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Flexcar Is Here

As Maigh posted earlier this summer, Flexcar has arrived in Atlanta.

I just didn’t think it would be as easy as being right in my office building’s parking lot. Sweet!

Flexcar at my office parking lot

Refugee Camp in Piedmont Park

Experienced workers with Doctors Without Borders—the organization that delivers emergency aid to people affected by wars, epidemics, disasters, and poor health care worldwide—are on-site in Atlanta to give tours of a refugee camp exhibit. The interactive display is made up of actual materials Doctors Without Borders uses to help wartime refugees. Aid workers lead tours through the exhibit, which includes a health clinic, vaccination tent, cholera treatment center, and samples of the high-energy biscuits used to combat malnutrition.

The exhibit is on display in The Meadow at Piedmont Park through October 1. The hours are daily from 9:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. Learn more here.

Hopefully we’ll never see anything like this actually in use in Atlanta.

some soda with your mint julep?

it’s a sure fire sign that the yuppies are on their way to ruin things when a place offering $45 MEN’S haircuts opens up in your ‘hood. seriously, once that happens the beamers and the pug dogs just can’t be far behind, now can they?

well just such a place, a branch of the acclaimed roswell salon, soda, has opened up in north ormewood right off of glenwood avenue. the other day i was in there to get my hair cut (yes- it’s a known fact on this here blog that i am a foreign-luxury-suv-drivin’ card-carryin’ member of yuppiedom) and picked up a flyer for the mint julep showing of the art of tindelmichi going on at soda next saturday.

tindelmichi does some pretty cool stuff* so this should be a good showing. $10 bucks to benefit lupus gets you in for low country grits from vickery’s, mint juleps and a wine tasting from vino libro.

good art. good food. good drinks. $10. what’s not to love?

well maybe the yuppies, but we’re an easily scared bunch. promise. just growl at us and we’ll hop back in our suv’s and drive home.

see also drive a faster car if you don’t trust me.

Atlanta’s Feelgood Record Store

I went by Criminal Records this morning after the gym to pick up a little something for the husband’s birthday. I was in official Soccer Mom uniform, replete with minivan in the parking lot and toddler on my hip. I walked right in to a friendly “hello,” and a “Let me know if I can help you with anything.” I told the guy at the counter what I wanted (wish I could reveal the purchase, but that wouldn’t make for much of a surprise for the husband, who reads us daily, now would it?) He replied with a “Coming right up. Anything else?” I told him I thought I’d browse for a minute. Walked around, saw about a kajillion things that I wanted, then headed up to the counter to finalize the purchase. “Anything else?” he said

I paused for a minute, knowing I should show some restraint, then told him I’d also take the new ______. “Excellent choice. Great album,” he said.

No sullen looks. No snort of derision at my selection, or evidence of disgust at my mom outfit, or my child. Just friendly service and me coming away thinking when was the last time I felt that good coming out of a big-box music store, or too-cool-for-school Wuxtry or Wax N’ Facts? Um, never. I know one of us says this about once a week, but I just wanted to reiterate: Give Criminal Records your money. (They will give you CDs, and a smile, in exchange.)

Georgia Billionaires

Four Georgians are on Forbes top 400 list of the richest Americans this year:

17. Anne Cox Chambers – $12.6 billion
189. Bernard Marcus – $1.9 billion
297. Arthur M. Blank – $1.3 billion
Truett Cathy – $1.2 billion

Ted Turner also made the list, but since he’s not involved with the company he founded anymore, they list him as living in Florida. He was tied with Bernie Marcus.

It’s a good mix, though. Chik-Fil-A, Home Depot and Cox Communications (plus the unofficial Turner Broadcasting). A good showing for Georgia and Atlanta.

[Via WSB]

a little video for your saturday afternoon

this one came in from the old metroblogging tip line – yeah, that’s that little “suggest a story” link off to the right – and so I checked it out and its pretty cool.

turn here is a unique video travel guide where locals film short clips about their favorite places in their hometowns.

atlanta’s page has some pretty cool little vignettes, one on l5p. marietta street, mcclendon avenue and decatur. my favorite has to be the one on little five hosted by local artist jeremy lynes and his two borzois. it’s got everything, including sasparilla the singing gorilla. and robert cohen, iii rapping acapella, though i am still confused as to why they neglected the variety playhouse.

the decatur one is without a doubt the most cheesy but somehow very fitting for decatur and thank god they left out the ruby tuesday’s on the square.

if nothing else they will serve as good anthropological artifacts once the damn yuppies move in and ruin the whole thing. what with their wal-marts and school systems and all*.

Atlantic Station Prices

I was looking through some ads for business spaces in the general midtown area and came across this for It’s residential but, decided to look at it to see what’s new in the area for apartments. WOW! I was floored at the prices. Go there and click on pricing. My condo payment is way less than that.

Is that really a going rate for an apartment in the Midtown area? Yeah, I know, it’s Atlantic Station and I’m sure they are very nice but, still.

i don’t think they are supplying electricity anymore

does anyone know what is being done with the us electric supply building/warehouse at 915 glenwood*? since this building sits right between my house and my amazing view of the downtown skyline i am selfishly hoping whatever is going on will use the exisiting structure.

after having been dormant for almost a year, i noticed a bunch of cars (ncluding a jaguar) in the parking lot today. seriously, its a great old industrial building in an up-and-coming neighborhood, so maybe we are getting a really trendy eatery.

bob amick, if you are listening, this building would be AWESOME for quad, or quattro or FOUR or whatever you plan to call the next one after TROIS. if you have any scoop, please drop it in the comments.

Atlantans and MMOGs

I’m admittedly not much of a gamer (save for Guitar Hero on the PS2) and I certainly don’t do a lot of PC gaming, but I’ve recently been doing some research on Second Life.

Now I’m no afficianado, but I can see how something like this would easily become addictive very quickly. Even more so (for me, at least) if, like World of Warcraft, it included objectives and a theme.

So here’s my question: how many Atlantans live part of their lives in virtual places like Second Life, World of Warcraft and the like?

Obviously the Metroblogging folks who run this site think that the “places” created by these games are legitimate or they wouldn’t have started a World of World blog: Metroblogging Azeroth. MetBlogs head honcho Sean Bonner even has a post up this week about the intersection of the two aforementioned MMOGs.

Again, how many folks out there reading this are active MMOG gamers? Where can I find good demographic numbers on the number of Atlantans who have “residence” someplace virtual outside of Atlanta?

Let me know.

Atlanta Drink Specials

I never really use Google Calendar (yep, the Googlization of my life seems something to avoid – do I really need a database that I don’t control somewhere having that much information about me?). But this is a pretty decent (As in, very useful) calendar containing Atlanta’s Drink Specials every day. So you can find out where you can get $1 20 oz. PBRs every night.

[Update: 4:08 pm] In case you don’t read the comments (why don’t you?) check out this site

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