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Throw Those MARTA Tokens In a Time Capsule

I haven’t heard any first hand reports of a love affair with the new Breeze card, but no matter – after June 30th, MARTA will be kickin’ their cute little tokens to the curb and you’ll have no choice but to use it. As much as I loved those little tokens with the cute picture of the front of the bus comin’ to getcha, it’s about damn time we steped our game up. I used the tap pass model in London and loved it and the recharable kind when I lived in SF on BART and they’re both superior to what we’ve been rockin’ for the last – oh – FOREVER?

Word on the street is that if you order one by June 30th, you can get it “free” on-line, after June 30th, there will be a $5 charge added to your first trip to get one.

Books on Atlanta

Whatever your thoughts on the digitization of books, you can’t deny that it’s pretty cool to be able to use Google’s Book Search function to search for books on “Atlanta” and come up with 107,000+ hits. Most of those come up as “limited preview” selections, but I spent about 30 minutes perusing one of those selections alone: Atlanta: Unforgettable Vintage Images of an All-American City.

Warning: Huge time suck.

genarlow wilson staying in jail for now….

despite an offer of $1 million in bond from a new york city investment manager douglas county judge david emerson has ensured that wilson will stay in jail by canceling a bond hearing set for the 21 year old (see ajc here.)

of course, wilson is still in jail because attorney general thrubert baker has decided to appeal the decision by another judge to reduce wilson’s sentence to a misdemeanor and order him released from prison. additionally the douglas county da could let wilson out by agreeing to set bond.

and yet everyone seems to want to keep this kid in jail depsite overwhelming public support to let him out.

i am not an attorney and there seem to be a lot of complex legal and jurisdictional issues involved here, so i won’t even begin to try to comment on the appropriateness of today’s ruling.

however i do think this editorial writer in the chicago tribune makes a great point about when focusing on the letter of the law actually ends up hurting the cause of justice.

maybe this will work….

judging from attendance at phillips arena in 2007 the odds that you were actually paying attention and caught this might be pretty low.

that being said, perhaps not being content with the idea that two draft picks in the top 15 this year would change their fortunes, the atlanta hawks unveiled new uniforms and a new logo over the weekend.

you can check out the new unis and the new logo here on the hawks official site. the logo is pretty much the same except for a new color scheme, but the uniforms look substantially different.

reaction from the blogosphere to the new uniforms has been positive if a bit tepid. sporting evolution says, “I like the new secondary logo, and the uniforms are real nice.”

thehype over on the aol fanhouse, says, “Personally, I don’t think it’s spectacular one way or another — it’s nothing horrible like the Christmas inspired Bucks uniforms or even the influx of red so many teams now have. These feel just very … safe. Maybe it’s a good thing they are being low-key.”

and over on the atlanta hawks blog (yes, there is one), matt says, “The Hawks unveiled their new uniforms / logo today. My initial reaction? Bland. My follow up reaction? I like ’em. I really like ’em. Apparently the away jersey is an homage to the 1958 St. Louis Hawks, winners of the NBA championship.”

so thoughts? like ’em? hate ’em? don’t care?

personally, i have decided to become a hawks fan next season. the uniforms have inspired me, mindless mass tool of the marketing machine that i am….i mean seriously, who needs wins when you have new uniforms.



You’re (if you’re a Braves fan or player) soaking in it.

i swear i saw this on cbs…

well not quite, but our hometown airline, fresh emerged from bankruptcy has come up with a marketing ploy quite reminiscent of the cbs reality show the amazing race.

dubbed delta siteseer, contestants are going to be sent on several 4 day travels to various international destinations and have their journeys webcast on the internet. after each trip, internet visitors will ‘vote off’ one group of two. the prize for the final team is one million skymiles.

as far as marketing goes, this actually sounds pretty cool.

no sarcasm here. i think i am actually planning to apply.

if you want to as well you have until july 5 to submit a 2 minute video with your travel partner.

click here for more details.

Prius’ Swallow Town, Film at 11.

Subtitle: Trendy Car of the Year.

Remember 3 years ago when brown was the new black and the cicada’s were the new killer bees?

I fear the cycle has moved forward again and the new threat: Priuses.

They look like roaches and they’re suddenly scurrying everywhere in this city. Flip on a light and they scatter. Word on the street is they can can life without their heads and produce 300+ offspring in their lifetime, just like their relatives.


and then while i’m away, i’ll write home every day….

well not really. hope everyone is surviving the hot summer. mine so far has taken me to china, the czech republic and finally to washington, dc before i come home next weekend.

anyway, i figured i better post something or the metblog gods might boot me off of the site (which yes i know for some of you might be a blessing) but it’s hard to come across atlanta stuff when you are not there.

i did notice this video though, so i though i would pass it along –

if you remember i wrote about how atlanta-rockers the beggar’s guild won a trip to bonnaroo. anyway, i heard it went great and thought i would post that little snippet of video from the performance.

also, as an added treat below is an mp3 for a song you won’t find on their ep it only gets better from here called “only gets better” live from their show at vinyl that i wrote about here. enjoy.

the beggar’s guild – only gets better (live @ vinyl)

AND Then…..

Right on the heals of Maigh’s post below, VP Cheney decides to drop in over at Kennesaw Mountain – unexpectedly – during rush hour – on a Friday. A lot of people were not happy campers. AJC Story here

Maybe he could drop in for a surprise visit to Pride this weekend. He could keep a low profile by being in drag – sort of like the Senator (Gene Hackman) in The Bird Cage. But, Cheney in drag? Hmm.. no.

The 6 P’s

'What can I do?' - SiCKO Michael Moore’s new flick “Sicko” has it’s sneak preview tomorrow night at the Midtown Arts Cinema.

And? So? I bet you’re tilting your head like the RCA dog. Stop it. Your neck will stick like that.

Lemme splain the obvious conflict. Traffic? Near the park? This weekend? For a movie that’s not Sordid Lives (that’s playing tonight, darlings) or Mommie Dearest? Please. You couldn’t pay me to drive through that.

HOWEVAH, if you live walking distance and want to grab a ticket to take in the flick then report back : Yeay you! Here’s the linkie.

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