Roadside signs: 1 – Trees: 0

I missed this one but, I’m writing about it anyway because this irks me. Nature generally loses when things like this come up.

Georgia SB 256 – effectively grants owners of roadside signs, along our major highways in Georgia, the right to basically clear cut all the trees that obscure their signs from motorist. (News article here)

While I will admit that, on occasion, when I drive outside the metro area on a “road trip” somewhere, it’s nice to know what the next exit has as far as food, petrol, lodging, etc., but, I’d honestly rather see something besides sign after sign after sign.

Companies have to advertise to get customers and roadside signs, I’m sure in some ways, are effective but, after living in Metro Atlanta and the northern half of Georgia for so long, I’m getting irked over the extraordinary level of clear cutting for “500 home subdivisions”, “commercial developments” and now, roadside signs. I’m sure this has something to do with powerful media companies wanting to cut costs and avoid ordinance issues due to height restrictions.

I just can’t find the sympathy for them this Monday morning for some reason.

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