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open thread: what are you up to this weekend

okay, atlanta metblog readers, an open thread to tell us all what you are up to this weekend.

i, your fearless blogger, am going to be at a wedding saturday night. during the day, i maye check out streetstage in woodruff park, and on sunday i am giving serious consideration to seeing the ghastly dreadfuls at the center for pupptery arts.

yes, this may be the most pointless post ever, but i want to hear what you all are up to…

so how ’bout it?

The ATL gets a new slogan; theme-song

Statewide Drought + “Re”Brand Atlanta (see here and here) = more appropriate theme-song for Atlanta?

Because they’re thirsty in Atlanta.

And yes, I have a soft spot in my heart for The Bandit, as I’ve blogged this song previously.

Other bloggers have suggested alternate songs, but I’m sticking to my guns.

is it time to cut the t.i’s of the world loose?

the day after the story of atlanta-based rapper t.i.’s arrest on federal gun charges broke i was listening to the a-team on hot 107.9 (yes, don’t be so surprised, i have some pretty broad tastes.) anyway, they had an entertaiment lawyer on who was basically speculating that t.i. was probably set-up and he was probably set-up because white america doesn’t like the music he was selling to their kids.

so the question of whether t.i. was set-up or not is a factual one that will eventually be determined by a jury. if t.i. really did attempt to purchase machine guns and silencers as a convicted felon there is no doubt he is in violation of federal law. and if half the facts in the complain affidavit are true than he is certainly guilty. for example the complaint says that the atf has t.i. on tape asking for change from the $12K he gave his bodyguard to procure the guns.

the move to stand-up for t.i., or speculate about whether he was set-up, reminds me of a post i made a while back linking to a story about vick and his defenders. the story explained why there are many in the black community who rally almost instinctively to the defense of a black man accused of a crime.

and i get it. i understand that if the justice system has been used for decades to systematically ‘keep you in your place,’ you would be distrustful of it. i appreciate that if you image of law enforcement includes bull connor and his dogs, you might be reticent about a black man being taken down in a parking lot on piedmont and north.

i guess my real question is, is t.i. worth the defense though?

at what point is reflexively defending people like t.i. and mike vick doing a disservice to people who may really be the victims of inequality in the justice system.

cynthia tucker makes many of these points in her ajc editorial today, saying:

Last year, T.I. attended the funeral of Philant Johnson, 26, his best friend and personal assistant, who was shot dead in a gun battle among moving cars on I-75 near Cincinnati. Police said the gunfire followed an argument involving unidentified locals and T.I.’s entourage at a Cincinnati nightclub. If Harris had regrets about Johnson’s death, they apparently didn’t manifest as pacifism. He kept a small arsenal at his College Park home, according to police.

The criminal justice system — notorious for grinding black men down — gave the young rapper T.I. a second chance after he was convicted for selling cocaine. Not only has he launched a highly successful music career, but he has also won notice as an actor. He has a role in the new movie, “American Gangster,” starring Denzel Washington and Russell Crowe.

But given that second chance, what did Harris do? If he had machine guns, as police say, at whom did he intend to point them?

Homicide is the leading cause of death among black men between the ages of 15 and 30. And it is a fratricidal enterprise. Young black men are killed by other young black men.

If white entertainers were making millions singing about the slaughter of black men and mistreatment of black women, city streets would clog with protesters. Demonstrators would pack the halls of Congress. Commerce would grind to a halt as black activists demanded boycotts. But somehow, the violence and misogyny of T.I., 50 Cent and Nelly are less inflammatory.

Yes, a lot of their music is purchased by white consumers, as a lot of it is marketed by white executives. But blaming The Man seems shallow and irresponsible when black Americans are abetting their own destruction.

add to that that t.i. will be able to afford the best lawyers in the country, that he has the resources to mount as effective a defense as anyone else, and the question becomes, again, is rallying around him doing the cause of greater equality in the justice system really a disservice?

i don’t know the answer, but it’s sure worth asking.

(oh and i am betting we will not get universal agreement in the comments either)

the worst person in the world lives in buckhead


i have been meaning to write about this for a day and a half but the job that pays the bills has been getting in the way. anyway, frequent commenter abby dropped a line in suggest-a-story and it prompted me to finally post about it.

in case you don’t know this already, popular media site has named buckhead resident john fitzgerald page the worst person in the world after an email he wrote to a potential suitor on where he implied she might be fat since she didn’t want to continue getting to know someone as awesome as he is.

the story is made even more hillarious by the sheer over-the-top egomania of page’s homepage,, where you can also read his online response to this whole mess.

making things even more interesting is page is now selling t-shirts and refusing to speak to the ajc without getting paid and also declining interviews with creative loafing, although no word on whether compensation was the rub there.

i have to say that i am really beginning to wonder if the whole thing is just a set-up. it’s almost too rich. does anyone out there actually KNOW this guy?

Lanier in New York Times

There is an article in today’s New York Times about the drought in the Southeast. Interesting article, and nice that our little water problem is making national headlines. They only skim over the question that most of us have – Why hasn’t more been down before now to conserve water? They do mention that Sonny might start limiting industrial and commercial water use in the near future.

There is also a not-so-flattering picture of Lake Lanier from the air – McMansion “lakehouses” surrounding a big mudpit.

Scary in a Little Five Points Kind of Way

Little Five Points Halloween Festival is this Friday and Saturday, October 19th and 20th. Love their little tagline: “Scary in a Little Five Points Kind of Way.” They’ve got costume contests, bands, beer. The famous parade is at 5PM on Saturday. (Check out pics on Flickr – Fun!) Also, take a gander at the cool little history of Little Five Points on the website.

where am i – phrases you never expect to see edition.


imagine my surprise when i actually saw the words “Welcome Trial Lawyers.”

anybody know where i was?

Mayor Clark Howard?

The Atlanta Press Club via the Georgia Podcast Network has a very interesting speech/discussion given by Atlanta radio personality Clark Howard (who may or may not be running for Mayor).

Regardless of your politics, it’s a much more thought-provoking, serious and respectful interaction than Sigur Ros could have mustered.

get on the bandwagon already.

and while you are at it, get your kids on boad too. my new favorite nba team, the atlanta hawks are going to be hosting an event called “Paint the Town” at the new world of coke tomorrow.

the event kicks off with interactive games out in front of the building at no charge. starting at 2 pm, hawks players and coaches will be working alongside the coke ambassadors inside the building, so with a paid admission you can head on in and spend some time chatting with them before you check out the exhibits. from 3:15 to 4 the players will be outside of the new world of coke signing autographs (no charge.)

so head down and check it out.

btw – the hawks won again last night. unbeaten in the preseason. seriously, you need to get on this bandwagon NOW.

seriously, five bucks to anyone who shows up in a blue dress….

when bill was president it seemed like traffic got shut down every other week in atlanta for him to make a trip here.

and now another clinton is on the way according to the ajc political insider . hillary will be here tomorrow for a campaign stop at paschal’s restaurant.

love her or hate her – and i am not even about to open up that can of worms (plus i am sure it will be done for me in the comments) – there is no denying she is one of the most talked about politicians in the world and this is your opportunity to see her.

if you want to go, you can rsvp on hillary’s web site here.

okay, i don’t have five bucks to give to everyone who might show up in a blue dress, but do it and get a pic and i promise to post it here.

all in good fun, of course…..

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