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Tree Hugger!

As the resident hippie/tree hugger here at Atlanta MetBlogs, I feel it my duty to extend this invite to you (well not really *you*, but you’re part of the universal “they” so it’s *you” indirectly) on behalf of Trees Atlanta:

Celebrate Earth Day 2007 at the grand opening of the Inman Park neighborhood arboretum.

Saturday, April 21st at 1:00 PM
Meet at:
Little 5 Points Community Center
1083 Austin Avenue
Atlanta, GA 30307

After the ceremony, please join us for a guided “Tree Walk” where granite markers will identify tree species.

If you can’t make it for the walk on Saturday but are interested in the self guided tour, you can access a brochure here. (.pdf)

Resource: Inman Park Tree Watch

More to love?

I heard on NPR on the way in this morning that Piedmont Park was just expanded by 56 acres of adjacent property which includes a creek, has land for new meadows (how odd that we’d have to make a meadow), additional hiking trails and some other jazz I didn’t catch. I didn’t catch it because I figured I’d pop on line and read about it but there isn’t a peep on the Piedmont Park Conservatory site, nor is there a linkylinklink on the WABE site.

Anyone want to drop some knowledge?

Virginia Tech Shooting

I’m sure a ton of the coverage from the traditional media covering the Virginia Tech shootings in the coming days/weeks will be along the lines of “Could we have stopped this tragedy?” or “Did we see this coming?” or “Culture of Columbine” or some such nonsense.

From a more Atlanta-centric perspective, we have our own research/technical institution in-town and a news organization who will no doubt interview students about parallels.

For my part, I think I speak for all the writers and readers of this blog that our heartfelt condolences, thoughts and prayers are with those whose lives were taken and their families and friends. God forbid something like this should happen here.

Also, I had the pleasure of meeting a good number of Virginia Tech alumni and fans who were in town for the Peach Bowl this past December. Great, knowledgeable, fun folks. We’re thinking of you tonight.

More coverage/discussion on the DC Metroblog.

La Casita Bar Open? Sources Say Yes

For those of you who frequent East Atlanta, you may have heard that La Casita Cantina’s liquor license was put on hold. Worse, you may have gone there to get one of their awesome margaritas and been out of luck.

East Atlantans have been lucky to be blessed with this much needed addition to the EAV restaurant landscape, and I know there has been some talk about how this has affected the restaurant’s business. People have been worried, but I think the community has tried to frequent the business to get them over this rough patch.

Well, rumor has it they have the liquor license back as of Thursday, and the full bar is now open. If you haven’t had it before, go check them out and get the Pork Carnitas. It rocks. Plus, the dish will give you an excuse to order a margarita with which to wash them down.

Via EAV Yahoo Groups

Community Service Day at the Wren’s Nest

I wrote this a while back about West End gem The Wren’s Nest. Seems that their resident director/blogger was appreciative and is at once rewarding us and taking advantage of our goodwill; April 14th will be a community service day at The Wren’s Nest. For helping clean up their 2.25 acres, you will enjoy free beer, music, and food. In addition, it seems they are extending an offer of free admission to Metblogs readers.

That’s a lot of free stuff, people.


First! Playoff! Game! Evar!

Anybody going?

Anybody have extra tickets?

Atlanta Art: “Formula For Hate”

Artist Alvaro Alvillar’s piece, “Formula for Hate” is causing quite an uproar here in town. The piece, part of an exhibit at City Hall East, has come under fire from Atlanta police officers for being “racist” and “hate art.” There was even a forum last week to discuss if the piece should be taken down.

Life OTP

Initially I was going to post about Alton Brown today. Alton is the agent provocateur of Food Network’s Good Eats, which I adore.

Mr. B is featured in this month’s Atlanta Magazine so I went a-searching to see if some (or all) of the article/interview was available online. Sadly, it is not.

What I did find were some blogs. Actually one blog in particular, Life OTP, that caught my eye.

Mary Jo DiLonardo writes from an interesting perspective when you consider this blog’s vantage point. Her focus is on living and working in Atlanta when you live OTP. And I can definitely relate, graduating high school in Marietta and now living in Smyrna.

I want to highlight two recent posts on her blog that I think really crystallize the subject of the sprawling experience that is Atlanta living.

it’s marta on my hip.


via the modblog at bmezine comes this tattoo of, yes, your eyes do not deceive you, the MARTA system, apparently on someone’s hip.

i suppose as far as tattoo’s go it’s well done (it was done by chris at liberty tattoo on ponce) i don’t know enough about tattoos to know.

but my real question is who in the world can feel good enough about marta to want to memorialize it on their body?

the closest i know of is a friend of mine who rides marta back and forth to work every day and relishes the experience for the stories of the strange and the psychotic it gives her to retell.

(it wasn’t her by the way. when i forwarded this link to her, her response was, “that marta tattoo is retarded enough to almost be cool.”)

anyway, a marta tattoo. now i’ve seen everything.

h/t to amber at being amber rhea for sending this in via the suggest a story link.

What Will Happen to Fort Mac?

Seventeen years ago, in 1990, my late father was reassigned from El Paso, TX, to Fort McPherson, here in Atlanta. We settled here, bought the first house I ever lived in that wasn’t military housing, and made Atlanta home. You may have heard a while ago that Fort McPherson was identified to close as part of the Base Realignment and Closure Act of 2005. Now, the McPherson Planning Local Redevelopment Authority (MPLRA) is hosting a series of meetings to get public input and feedback on the reuse of the base. They started yesterday and run through tomorrow, Thursday the 12th. The MPLRA is the nonprofit corporation tasked with preparing the redevelopment plan for the U.S. Army’s consideration. Recommendations so far include a commercial/retail complex, cultural district, employment center, and mixed-income housing.

For more info, visit or call 404-614-8318. I’m really interested to see how it all shakes out.

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