i won’t spend too much time on this, since i posted an extensive race report over on my personal blog, but i ran the inaugural ing georgia marathon a week and a half ago now.

first things first – i want to say a huge THANK YOU to everyone who came out and cheered. if you have just come back from reading my race report you know how hard a run it was, and you presence made the 26.2 bearable. particularly thanks to the residents of deactur, virginia-highland and inman park who really turned out.

the race my friends was difficult. it was around 85 degrees at the finish which in the middle of a marathon feels like the surface of the sun. the course, of course, was hilly, but i knew that going into it, although many runners i talked to along the way were surprised by the hills. the course was definitely amazing to look at and will become known for its beauty and difficulty.

there were, of course, first race glitches. the biggest was the complete lack of powerade on the course. at only three water stops was there any hint of a sports drink, and at one it was diluted and the other it was gatorade. on a hot day like that day, not being able to replace your electrolytes was a total bear. i was surprised to hear that 97 per cent of the runner finished on such a tough day

we got an email from the race director apologizing and pledging to fix it, but no real explanation.

well you can’t control the weather and they’ll fix the fluid issues so i’ll be back next year. kudos to everyone who put the race on.

for some other perspectives, here is nat at the negative split, here is christian at the quest to become an ultra runner and here is sara at the peanut butter and jelly blog.

happy running and see you all next year.

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  1. abby (unregistered) on April 5th, 2007 @ 10:23 am

    congratulations on your second race! It takes a lot to push through something like that, well done.

    And just curious – is there a difference between powerade and gatorade? Also, I thought when those sports drinks were diluted it was easier for a body under marathon-like stress to handle. no?

  2. james (unregistered) on April 5th, 2007 @ 10:53 am

    thanks abby :-) there is no real difference other than taste and manufacturer. it is interesting they had gatorade since coke who makes powerade was a sponsor.

    absolutely, sport drink should be diluted, but every athlete is different in how much they need. i like to drink 50/50 which means i will grab one cup of sports drink and one cup of water at the aid station.

    either way, not having ANY form more than 3/4 of the course on a hot day was horrendous.

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