some random thoughts from one “georgia voter”


since i live in a completely uncompetitive congressional district, the most exciting thing going on on my ballot was, of course, the governor’s race. and in my opinion it was the most uninspiring governor’s race on the planet. i ended up voting for the libertarian, garrett hayes, because i don’t even need to know who he is, i know enough libertarians to know exactly what his principles are, and with some inconsistencies they are closer to mine that either of the two major party candidates. honestly, i considered just sitting this one out, i was so unspired, but in the end i figured even casting a blank ballot is better than not showing up.

in fact i voted for a libertarian every place they showed up on the ballot. i can only vote for democrats in rare circumstances (generally their economic beliefs are on the dark side of the moon when compared with mine, but i would probably vote for shirley franklin for any statewide office, and would consider voting for bill richardson of new mexico) and i just had no desire to vote for republicans. i’m sure i wasn’t the only one, in fact libertarians generally fare better in georgia than anywhere else in the country, thanks i am sure, to the persuasion of one neal boortz.

it is saddens me that i have been reduced to what amounts to protest voting for candidates that have no shot at winning, but i guess that is the nature of living in a two-party system with one party i can’t consider and another that has decided people like me don’t win them elections any more. sometimes it really makes me wish for a european style proportional representation system, just so i could have SOME shot of electing someone who thinks like me.

back to that uncompetitive congressional district. it’s really a shame that we have these atrociously lopsided districts. i wish we could pass an amendment that would mandate the drawing of district lines along some sort of competitive lines. at least make the try to get my vote. in fact not only was john lewis running unopposed, but so were the candidates for georgia house and senate and my representative to the fulton county commission.

now i love john lewis. i think he is a true american hero, who risked his personal safety and probably his life for a cause of justice. it’s something i have never had to face the choice of doing, but if i do, i hope i will respond as congressman lewis and others did. that being said, the man and i disagree on almost every substantive issue that you could think of. and yet, there he was, my only option. and i am sure my progressive friends in georgia’s 9th district feel the same way. so in the end i voted for myself. sad, but that’s what our apportionment system brings, i guess.

as for that aforementioned fulton county commission, i voted against every single incumbent on the ballot. i figure that if just about every community under the sun is screaming for incorporation and to get out of fulton county, that’s not exactly a sign of good management. once again, when faced with nancy boxhill and no opposition, i voted for myself.

finally, let me just say kudos to my poll workers. i am sure that as a group these people are going to take a beating in the conventional wisdom but mine were efficient and tremendously friendly.

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