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Spam, Spam, Spam, Spam

This post is not about what you might expect.

I saw Spamalot at The Fox last night and I’ll save you the trouble of reading of a review by saying “Go see the show!”

I know tickets are hard to come by, but if you’re a fan of Python, NOT a fan of musical theatre (per se) and you want to be entertained, GO SEE IT!

If you can’t get a ticket, play this game [Via Kotaku]. It’s not a substitute for the show, but it’ll make you smile.

Seriously, see this show.

And Bonus Points to The Fox for serving Black Sheep’s Monty Python’s Holy Grail Ale.

Useful Monday Morning Linkage

Specific to us, a printable Marta map [official version too, for completeness].

Useful to any who want to travel the world (and get around on public transport once there): Subway Maps

[Via Lifehacker]

So I’m driving home on 10th street and pull up the the nefarious 10th & Piedmont intersection (seriously, why do deliveries to that convenience store happen after 5 pm?). I spotted an interesting bumper sticker on the car in front of me, which was basically a red-circle crossed out on the name of the Children’s School. Underneath it had the web site address of

Now I know the Children’s School well. It’s right on 10th across from Piedmont Park, and it looks like its campus is made of of several converted homes. But when I went to the site advertised, it merely mentioned the school does “not belong” in that area of Midtown.

Um, okaaaaaay… I pretty much drive down 10th on the way home everyday and notice that one lane is often closed so that parents can pick up their kids, but it’s never really that hard on traffic. Of course, the web site merely consists of some text and an ugly “under construction” .gif.

Can someone clue me in?

back from vegas with ANOTHER band recommendation


just got back from vegas yesterday and have a lot i want to catch up on. for sure though i want to get a band recommendation in front of you.
now seriously, have i steered you guys wrong with a musical act yet?

atlanta band rantings of eva (warning, link to the evil myspace) are out now with there first ep, lowering the curtain on memphis, which is available on itunes and i highly reccomend you check out. basically if you like any of the following musical acts; jeff buckley, u2, coldplay, the fray or mutemath (yes, wide list i know, but they are sort of genre bending,) than you are going to like these guys. the lead singer, ryan flanagan actually almost sounds like a doppleganger of jeff buckley on a few tracks.

i have been listening to the ep pretty much non-stop since a certain local music blogger prodded me to buy it and give it a try.

anyway, get on itunes and download the thing NOW so you can check it out before tomorrow.

why tomorrow you ask?

ah, well, rantings of eva will be playing at the oysterfest in buckhead at 4:00 pm tomorrow afternoon. this band is probably the ONE reason i might actually consider hanging out in buckhead on a saturday afternoon. not saying i will, but it at least makes the odds in the realm of possibility.

p.s. – just to incentivize you a little more i am including a link to a free mp3 to try out below:

rantings of eva – infrared

Screen on the Green lineup announced

My little email box has just told me that Screen on the Green announced their line-up for this year.

SOG returns to Piedmont Park this spring, hosting classic films in the 10th street meadow every Thursday evening at sunset from May 31- June 28. Make plans now to attend this FREE event. Bring your family and friends, picnic blanket, foods and drinks for a fun evening in the Park.

Please remember no grills (fire = bad), lawn chairs (dude! I can’t see over your head), or pets (and yes, snakes are pets!)

This year’s line-up:

May 31 – Casablanca
June 7 – Car Wash (I can already picture the dance fest with this one)
June 14- Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid
June 21- Funny Girl
June 28 -E.T.

The boys are thirsty in Atlanta, and there’s beer in Texarkana

I have no idea why “Eastbound and Down” jumped into my head this afternoon, but I guess this is my chance to play mp3 blog.

Legendary Airs – Eastbound and Down

And here’s the Kyle Gass-fronted Trainwreck performing the song at Smith’s Olde Bar last year:

Eat your heart out, Jerry Reed!

Having fun getting that one out of your head tonight!

Cedric Smith, Atlanta Artist

I was in Savannah for a wedding this past weekend. Sunday morning, my husband and I were both walking down Barnard St., looking for a cafe for breakfast, when we both stopped in our tracks to stare at the two paintings displayed in the window of Chroma Gallery. We looked at each other, and walked inside to find out the name of the artist. Much to our surprise, we found out that he is an Atlanta artist named Cedric Smith. Not that either of us are Atlanta art mavens or anything, but we had never even heard of him. His work is amazing.

lecturing with scissors

the savannah college of art and design in atlanta will be hosting best-selling author augusten burroughs on wednesday, starting at 7:30 pm.

billed as “an evening with augusten burroughs: stories from an extraordinary life” the presentation should be quite fascinating. if you have never read any of burrough’s memoirs or seen the movie ‘running with scissors,’ than just trust me that you will be in for some wild tales if you go to this.

i would be there myself, with quite a few questions to ask, if the real job wasn’t making me go to vegas for 36 hours.

the event is free at scad-atlanta, 1600 peachtree street in the hub, this wednesday at 7:30 pm. call 404.253.3100 for more details. more information also here.

h/t to jamsmooth for the tip.

it’s okay to beg.


no idea what to do with yourself tomorrow night?

no worries, here is come to the rescue. my love for atlanta-based rock band the beggar’s guild is no surprise, i have written about them here and here, and if you ignored my advice to go check them out last time you have a chance to redeem yourself on saturday night.

tbg will be playing at smith’s old bar tomorrow night, along with bishop don and a host of supporting acts. tickets are $8 and the guys in the beggar’s guild tell me they will be going on around 10, so get there well in advance of that.

now i know that there are some of you out there, who for whatever reasons (ala my libertarianism) refuse to take my word for anything, so here is leah at confessions of a music addict’s review of their last show.

i am so totally not out on an island on this.

SCAD Student Photography Show

The Art Gallery at the Defoor Centre is holding the opening reception for the Savannah College of Art & Design‘s Student Photography Show tonight at 7:00 p.m. According to The Defoor Centre website: “If you only go to one art show all year, this is the one to attend.” According to me, sounds pretty cool.

Shameless plug: Make sure to check out the works by my friend Jason M. Parker. Good stuff by a good guy.

1710 Defoor Ave. NW
Atlanta, GA 30318

[Via Jasonaut]

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