the worst taco bell in america.

well, you would never believe it, but in fact the worst taco bell in america is located right here in metro atlanta. it’s a tough honor to win, i am sure, but after hearing my experience i am sure you might be inclined to agree.

first, let me tell you the location that takes top prize; the taco bell on state route 317 in suwanee, georgia. it’s just off of i-85 so if you are in for some horrible service, head on up and give ’em a try.

so here is the scenario. i’m on a drive back from washington, dc with my girlfriend and my 8 year old daughter. the drive was to say the least a bit of a challenge* and we were really pushing to get home, so we hadn’t stopped for dinner but by 9:45 we were all starving.

we passed up hamilton mill and the mall of georgia in search of a taco bell and finally at state route 317 in suwanee we found it.

i knew there were problems as soon as we walked in. there were all sorts of people standing around and absolutely NO ONE at the cash register. we stood around for about 7 minutes waiting and i desperately wanted to just head to the arby’s next door, but there is no denying an 8 year old when their heart is set on a taco.

so on we waited.

final[ly the ‘shift manager,’ a 17 year old who looked quite acquainted with certain herbal substances if you catch my drift, took our order. we attempted multiple times to explain to him what we wanted and we finally were able to pay and get a reciept.

and then we waited.

and waited.

and waited.

i went to complain but the shift manager had disappeared and the women making the food of course spoke no english. after what seemed like an eternity and a half the ‘shift manager’ started walking toward our table with a bag of food. unfortunately, it was not to be though. he just shook his head at me and headed outside to deliver to a drive through customer.

so we waited some more. getting hungrier and hungrier and more and more frustrated and hungry.

finally, at some point we were on the verge of revolt and the only people left in the restaraunt when one of the women in the back muttered something and dropped a bag on the counter. excited and exacerbated and emaciated i walked up, retrieved it and brought it back to the table.

i am sure you can guess what is coming.

yup, not our order. i don’t know who it belonged to, since there was no one left in the place, but it wasn’t ours. i took it back up to the manager who muttered under his breath and turned around and yelled at the women making the food.

finally after another 10 mintes (total time in the taco bell is now around 45 minutes) we got our food and ate some lukewarm tacos.

the final nail? as we were finishing the meal, the ‘shift supervisor’s’ buddies came in and began launching into a profanity-laden conversation in front of my eight year old.

and his friends, of course, had no problems getting some food.

so seriously, head on up to the taco bell in suwanee; and congrats to alex and the gang up there for winning this author’s distinction as the worst taco bell in america.

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  1. Seth (unregistered) on July 2nd, 2007 @ 3:34 pm

    Please complain to them.

    I’m sure that after all those sick folks from a couple of months back another satisfied customer couldn’t hurt.

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