wow, i am glad i didn’t have jury duty today

i was summoned for jury duty in fulton county yesterday and i have to say that in general i was rather okay with the whole experience. i was called for voir dire and the judge and the bailiff who watched over our potential jury of 40 were both great. being juror 17 and with several people ahead of me destined to be stricken, it was almost certain i would have been sitting back in that courtroom today as a juror, so good thing the case settled right before the jury was picked (oh, and apparently the defense attorney is a frequent guest on nancy grace, go figure.)

my only suggestion to fulton county would be to un-dmv the jury assembly room and put some couches and end-tables and create some quiet space. if you haven’t been yet, it’s just a gigantic room with rows of chairs facing forward.

i appear to have won the jury lottery by one day though as jury selection begins today in the brian nichols courthouse shooting (see ajc here.) that voir dire is going to go on for days probably.

actually, i would have been stricken pretty quick, since i am opposed on moral grounds to the death penalty, which makes me unqualified to serve on a ‘death-qualified’ jury, often referred to as a ‘witherspoon jury’ for the supreme court case that defined the constitutionality of picking a ‘death-qualified’ jury (consider that your con law lesson for the day.)

actually, i might have gotten out of there a little quicker.

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  1. Kevin (unregistered) on January 11th, 2007 @ 9:47 pm

    The last time I was called for Jury Duty, the case revolved around one individual suing a corporation. That corporation just happened to be the company my father works for…needless to say they wanted to get me out of there as quickly as possible! I called my dad after I left and thanked him for his employment choice :-)

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