Election Day!

Today is election day, so get out therre and vote if you haven’t already! You can find your polling place here. If you don’t vote, you can’t complain. Well, you could complain, but people could comeback pretty easily with a retort of how you didn’t do anything to change it and maybe you should join the system and try and change it from the inside. But maybe you’re an anarchist or someone who just complains about everything.

I went bright and early this morning at around 8 am and the poll worker told me that they have already have around 30 people go through, so that bodes well for a good turnout (I hope). I was dismayed at one thing though. I went into the polling place with my passport and the mailing I had gotten telling me which pieces of ID were acceptable (not the first mailing, but the proper second mailing). I filled out my form with my name and address on it, handed it to the poll worker who checked for my name on the computer, and then the poll worker gave me my electronic voting card. At no point was my form of ID asked for or even pondered about. My passport stayed in my back pocket the whole time. I’m not trying to restart the voter ID law debate (any number of identification could have been asked for, including a utility bill which doesn’t have anymore proof of my person than a piece of paper with my name crayoned on it). However, it seems to me that in a time when people are concerned about voter fraud (and/or votes not counting) that some effort should be made at least to pretend to verify that the person voting is the actual voter listed on the rolls. But maybe I’m just crazy.

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