Clarkston Portrayed Unfairly?

I wrote last week about the New York Times article on Clarkston’s Fugees soccer team, then later about the resulting movie deal. This story has generated tons of discussion, both here on Metroblogging Atlanta, and in the blogosphere at large. Metblogs reader ZLocke provided an interesting link in the comments for the original post and I thought the site was interesting enough to warrant its own post here.

The blog Global Game|Left Wing (Crossing Soccer with Life) has an interesting and seemingly well-researched take on the whole issue: “Fictional Breed of Soccer-Hating Southerners Adds Pitched Drama to New York Times’ Fugee Tale.”

Maybe Lee Swaney and the citizens of Clarkston have been given unfair treatment. This story is unceasingly fascinating to me.

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  1. Jim V. (unregistered) on January 27th, 2007 @ 7:47 pm

    Very interesting. I think that the blog makes a couple of good points.

    1) I suspect that a lot of people who took away a particularly negative image of Clarkston, stopped reading at the 1st or 2nd page. I had commented that my reaction was initially one of anger, which changed over the course of the article.

    2) I am incredulous about a politician’s “clarification” of policies made in obscurity only after having been put into the national spotlight. That being said, I’ve written the public editor at the Times to suggest that a correction may be in order.

  2. Annie (unregistered) on January 28th, 2007 @ 10:05 am

    You are probably right, Jim. It was a longish article and people have short attention spans. Would definitely like to hear what, if anything, comes of the letter to the editor.

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