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YAY! new year’s eve.

i’m here in dc spending time with the fam, so i just wanted to take a moment to say HAPPY NEW YEAR atlanta (and yes, to the commenter here, i know it’s a day early.

as doug so eloquently pointed out here on the dc metblog it is indeed time for annual ‘amateur night.’

hope everybody has a fun night mapped out. if you are into doing somthing with some great bands, leah at confessions of a music addict has the rundown here. like she mentions, if you’re a hippie and don’t already have tickets to widespread panic, good luck getting ’em.

of course there is always the peach dropping with headlining act lonestar at the underground and i am not about to editorialize on that. several of my friends are apparently headed to the mjq concourse on ponce where the party will be james bond themed (2007, 007, get it – yeah, i thought it was silly too.)

beyond that, just about every restaraunt on the planet has sent me an email about their new year’s eve celebrations so there is more than plenty to do.

i am always at my parents’ in dc on new years eve with youngster in tow, so we will be checking out alexandria, virginia’s first night celebration, which is family-friendly and alcohol-free and concludes with amazing fireworks at midnight. THE place to be in the atlanta metro if you are looking for the family-friendly atmosphere is lawrenceville for “lawrenceville rings.”

still undecided, the ajc has a great round-up of new year’s eve events here.

Dawgs, Hokies, and Spreadheads

My Brother-in-law prides himself on his ticket-scalping abilities. He met his match last night. My Dad drove up from near Macon to go to the Chick-fil-A Bowl at the Georgia Dome. I agreed to attend also.

We decided to go by Marta and went to the Inman Park station. Dad was a little thrown off by the new Breeze Card machines. I had planned on using exact change, so as to avoid the deluge of coinage that appears when one pays for their MARTA fare with cash. Dad stuck in a $20 before I could say squat, and out poured 17$ worth of dollar coins in exchange. Dad grabbed the handful of Liberties and Sacagaweas and held them out to me and said, “Are these real?”

We boarded MARTA (and I was amazed at Dad’s ability to take in the fact that the Breeze card is a piece of paper that you can tap against the booth and move on – way to go, Daddy!) and headed to the CNN center. I proceeded to procure 20 oz. beers. 2 of them. Both for me. Brother-in-law and Father attempted to find tickets to no avail. It appears that there are a lot of Dawg and Hokie fans that actually showed up for the game.

We never did find tickets, but I took fun pictures of football fans and Widespread Panic fans. There was a weird mix of Panicheads and football fans at CNN center. The bathroom line was awesome. Highly enjoyable people watching. See photo: Two highly agreeable attendees agreed to me taking their pictures. One was heading to Philips Arena, one to Georgia Dome. Both intoxicated or otherwise.

Dad and I ended up watching the 2nd half of the game at Six Feet Under. I had the buffalo Oysters. Dad had the fish stew. Yummy.

Dawgs prevailed.

Happy 2007!


There are certain times of the year that I really love. New Year’s Eve is one of them. I know I join my fellow Atlanta.Metblogs team in wishing you all a fantastic New Year!

Happy 2007!

The Godfather of Soul

Photo: Michael Schennum/AP – via

Atlanta – Georgia – The World – will miss him. One of our own is gone

AUGUSTA, GEORGIA. Thousands expected at Brown’s Augusta service [ article here]

I friend of mine met James Brown at a local convenience store in Augusta, Georgia a good while back. He said to me, “I took a double take and took another double take and then I realized I was looking at James Brown actually walking into a convenience store. He was very cool. He took the time to stop and talk to me and we just stood for a moment and chatted about different things. It was so cool that I was talking to a music legend and he took the time to actually stand around and talk to me “.

Well, to me that says a lot. James Brown was a star, the Godfather of Soul, and just “a regular guy”.

“He had such a giving spirit and he was always willing to help,”Copenhaver said. [Augusta Mayor Deke Copenhaver]

I like that.

As a musician myself (no, I ain’t all that) I studied a lot of music legends in my day. James Brown was one of them. He had a very unique style. I learned a great deal about “style” listening to his recordings. I just wanted to say that I appreciate his music and that I know he’ll be missed by many. Like me. Thank you James.

Party Like It’s 999, Baby!

Photo: Medieval Times Georgia

And now for something completely different – A Medieval New Year. That’s right! Medieval Times Georgia Invites Everyone to Party Like It’s 999!

Apparently, Medieval Times Georgia opened this last Summer. I’ve not been nor have I heard of the place but, in a quest to find something interesting to do in Atlanta for New Year’s Eve, I offer this information.

Anyone been to see a show at this place?

New Georgia Encyclopedia

There wasn’t much on t.v. over the holidays. Christmas Eve, I watched all of “It’s a Wonderful Life,” one of my favorite movies, but one I rarely watch from start to end, and sadder still, I watched two reruns of the National Spelling Bee on Christmas night. In addition, over the holidays, I caught up on some of my dvr-ed (sp?) shows, including multiple episodes of the Civil War Journal. (I have a History Channel problem.) One of them was about Sherman’s March and had some interesting photographs of Atlanta, c. 1860’s. Curious, I went online to see if I could find any more – seems that The Atlanta History Center has a collection of them, but it is not online.

In the course of my search, though, I came across another interesting site: The New Georgia Encyclopedia. Pretty interesting stuff on Atlanta and the entire state of Georgia. Also a great way to waste some time, especially if you don’t have much work to do at your office because everyone else took the week between Christmas and New Year’s off.

Leaving Atlanta

I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas!

I haven’t been posting all that frequently lately and there are good reasons why, I promise. Lots of things have been happening for me and I’ve been travelling and cauht up in all of that and blogging tends to move to the backburner pretty quickly.

Well, I’ve graduated from grad school and I’ve accepted a job in Raleigh as a senior research scientist in a really good research lab. I’m moving just after the New Year. This means two things in particular. First, I’m leaving the city of Atlanta, which I love, for the Research Triangle, which everyone tells me is great but it can’t be as wonderful as Atlanta. Second, I’m no longer going to be writing here at the Metroblog, because I’m leaving Atlanta.

I’ve been here pretty much since the beginning (well, one week after it started I joined). My first post mentioned that it was run-off election day and pointed out the beauties of Krispy Kreme. Don’t worry. I’m not going to recap my tenure here at the Metroblog. Over 400 posts is too much. I’ve enjoyed writing about this city that I love and enjoy. I hope that you have enjoyed reading what I have had to say.

Christmas 2006

I hope everyone is enjoying this Chrismahannukwanzikah season with their families, the relatively warm if slightly wet weather, and the general happiness of a day off work.

So it’s with a heavy heart that I regret to inform you that one of the icons of 20th century music, “the Godfather of Soul”, James Brown, passed away today at Crawford Long hospital.

He was 73 and, despite some of his transgressions over the past decade, he left an indelible mark on this world.

His final words: “I’m going away tonight.”

He will be missed, especially every time TBS or WGN play Blues Brothers.

Here’s what he had to say about Elvis:

“I wasn’t just a fan, I was his brother. He said I was good and I said he was good; we never argued about that. Elvis was a hard worker, dedicated, and God loved him. Last time I saw him was at Graceland. We sang Old Blind Barnabus together, a gospel song. I love him and hope to see him in heaven. There’ll never be another like that soul brother.”

He’s visiting Elvis right now.

Merry Christmas. Happy New Year. Et Cetera.

Paint the Town Red

delta man and falcons guyI was headed to lunch with some friends today when I saw a man dressed as a Delta plane bobbing and dancing down the way outside Whole Foods. I simply had to find out what it was, so I quickly placed my order and rushed back outside to see what it was about. Was it a protest? Some sort of Delta promotion to drum up support of its mission to stay independent from US Airways? Turns out it was Paint the Town Red, a joint promotion between Delta AirLines and the Atlanta Falcons. According to the Atlanta Falcons radio station site, “Paint the Town Red is city-wide traveling spirit fest, which hits the road each Friday of the regular season. The Tour makes public and private appearances in order to build the level of excitement for the Atlanta Falcons, by creating a new tradition for the city of Atlanta.”

Hmm. They asked me if I wanted to answer three trivia questions correctly to win tickets to this Sunday’s Falcons game. I asked if the questions were about Delta (pretty good chance of me getting them correct) or the Falcons (crap chance of me being correct). Of course, they were about the Falcons, so I passed. But I just couldn’t get over the little pilot/plane get-up. Um, can you say Halloween 2007?

The Santaland Diaries

I was looking for something else completely Santa-related and came across information about the Horizon Theatre Company’s holiday production of David Sedaris’ play The Santaland Diaries. As usual, I have completely overextended myself and my time, but possibly you are young and carefree and looking for some fun and hip local theater between now and New Year’s Eve.

Tickets are a little steep at $20-45, but you can afford it. Christmas and Cocktails: Need I say more?

The Santaland Diaries
Through December 31st
Horizon Theatre Company
Little Five Points
Euclid and Austin Avenues
1083 Austin Avenue NE
Atlanta, GA 30307

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