Voter’s Guide (or Guess what asinine question the AJC asks the candidates)

If you’re looking for a “guide” to the candidates for the upcoming, you can take a look at the AJC’s guide. I’m not going to recommend it, but it certainly will help you if you choose your candidates based on which television character they identify with most. Thanks for the help AJC!

Just so you don’t have to, I’ll walk through the gubernatorial candidates. Gov. Perdue likes MacGyver apparently because the Mac uses his head. MacGyver is no longer on television. Lt. Gov. Taylor (running for Governor) doesn’t watch much television because of the campaign, but he likes watching the Braves, who are no longer on television. The Libertarian candidate (yes, there is one and his name is Garrett Hayes) actually goes with a current show character and picks Adrian Monk. Monk is actually a pretty good show on the USA Network. Interestingly enough, in the Lt. Gov. race, it’s the Libertarian candidate again that is the only one to pick a current character (Allen Buckley picked Monty Burns from the Simpsons, Casey Cagle picked Matlock – groan for the Southern lawyer factor – and Jim Martin was close with Cong. Matt Santos of The West Wing – gag for the obvious factor).

Okay, I’m done. But I really think that the AJC could have helped us more by asking the candidates which street with the word “Mill” in it was their favorite (my vote goes to the first candidate that says ‘Moore’s Mill’). Or what color M&M is the best (green). Or what the first thing they would do in office would be. Oh no, wait, that last question wouldn’t help at all.

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