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thanks a ton, ing.

our good friends at ing, the dutch banking and investments conglomerate, decided they would do a pretty nifty marketing ploy today and give away fill-ups for atlanta drivers. all this sounds really good (and you can read about how nifty it is in this press release), unfortunately the execution of it was an abject nightmare.

they did get police to direct traffic and all but they did made some serious errors.

Making Movies

For all you fellow Indie Film Makers in Atlanta. Call for entries for the Atlanta Film Festival in underway and the deadline is extended to Feb 1 2007 – through

The Festival is moving to April this year (19-28).

Last year was good and I hope this year is even better.

See these websites: Atlanta Film Festival | Image Film and Video Center for more details.


i had filed this post from a south carolina-based blog called yarngineer! in my bookmarks to come back to for a post someday, mainly because i thought it was interesting how someone accessed our city through their own passion and hobby, namely knitting and acquiring great yarn.

and then i promptly forgot about it.

until that is, my housemate decided to take up knitting and all of sudden there was yarn all over the freaking place. and yesterday i noticed a bag from a store called knitch on the counter in the kitchen and the synapse fired and i once again remembered the yarngineer!

so my housemate had pretty much the same thing to say about knitch as the yarngineer did, which without all the technical knitting mumbo-jumbo that went over my head pretty much boiled down to it’s a pretty damn cool place to buy some yarn.

so if you are into that kind of thing, check out knitch in the highlands. i am assured that you will not be disappointed. if you’re not, i dunno, they have their own coffee blend so maybe you can go, hang out dring some coffee, and try to score yourself a yarn-buyer ;-p.

absolutely nothing like madonna’s ‘like a virgin’ (not that there is anything wrong with that)


i am right this moment listening to the new cd ‘like a virgin losing a child’ by atlanta rock band manchester orchestra (warning that’s a myspace link in case you are morally opposed to that or something.) when i finally get around to composing my top five albums of the year post over on my blog, i can completely guarantee that it will be on there. the only question is how high.

i first heard the song ‘alice and interiors’ in one of the mixtapes that rich at cable and tweed made of atlanta music and immediately purchased the ep “you brainstorm, i brainstorm, but brilliance needs a good editor’ and have listened to it way too much since. it was THE song that stood out for me as belonging to a band i needed to no more about.

and other than a few breaks to listen to some christmas-y music sufjan stevens style i have pretty much listened to “like a virgin losing a child’ non-stop since picking it up at criminal records last week.

Christmas carolers. For real.

For the first time in my life, I’ve been Christmas carol’d. This flock of strangers stood outside the house and sang Christmas songs. They had a guitar and a drum and an accordian. And they were good. Harmonies, layered sound, good. I’ve never seen anything like it before. Total strangers singing in my driveway.

To tell you the truth, I’m not big into organized religion. If it’s right for you, that’s rad, but it’s not what works for me. So, naturally, I nervously assumed some prosyletizing was coming next, but it never happened. “Merry Christmas,” they said. “God bless you.” Then they were gone. Back up the street. And though it’s still 60 degrees outside, there’s no snow anywhere and we have no tree this year, it feels a lot like Christmas here now.

jesus christ (rock) superstar

last night i took in the performance of andrew lloyd webber’s jesus christ superstar put on by the little 5 points rockstar orchestra at the five spot on euclid in little 5. in case you don’t know about the the l5 rockstar orchestra is a collection of musicians and artists from little 5 who have been putting on theatrical performances, and got great marks for their theatrical interpretation of iron maiden’s “number of the beast.”

Bridge to Community Art Project

East Atlanta’s Sabra Gallery and the Bridge to Community Art Project seeks to promote awareness for individuals with disabilities through their art.

Check out their show at Sabra Gallery, where you can meet the artists. Work includes ceramics, glassware, painting and other handmade crafts. Another way to find that last-minute holiday gift!

Sabra Gallery
Sunday, December 17th
12-5 pm.

Thanks to Stephanie Halpern at Sabra for the heads up!

may panda has a first name, it’s m-e-i

atlanta, your favorite non-human citizen now has a name. today at zoo atlanta our furry baby panda was given the name “mei lan” which in Chinese apparently means atlanta beauty (see ajc here.)

according to the ajc article, “mei lan” was the clear winner edging out chinese names for little peach and beautiful peach. i guess its nice that the panda gets a chinese name, but i can’t help but wonder what atlantans would have named the panda if they hadn’t been constrained to 6 choices all in chinese.

ron mexico, maybe*?

anyway, our baby panda now has a name so now instead of ooohhhh and aaahing over the ‘cute panda thing,’ you can ooooh and aaaaah for mei lan, who by the way took her first steps yesterday according to the ajc.

Interesting homes in Atlanta area?

Inspired by the wonderful Atlanta-based music blog Cable & Tweed, I thought I’d open up the question to our authors and readers:

What homes/buildings in the Atlanta area do you find most interesting?

The first person to say “The Big Chicken” gets nothing but the eternal shame of triteness and fatuosity, if such things exist.


oh orchestra, oh orchestra, whither art thou, orchestra?

i am not sure how i missed this when it was announced, but apparently the atlanta ballet is performing this season’s nutcracker without an orchestra. it appears that the cost of the musicians was just too much

according to the ajc here, the musicians are doing just fine, filling in their schedules with other work, but something about this just strikes me the wrong way. i absolutely cannot imagine going to see a ballet with recorded music. it just seems to be so integral a part of the experience.

what would be funny would be for some practical jokester to replace the tape of the score to the nutcracker with something like jay-z’s black album and watch the dancers react to THAT. i’m just sayin’…..

the ajc also has a survey up here if you want to opine on this, or you can just leave it below in the comments.

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