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Band of Horses, The Earl, 12/28/07

boh.jpgI saw Band of Horses at the Earl last night. Anna Kramer and the Lost Cause opened; I have to say how happy I was to finally see Anna Kramer and the Lost Cause live. I had heard great things, but just never got around to it, and they were pretty amazing. Fun and talented and rocking and I totally dug their cover of Merle Haggard’s “The Bottle Let Me Down.” I will be seeing them again, and I recommend you do the same.

Band of Horses opened with “Ghost in My House.” The crowd loved it. Speaking of the crowd, it was a very strange crowd for The Earl – I am guessing a lot of them had never been there before. A curse on the house of the guy continually shouting “Herschel for Heisman!” I mean, I love the Dawgs, too, but shut the hell up, it’s not a football game.

I’m not one for writing down setlists, but I know they played the following songs (there are probably some I’m forgetting):

Great Salt Lake
No One’s Gonna Love You
Detlef Shrempf
The Funeral

“Lamb of the Lam (In the City)” was one of the high points of the show for me. It sounded free-wheeling and joyous. Bridwell played the tambourine with what appeared to be a plastic prop axe. I was a little surprised at the way Bridwell belted out the songs, how great their harmonies sounded, and at the range they seem to have as a band. I liked that their covers showed other facets of their talents than what we’ve seen on their albums: CCR’s “Effigy,” the fairly obscure “Am I a Good Man” by Them Two, and J.J. Cale’s “Thirteen Days” were unexpected choices. They also played a new song, but I didn’t get the name. I think they said it was the first time that they played it. Sounded great, though, and was a fun, upbeat-sounding song. My overall take on BOH is a talented live band who really seemed to enjoy playing for the crowd. And, um, they have great facial hair.

I kind of wish I could see their shows the next few nights, too. If you are seeing their other EARL shows, I’d love to know what you think.

More pics on flickr.

Atlanta, We Have A Crime Problem

So, if a guy who will shoot and kill an innocent victim in the course of an armed robbery is granted bond, just what do you have to do in this city to be kept behind bars?

I guess I have been hoping that our fair city of Atlanta will turn things around. I have sat back and watched as crime rises. More break-ins. More robberies. More bullshit every time I turn around. Every time I talk to someone, there is another story of crime. It seemed for a while that a lot of it was taking place in my neighborhood, East Atlanta, and because I love my neighborhood and want its businesses to continue to thrive and draw people in, I refrained from blogging about the fact that many residents are scared to walk home from bars anymore, or that I myself refuse to walk to my car by myself in the village after dark, or that a chunk of residents only half-jokingly have discussed forming the East Atlanta Gun Club. I kid you not. I decided that maybe it wouldn’t be the end of the world if criminals found out that criminals aren’t the only ones in my hood who are packing; There are some good guys with guns, too.

Turns out that it isn’t just East Atlanta, or southeast Atlanta, but all over the city and in unincorporated Dekalb. I don’t know what the problem is: Obviously we need more funding for law enforcement in Fulton, Dekalb, and City of Atlanta. Law enforcement seems sorely understaffed and overwhelmed. It seems like criminals are arrested and then back on the streets in no time.

I know one thing: The message sent by Fulton County Superior Court Judge T. Bedford Jackson, when he granted bond to Terry Williams’ accused murderer, is not helping matters. What the fuck does it say to a would-be criminal when they know that you can shoot someone in the face and kill them, and it’ll only cost you about $10,000 bail?

Judge Jackson should be ashamed of himself. I know I am ashamed that he represents the people of Atlanta and Fulton County. I am outraged. When are the people of Atlanta going to stand up and hold the people they elect and hire to a standard of decency and safety that we can live with? At this rate, we are going to be known (more) for our thug culture, and we are going to start losing business and jobs.

It’s just embarrassing and sickening.

p.s. Big shout out to Andisheh at CL, who keeps doing a great job reporting on our city.

Update: Please voice your displeasure with Judge Jackson’s ruling:

Metrobloggers on Bhutto Assassination

In the wake of the assassination of Bhenazir Bhutto, I just thought I’d mention that the Metrobloggers in Karachi, Pakistan are doing a great job. While most of us in the states are fucking around blogging about meaningless crap like sports and entertainment or staid politics, these folks are giving us the violent story from their very backyards.

I’m happy to say that I am a part of the Metroblogging community and only wish that my writing was half as important or relevant as theirs has been this year.

If you get a chance, stop by and sign their online condolences book.

Merry Christmas, Atlanta!

Hope everyone has a wonderful, safe, and happy holiday. Merry Christmas!

Used in Atlanta

Since I got here, three years ago, I’ve been unable to find a place that quite scratches my used-CD/DVD itch. I’ve found places to buy and sell used books, no problem, but not so much with the shiny discs. Now, for the first time, I’ve got a huge haul of used CDs and DVDs that I’d like to find a home for (and, more importantly, get some cash back on), but aside from GameStops (which are no help to me in this area, as they only offer trade credit) I have no local leads.

So I put it to you, People Who Know Atlanta Better Than I: Where do I go to buy and sell my used DVDs? In fact, where are your favorite places to buy or sell used whatevers? What’s inside the Perimeter? What’s orbiting out beyond the edge?

Share what you know. Hook a brother up.

one month on the rails.


this week marked one month of riding public transportation for me. at the risk of being accused of being a paid marta shill i just thought i would offer some insights after more than 30 days of this little experiment (btw – i keep a running journal of marta chronicles over at my personal blog, so feel free to check that out if you want.)

first and foremost there are a lot of myths about marta. the first one i wish to explode is that marta doesn’t go anywhere. the main reason for this myth has to do with the fact that most people only focus on the rail network. the truth is that you can get just about anywhere in fulton and dekalb on marta. all it takes is a little research and some patience.

next myth, riding the bus sucks. this just hasn’t been my experience. since this whole experiement kicked off i have made riding marta buses a daily part of my routine. i have now ridden on 11 different bus routes – 2, 5, 9, 12, 13, 21, 23, 38, 110 and 140 and i added the 107 to my list last night. i have found riding the bus to be safe, relaxing and ultimately a much better way to get around than getting angry at other drivers and constantly switching lanes to save 30 seconds.

Bumpin’ In the Burbs

This is the hardest I’ve laughed in a while. How the Notorious D-A-D found time to do this video, what with his commute times and all, I don’t know. But this one goes out to my bitches OTP!

Thanks to Rob on the EAVBuzz for the tip.

don’t look now….

but after rattling off an overtime victory last night against shaq and the miami heat, the hawks are now 1 game above .500.

the win extends the hawks winning streak to three games and a quick look at the nba standings show the hawks with a clear route to the playoffs.

i tried to tell you, i tried to tell you again.

do you believe yet?

Falcons fail to land Tuna

The above headline is proof-positive that I should never be a copywriter. [Further evidence]

Actual, pertinent story here.

This is neither a Falcon nor a Tuna. Discuss.

Oh, Falcons, will you ever return aspire to glory?

UPDATE: Miami Dolphin puns are even better, so at least this whole debacle isn’t a total loss.

Help Atlanta Win a $25,000 Grant for Playspaces

Atlanta is currently in third place in KaBOOM!’s “Most Playful City USA” $25,000 grant competition. KaBOOM! is a “national non-profit bringing play back into the lives of our children, to fund play-related projects in their communities.” Atlanta’s video entry is actually pretty entertaining and inspiring, and I want those kids at Bethune Elementary to have some help building a playground.

You do have to register on the site to cast a vote, which kinda stinks. Voting ends 12/21, and winners will be announced on 1/8. While user votes will not be the only determining factor, they will play a part in the final decision.

Watch Atlanta’s entry and vote now.

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