perhaps this will be larry craig’s legacy?

well at least something good will come out of the arrests of larry craig and marta’s ed wall for having a little too much fun while changing planes.

according to today’s ajc bathroom sex is down at hartsfield since the arrests:

“We’re averaging one public indecency arrest per month since June,” said Atlanta Police Maj. Darryl Tolleson, who commands police operations at Hartsfield-Jackson. “It’s really tapered off since, and I think all the publicity has helped.”

well thank goodness for that. honestly, i am a bit surprised by just how prevalent this was. according to the article hartsfield was continuously listed as a rendezvous point on various web sites and chat rooms and arrest rates were in the double digits in certain months.

i did find this line pretty interesting:

Tolleson said he plans to talk with Minneapolis police about their operations at that airport.

wow. i’m betting that’s a meeting he never envisioned having when he was in the academy.

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