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Screen on the Green

With thanks yet again to the good folk @ Turner Classic Movies, the shows will go on as follows:

May 31 Casablanca
June 7 Car Wash
June 14 Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid
June 21 Funny Girl
June 28 E.T.

I expect to see you all in chaps on June 14 and short shorts on June 7.


Okay, serious stuff:

As a consideration to others, Screen on the Green moviegoers are asked to leave pets at home. Umbrellas and high-backed chairs are strongly discouraged to allow visibility for all viewers. Grills of any sort are strictly prohibited.

Mmmmm. Beer.

I’m in the process of acclimating to semi-suburban life and it’s not going well, so I called a friend who also lives in the hood and she suggested we meet up for a beer tasting at Muss and Turner’s, right in ourveraownbackyard.

I was excited to see her and try something new, but as a person who doesn’t drink beer I was skeptical that I’d enjoy the event. On the other hand, it was only $12 which is half the cost of having your lip waxed and it promised to be – at a minimum – more fun than that.

It’s a good thing I don’t get paid for predicting the future or I’d be broke.

Don’t Bother Planning Your Saturday

I have done it for you.

Looking for something to do Saturday night after the Inman Park Festival? Check out Magnapop at the EARL. They are fun, plus they’ve been around since I was in college (that’s a long ass time, folks) and they are still doing their thing.

with Sleep Therapy
and The Yum Yum Tree
9:30 PM
$7.00. Total bargain.

p.s. I would tell you girls to check out their drummer, Chad, who is way cute, but he would kill me.

April Showers

Not today’s weather, but my tears last night as the Braves blew a lead in the ninth in the worst possible way.

Tim Hudson, bidding for a complete game, loaded the bases on 3 consecutive singles with no outs and Bob Wickman couldn’t stop the bleeding.

Talk about snatching defeat from the jaws of victory.

My question: If the Braves bullpen got so much better in the off-season (and has performed so well this season) why risk Hudson in a 3-run game? Why not just give Wickman the save opportunity earlier?

Or am I daft? Should I be armchair managing against Bobby Cox?

a shameless plug for a great cause

one of the great things about having the ability to write here is that every now and then i can give a shameless plug for something i believe in. this sunday the sprint for cancer 10k and 5k road race will be happening at atlantic station. my company puts on this event every year and the proceeds go 100 percent to the georgia cancer foundation, one of the most amazing charitable organizations i have ever worked with.

i’m on the planning committee for this event, and i can tell you that we are trying to raise more than $70,000 for cancer programs right here in georgia this year. one quick example; through it’s bosom buddies program the gcf provides low cost mammorgrams to any woman in georgia that needs them and cannot afford them.

please think about coming out this weekend and running. we have chip timing and we are giving out technical shirts to both 5k and 10k runners. at $18, it’s probably worth it just for the shirt.

the races start at 8:00 am this sunday from the central park in atlantic station.

thanks so much, from the bottom of my heart, for considering it.

i’ll be floating around the registration area all morning, so stop on over and say hi if you are there.

Rap in Polish

The Atlanta Film Festival is the only place you’ll hear rap music in Polish. That’s right. The AFF is in full swing and I’m haunting the Landmark Midtown 8 all week. I saw Retrieval tonight. Great movie. Did anyone understand the ending or did the budget run out?

Atlanta Film Festival Online

Burgess-Peterson Playground Project

There’s a rummage sale this Saturday to help the Burgess-Peterson Elementary Playground Project. Evidently, this East Atlanta school does not even have a playground. So, if you’re in the mood for buying used stuff, check it out. You can also help by donating your goods for the rummage sale. Recycle your gently used clothing, furniture, household items, toys and books tomorrow, Wednesday, and Thursday from 4-6 at the school.

Rummage Sale
April 28, 2007
Burgess-Petersen Elementary


Who knew Public Access TV was NSFW?

Apparently the rest of the internets knew, but not us.

It seems that local public access spiritual/sexuality adviser Alexyss K. Tylor has made quite the name for herself and our fair city this week.

To be fair, I’ve never seen her show or heard of her (until this week), but I’d love to catch an episode now.

Official site, MySpace and NSFW embedded YouTube clip in the extended entry.

[Via Gawker]

There and Back Again

I’m not writing a post about Bilbo Baggins’ memoir but about a great article from The New Yorker that hit the web this week: There and Back Again.

The essay tackles some great (or likely not-so-great) themes concerning long commutes and the commuters who make them and focuses a good bit on Atlanta.

Here are some choice blockquotes, but you really ought to check it out. And I say this as someone who lives OTP (Smyrna) with a 1 hour round-trip daily commute who works in Midtown.

Decades ago, residents of two counties surrounding the city voted down an extension of the MARTA system. Ninety-four per cent of Atlantans commute by car, and the city has the highest annual per-capita gasoline costs in the country. According to the last census, the travel time in Atlanta grew faster in the nineties than in any other American city, and it’s getting worse. Travelling ten miles can take forty-five minutes.


I had talked to one Atlanta commuter who smokes a cigar to stay awake on his drive home each day, and to another who plays harmonica. One commuter began trying a meditation technique–breathe in one nostril and out the other–and got pulled over for speeding. Scruggs favored a more traditional approach. “The key is to eat a light lunch,” he said.


“I wouldn’t have moved if I could’ve taken public transportation. I could read a book or talk to somebody.” He slipped in through a side door and into his office; it was a little like going into a motel. There was no one around to greet him or to make small talk.


National Astronomy Day at Fernbank

Fernbank is one of those really cool places that i always forget to take advantage of when coming up with ideas for outings with the kids. So, I’m really going to try and get the family over there for their National Astronomy Day celebration on Saturday (April 21st.)

Admission to the Center is free. Parking is free but limited.
Members of the public are advised to arrive early. Some of the Planetarium stuff charges admission, but you will pay it, because you love your kids and they will think it is totally cool.

Fernbank Science Center
156 Heaton Park Drive
(across from Fernbank Elementary School)
Saturday, April 21, 2007, from 11:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

More info:
Astronomy Magazine (Astronomy Day sponsor)

Via Fernbank Science Center

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