyerowitz did a whole series on atlanta in the 70s as midtown was beginning to take off and these are quite something as well.

hurry up. you have until jan 5 to see it, and while you are there you can check out the “bonnes fetes” exhibit of photos of paris during the holidays.

50 Things to Do In Atlanta

In the course of looking for info on the Pink Pig, I came across this pretty nifty list of 50 things to do in Atlanta. Yeah, it’s all commercialized and the 50 probably paid the Atlanta Visitor’s Bureau to be on the list, but whatevers. If you are bored, you are bored, and this list might help with that.

Two Great Atlanta Book Blogs

Decatur’s Wordsmith’s Books bookstore has a blog and it is funny, well-written, and informative. My “To Read” pile grows bigger and bigger every time I read it. They have author interviews and reflections on publishing and I find just about every post interesting.

Baby Got Books not only has a catchy name, but most of their contributors are Atlanta-based. And with a name like that, you can be assured that while they are literary, they are not also snooty.

Note: Lovers of books should give themselves a good chunk of time to peruse these sites – They are black holes for readers.

a challenge to all of you….

all of you have hopefully read my myriad of posts now about taking public transportation.

as a quick recap, a little more than three weeks ago i got ultimately fed up with atlanta traffic and decided i would try to make my commute on marta. after discovering that it really wasn’t so bad, i bought a thirty day pass and haven’t driven to work since. i also discovered that i could pick up a bus outside of my house, eliminating the need for a car completely on my commute.

and of course, last saturday, my gf and i discovered we could have a full, fun afternoon moving in atlanta relying solely on buses, trains and our feet. over the last few weeks i have sought to eliminate more and more of my trips that i would have taken by car.

now, i know we can have some pretty heated debates on global warming and dependence on foreign oil, but most of us would agree on the proposition that there are too many cars on atlanta’s streets.

so here is a challenge to those of us in the metroblogging community in atlanta, writers, readers and commenters. let’s see if we can do our part to reduce the number of cars on atlanta’s streets.

here is what i am proposing – all of you think hard about the trips you will take in your car starting tomorrow morning through next saturday and ask yourself, is there ONE trip i can make using alternate transportation – walking, biking, public transport – and then do it.

yes i am challenging all of you to eliminate one car trip over the next seven days. report back in the comments on this post or email me and we’ll post a recap next week.

i’ve put my time and effort where my mouth is and if i can do it, honestly anyone can. so let’s get at it. we have a lot of readers on this site, i’ll bet we can make a dent.

p.s. – bti, d.ortiz and rashid muhammad are totally exempt from this challenge as i know that all three have already taken its intent well to heart.

UPDATE – carla wrote in to remind me to tell you guys you can use cfpt’s new atrain transit mapping tool to plan your car free trip. i am about to head out on mine this morning.

We Fun: Atlanta, GA Inside Out

I’m no music critic or scenester; Hell, I don’t even see that many live bands now that I’m married with kids in the suburbs, but something about We Fun: Atlanta, GA Inside Out has me very intrigued and excited. I think I’ve only heard of some of these bands in passing (I know; shame on me) but I like rooting for the little guy, and there all little guys here.

[h/t Paste Magazine]

A Few Holiday Activities

Here are a few ideas for events you might want to attend this holiday season:

The Pink Pig
An Atlanta tradition, natives will remember the Pig used to be at the Rich’s downtown. The Lenox Mall Pink Pig is a sad substitute for the original, but the sentimentalist in me still wants my kids to know about the Pink Pig at Christmas. Now through New Year’s Day.

Ice Skating at Centennial Park
Pretty cool that kids (and adults) in the ATL can experience the joy of outdoor ice skating. Now through Jan. 6th.

Snowfall at Atlanta Station
It’s not real, and if you try to catch a snowflake on your tongue, it tastes like crap, but the faux snow at Atlantic Station is fun, and the spirit of the season does become contagious while watching the children run willy nilly all over the park in the snow. They have a train touring the lights, and there are even horse-drawn carriages with sleigh bells ringing. Completely touristy, but the kids will love it.

Photos with St. Nick at the Botanical Gardens
An awesome idea – Avoid the mall! Instead, get pictures in a beautiful outdoor setting.

East Atlanta Santa
Speaking of avoiding the mall . . . a bunch of like-minded East Atlantans didn’t want to brave the mall insanity, and instead decided to create their own holiday tradition. Santa will be at Joe’s coffee shop in the East Atlanta village on Sat. Dec. 8th. Bring an unwrapped toy to give to kids in need. 510 Flat Shoals Ave.

What Atlanta holiday offerings did I miss? What are your Atlanta-specific holiday traditions?

Crafty Manuel’s

An arts-and-crafts show in a bar? Oh, my, yes.

This Sunday (already the 9th of December! Yikes!) at Manuel’s Tavern.

a ‘s’marta afternoon


i am beginning to wonder more and more about the necessity of a car in this city. with flexcar operating right out of inman park marta for groceries, the doctor and such and rental car companies offering awesome rental rates on the weekends on really beings to wonder.

i say all this because this weekend my gf and i decided to see if we could maneuver our way around a full afternoon in atlanta with out ever once getting in a car. and before i begin let me give her serious ‘props’ for being the type of gf not only willing to indulge me on this but to enjoy it as well.

and look, i know you all are getting rather sick of these marta posts, but just bear with me as i am still preaching with the fire of the newly converted if you will, and seriously, i could be writing about the hawks.

so after a late breakfast we headed out from her place on foot to the king memorial station where we picked up an e/w train after about a 5-7 minute wait. another 5 minutes at 5 points and we were rolling once again north toward lindbergh.

at lindbergh we boarded our first bus, the 38, headed northbound which we rode for about 5 minutes until we got to our stop on pharr road. within a few blocks, we had walked to the jackson fine art gallery to take in their showing of joel meyerowitz photos (amazing and the subject of another post soon). after we got done we walked a few more blocks to check out the antique map store before walking over to piedmont where we waited just a few minutes before the #5 bus ambled along to take us south to lindbergh.

back at lindbergh we boarded another n/s train headed south for our next stop, virginia-highland. we got to the midtown station with time to kill and waited about 20 minutes before boarding the eastbound 45 bus which took us right down 10th street and around grady high, before depositing us right at the intersection of virginia and highland.

we spent a good 30 minutes walking around the highlands – the gf bought a sweater at 80 per cent off at the mitzi and romano boutique in va-hi, and we dined on samples at bella cucina.

after that we strolled down highland getting to ponce within 5 minutes of the arrival of the westbound #2 bus which took us right into the north ave marta in time to head to our final destination; castleberry hill.

we boarded the train, taking it to garnett station where a five minute walk put us right on peters street in the heat of the castleberry hill district. after wandering around for 15 or 20 minutes we decided we were done and ready to come home, so we found the nearest marta bus stop and waited. within 10 minutes the 13 northbound rolled up and took us right in to the five points station. rather than waiting on a train we went ahead and boarded the #21 which took us right down memorial drive and deposited us with 1.2 block of her place.

so the tally – we visited three geographically diverse neighborhoods in atlanta; we rode 6 different buses never waiting more than 20 minutes at any give stop and we had a blast doing it; and we did it all during off-peak saturday and had a great afternoon out.

total cost = $0 for me since i have a monthly pass, $7 for her on a daily pass.

all goes to show that with a little planning and a willingness to ride a bus atlanta is wide-open to you without ever getting in a car.

the marta posts will stop soon, i promise…..

The Flag and the Sidewalk

Yesterday I drove through (more or less) the Ron Paul rally down by Little Five, at Freedom Park. While I personally haven’t yet formed a strong opinion about Mr. Paul one way or the other, I’m just glad to see actual public involvement going on, so I rolled down my window and took a flyer. Glad to see you out with the banners and all that, people. Keep it up.

Except for you, patriot dude dressed as, I dunno, Thomas Jefferson? I like a tricorne hat as much as the next (probably more than the next guy), but if you’re campaigning, rallying, and dressed like a patriot, even if you’ve dropped some of your flyers and you’re just bending down to pick them up, try to remember this: Do not let the flag touch the ground. Come on, man. That’s disrespectful.

Listen, I think burning the flag is a perfectly acceptable form of free expression. I think dragging an American flag through the mud is a legal (if inelegent) and fair form of protest. But I also think it’s the bazooka of the protest world and a) you shouldn’t fire bazookas at small targets and b) you shouldn’t play with a bazooka when you’re hanging out, promoting an American presidential candidate, and dressed like James Madison (or whomever). That thing might go off.

Just saying.

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