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Shoe Fetish, Anyone?

So, right after I Netflixed the Entourage episode where Vince gets Turtle the coveted limited edition sneaker, I see this: Sneaker Pimps. An entire art show devoted to the art of the sneaker – Vintage and limited edition sneaks. Sounds kinda cool. They’ll also have DJs and a skate show.

It’s at the Atlanta Contemporary Art Center on Saturday.

More info here.

Strut Review

The East Atlanta Village Strut was great, as usual.

Husband and I ran the 5K in the morning. The weather was perfect for the field of 200 or so runners. The course is pretty easy, with the exception of The Widowmaker (a.k.a. Van Vleck hill.) All of the volunteers were wonderful, and it was nice to have some of the neighbors out in their yards, cheering us all on. I will admit that i was a little disappointed that more of you weren’t out – How hard is it to pour a cup of coffee and walk out your front door and wave at some people running? It also would have been nice if some of the neighbors had scheduled outings before or after the 8 a.m. to 9 a.m. hour of the race; It is not fun for a bunch of runners to pull up to let the idiot lady pull out of her driveway and into the course mid-race. All in all, though, it was a great experience, and well-planned. Did I mention that the winner’s plaques are very East Atlanta, and very cool? Wooden, hand painted plaque picturing the Strut flaming sneaker. I covet.

One other disappointment? No breakfast after the race. I thought for sure something other than the Australian Bakery would be open to take advantage of the post-race crowd. I’m not knocking the Aussie Bakery, and in fact, i love the place, but I really wanted a big brunch, complete with Bloody Mary. We ended up having to go to Ria’s. (Oh, the hardship!) Not a big deal, but it seemed like a missed opportunity for local businesses.

With brunch and showers and lunch, we missed the parade, but plenty of shutterbugs got great shots of it. Looked like a good time, and I’m not sure who the Abominables are, but love the name. We made it back in time to check out the Artists’ Market, grab a beer or three, and take in the wares. I bought a beautiful bib from Adrienne at AngelArts, and Sarah’s kids’ smocks were adorable. Loved J’s comics-inspired paintings. My daughter took an odd liking to his likeness of Johnny Cash giving the finger, which probably doesn’t bode well for me in about fifteen years. Lori K’s quilts were totally cool, and i love her idea of memorializing pets in quilted form; I predict cat and dog ladies of the world will be knocking her door down in the name of their dead Fidos and Fluffies. I also bought a cute shrinky-dink necklace from the Guh Guh and Phangs guy. Just in time for Halloween!

We had a great time, and my only regret was that I didn’t last long enough to take in the bands that night. Oh, and that I didn’t win that plaque. Damn you, Van Vleck!

My pics here. More great pics here.

Martin Prado: Bat Man

Keep your eyes on the bat.

Another version, just in case you think you’re seeing things.

From Wednesday, September 12, 2007 against the Mets @ Shea; your daily dose of YouTube video.


Tiger Woods is leading the THE TOUR Championship at East Lake Golf Club.

In case you’re wondering.

Happy Golf-standing-and-walking-and-claping-in-hopefully-better-weekend-weather to those who will attend the rounds on Saturday and Sunday.

Bound To Be Read Books Anniversary Party

I can’t believe they’ve been open two years; Seems my little neighborhood independent bookstore is growin’ up. They’re celebrating by throwing a week long party. (That’s how we roll in the EAV.)

If you can’t make their 2nd Anniversary Kickoff Party, make sure you stop in some time. The employees are great. Just last week, I was in the store and one of the guys suggested I pick up the Gabriel Garcia Marquez autobiography, Living to Tell the Tale. (The first in a three-part trilogy? Gutsy.) I walked out with a lovingly-used hardback copy for far less than I would have gotten at the big box up Moreland. They are great there – They really take the time to talk to you about reading suggestions, what they are reading themselves, and will gladly order you anything they don’t have in the store. I believe they went above and beyond the call of duty to find my husband the copy of Ecology of a Cracker Childhood that I wanted for Christmas last year.

If all of that hasn’t lured you in, they also have authors’ readings, a book club, a writing club, children’s story time, and ooh-la-la, a monthly salon discussion.

Tell Kona the cat I sent ya.

Bound To Be Read Books
Sat., Sept. 15th, 8:00-10:00 P.M.
Same day as The East Atlanta Village Strut!

Wing Festival?…. I’m there.

It’s 3 in the morning. I’m up and I’m watching TV. Well, it’s part of my job.

Then, I see this: Atlanta Wings Festival. What???? No way. Yeah, way. Gang I’m there.

This might not be an Earth shattering post but, for me… I’m there. Just wanted to pass it on to ya.

2007 Atlanta Wings Festival Information

September 22nd & 23rd; 1:00pm – 8:00pm
Woodruff Park on Peachtree Street in the heart of Downtown Atlanta
Live Music

They have a “beer garden”………… dude……….. “BEER GARDEN”.

History of Hot Wings
Wiki Wings
More History
U.S. Poultry Association

EAV Strut

East Atlanta Village’s Strut is this Saturday. The really cool thing about The Strut is that it has a little something for everyone, and it really showcases the neighborhood’s diverse offerings.

Festivities begin with a 5K. I’ll be doing that with the hubby. I’m already dreading the Van Vleck hill. The events in the Village last all day long and include: Children’s area, Artist Market (make sure to check out AngelArt gifts, an East Atlanta local), food (I’ve had the Salt Potatoes – they are that good), a parade, a silent auction, and bands.

Full event info here.

perhaps this will be larry craig’s legacy?

well at least something good will come out of the arrests of larry craig and marta’s ed wall for having a little too much fun while changing planes.

according to today’s ajc bathroom sex is down at hartsfield since the arrests:

“We’re averaging one public indecency arrest per month since June,” said Atlanta Police Maj. Darryl Tolleson, who commands police operations at Hartsfield-Jackson. “It’s really tapered off since, and I think all the publicity has helped.”

well thank goodness for that. honestly, i am a bit surprised by just how prevalent this was. according to the article hartsfield was continuously listed as a rendezvous point on various web sites and chat rooms and arrest rates were in the double digits in certain months.

i did find this line pretty interesting:

Tolleson said he plans to talk with Minneapolis police about their operations at that airport.

wow. i’m betting that’s a meeting he never envisioned having when he was in the academy.

Can we still connect with 9/11?


It still has meaning. Atlanta = Georgia = America.

As a journalist, I knew some who were there. Just their verbal accounts, still today, sends shivers down my spine.

I won’t be protracted here as it’s not my personal site but, we Atlantan’s, certainly have something to say on this extraordinary day.

There is a convenience store I go to 3-4 times a week where the manager is a very nice lady who’s husband is in Iraq. I came in to buy gas there last week and I saw a glass container asking for donation for this same lady. Her husband was critically wounded in battle. His comrades and friends, reportedly, dead. It then became even more personal to me – this life, this war, this country.

Do you have any personal feelings about this date – 9/11 – you’re willing to share as Atlanta citizens? Perhaps you have a personal connection you want to talk about. Maybe, as Americans, you just want to talk. As Atlanta Metro citizens you might share a story that speaks about some aspect of 9/11 – religion, society, politics, personal knowledge or experiences. I’d love to hear it. This city has a wealth of cultural, religious and political diversity. Talk to me.

G-d Bless America – please – we need a good blessing right now.

Road Rage

I haven’t shared this story here mostly because I’ve been recuperating from the long holiday weekend, but also because I don’t know how exceptional or out-of-the-ordinary it is.

Suffice it to say I witnessed (along with my four-year-old) a pathetic display of human frailty recently: road rage.

I had just picked Raelyn (my daughter) up from daycare on Friday afternoon around 3 p.m. The road, Spring Street between 10th and 14th, was completely packed with bumper-to-bumper traffic.

Directly in front of me was a shoddy Nissan Maxima, windows rolled down, driver dangling a cigarette out of the window. In front of him was a new Toyota Tacoma truck, UGA plates.

In the stop-and-go of traffic flow, the Maxima slammed on his brakes and came within in inches of hitting the Tacoma. I couldn’t tell if he actually made contact but within seconds of stop, the driver of the Tacoma was out of his truck and walking towards the tailgate.

He quickly examined the bumper, decided their was damage/contact, strode confidently up to the window of the Maxima and swung his right leg through the opening in an impromptu display of street martial arts. I couldn’t tell if he actually landed his blow, but a few seconds later the dazed Maxima driver opened his door and confronted the Tacoma driver face-to-face.

There were no words exchanged, just puffed chests and vicious stares. Both men reluctantly, slowly got back in their cars.

I was stunned, to say the least. I sat their mouth agape and asked my daughter if she had seen what I had. She could only nod her agreement. Even a fellow driver, likewise trapped in her car with a front-row seat, rolled down her window to confirm what we’d both witnessed.

Traffic eventually petered out and as the Tacoma feigned a right turn onto 10th, he sped through the intersection only to have the Maxima race after him. Concerned that the previous altercation might escalate to greater violence – like a wreck involving multiple other cars – I called 911.

I felt like an idiot hurriedly explaining what I’d just seen, my mind and my speech racing. I thought for sure this was the kind of phone call and situation that would get me into Creative Loafing’s Blotter. Either way I felt I had an obligation to let someone know about what I’d seen, I’d hope my fellow Atlantans would not only do the same but try a little bit to avoid just such a situation.

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