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no, this post is not in reference to a bad eighties movie with andrew mccarthy*.

did anybody catch the mannequins installed on piedmont avenue to advertise the eon at lindbergh condo building?

i didn’t, but Atlanta INtown – IN The Loop did and it looked pretty cool. basically the company’s advertising firm put up over 100 mannequins on piedmont road, shocking and confusing passersby.

pretty neat and they even made a video of the installation (on, of course, youtube) which is embedded after the jump.

You Know It Was Painful

After eating our weight in Thanksgiving dinner yesterday afternoon, we turned on the t.v last night to keep the kids occupied while we lay around on the furniture like beached whales. It is a dismaying thing for parents who pride themselves on their excellent taste in music to realize: Kids do not care what music you play for them. They love it no matter what. This extends to crappy Christmas music on specials like WSB’s Lighting of the Macy’s Christmas Tree. Did anyone attend this thing? Hopefully it is somewhat more endurable in person. I was only able to watch about two minutes of some blonde chick (an American Idol castoff perhaps?) singing a Christmas carol before changing it to Sesame Street. You know it was painful if i did that.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving to you all! I hope you have plenty to be thankful for this time of year and that you have a wonderful day.

Little Things Mean a Lot

Atlanta’s Swan Coach House is featuring a holiday show and sale of original works by Georgia artists. You can see samples of the works here. Check out my favorites: Jan Kapoor’s “The Lovers” and the quirky “The Lost Zamboni” by Steve Frenkel.

Little Things Mean A Lot: Small Works of Art by Over 100 Georgia Artists
The Swan Coach House
November 15 – January 13
Sponsored by the Forward Arts Foundation

Tragic Raid

A raid goes awry and a 92 year old woman is shot and killed. It all seems a little confusing and it is important to wait until all the facts are in, but it seems like the police pretty much screwed up on this one.

The woman’s niece, Sarah Dozier, says that she bought her aunt a gun to protect herself and that her aunt had a permit for the gun. Relatives believe Johnston was frightened by the officers and opened fire.”They kicked her door down talking about drugs, there’s no drugs in that house. And they realize now, they’ve got the wrong house,” Dozier said. “I’m mad as hell.”

And well she should be. The police screwed up a little more also.

The woman’s niece, Dozier, who lives in Fayette County, said she had yet to be told by police that her aunt was dead even though police had called a news conference and talked to reporters outside Grady Memorial Hospital.

“I had to hear she had been shot on TV,” said Dozier, who said she wants a lot of questions answered and plans to hire a lawyer to get that information from police.

“As far as I’m concerned, they shot her down like a dog,” she said.

She was firing at them, but it seems like she was pretty scared by someone breaking in to her house. I would be also. Something is really wrong when these types of shootings (that is, police shooting civilians) are occurring fairly commonly. And I suspect that the ons falls to the police to make sure that they have the correct house and not to frighten 97 year old women who are alone in their house (the onus also falls to the police to tell the kin of the victim before they tell the media). The question I would have to ask is – did the officers feel that their lives werer threatened before they broke down the door or did they feel that the drug bust that they thought they were making was going to go south? Was there another way to secure the bust – like, say, surrounding the house? As I said, there are a lot of questions to be asked and one can only hope that the APD will cooperate to the fullest extent so that they can learn all of the lessons that need to be learned from this incident.

the downside of incorporation

i saw no less that SIX sandy springs police officers on georgia 400 north this morning. nice move. they know we are all itching to press the foot down now that the new lanes are open so voila here they come to write some fine.

i suppose its good. 400 really is a nascar race when there is no traffic and i will admit to being swept up in it. and of course they have been announcing these actions to the world*, but maybe they could have given us a few weeks of speeding bliss with the new lanes open before swooping in.

of course they were so obvious that there is no way anyone should have gotten caught. although amazingly they had two people pulled over. the first round of them were sitting just around the 285 curve and you could just watch the floret of brake lights.

i can tell you this – fulton county would have never put 6 cops on 400 north.

oh – and i would have taken a picture with my camera phone but i didn’t want annie getting mad at me again*.

It’s snowing in Midtown

It’s snowing. Right now.

I promise I’m sober.

Atlanta Christmas Radio. YEAH!

Each year I make a decision as to which radio station is the best at blasting out Christmas music over the airwaves – some 24/7. You know, the endless loop of stuff we hear every single year. This year, it’s different. Could it possible be true I listened to a radio station with a mix I’ve not heard before???

This year, my current top pick (subject to change without notice) is “Majic 1029 FM”. Never heard of Majic 1029? You need to be just a little north of Atlanta to get a clear signal. It’s just above us in Gainesville.

When you can go from the Jackson 5 singing Up On The House Top and follow it with the Hallelujah Chorus you are putt’n out some tune! Online at (102.9 FM)

But, you know, I’m actually not being completely sarcastic. They really have won “best mix” of Christmas Music so far. BUT JUST BE WARNED 1029! I’ll be listening again.

Screw the Mall Santas, and Other Atlanta Holiday Events

Now that it’s almost Thanksgiving, it seems that I am bombarded with activities and events surrounding the holidays. A lot of this is really fun stuff to do with little ones, or maybe if you meet friends for drinks and then feel a little childish. (My husband, for example, would have to be drunk to get on ice skates; For an otherwise perfectly rational man, he has an unnatural fear of ice skate blades slicing off his fingers.)

This past weekend, Centennial Olympic Park kicked off its holiday light display, ice skating rink, and penguin train (you know you want to get on the penguin train). You can get details here. There are other holiday light displays at Lake Lanier and Stone Mountain.

On Thanksgiving night, the Rich’s Christmas Tree lighting takes place. (I know it is no longer Rich’s, but I am mired in the old ways.) It’s an Atlanta tradition. Me, I am usually in a wine and turkey coma by this time, but some of you might have more stamina than me.

Grant Park has their annual Candlelight Tour of Homes coming up on December 9th and 10th, and on December 9th, prior to the tour, you can bring your kids to meet Santa. Added plus: You can bring your camera and take your own pictures of the kids with Santa. Screw the mall Santas! (Info here.)

I’ll still be taking my kids to ride The Pink Pig at Lenox, though. Some traditions just can’t be shaken off so easily. Even if it isn’t quite the same as it was in the downtown Rich’s days. If you have the time, you might want to read this blogger’s thoughts on the Pink Pig.

Jake’s is back!

I’m sure I’m not the only one who was on the verge of tears when Jake’s closed its doors on Highland Ave. to make room for Johnny’s to move in, but I have great news – they’re back!

Only two blocks away from the original location at the other end of Sampson Street at the corner of Lake, Jake’s recently reopened it’s doors in the hood. I’ve also been told that the business next to them is a “Picnic To Go” shop, which is a brilliant concept (and I hope they succeed). Granted, it might not be ice cream weather, but you should stop in anyway…they never disappoint and the names of their concoctions are always good for a giggle.

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