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Tanks Fer Nuttin

There’s nothing I love more after working until 2am and collapsing into bed for a 12 hour slumber with windows open wide to let in the cool, fall air than being awoken at 8am to the sound of a building being imploded.

So long, 615 Peachtree, and thanks for the unwelcome alarm. I thought we were being bombed, for crissakes. You could warn a guy. Er, girl.

More via this Dec 16 article from the ABC.

Blue Marlin Seafood

If you really want fresh seafood, you must, must visit Blue Marlin Seafood in Roswell. They have different kinds of fresh catch daily. Join their mailing list to be in the know of specials, promotions, and whatever fresh catch they get. This week they have Fresh Gulf Shrimp but quantities are limited. Go now!

Blue Marlin Seafood(One mile north of I-285)
Marshall’s Shopping Plaza
6323 Roswell Rd.
Sandy Spring, GA 30328
Hours: Tue. – Fri. 11am – 7pm,Sat 10am – 6pm
Sun. – Mon. Closed

Atlanta Area Running Routes

In the last year or so, I have taken up running. Growing up, i enjoyed competitive team and individual sports, but never really enjoyed running. It was a means to and end, something we did in practice, but never something i did purely for enjoyment. Since having kids, and being in my 30s, I don’t have the time for team sports any more, and so I have started running. At first it was just something I did on the treadmill at the East Lake YMCA (free child care!), but that gets sooooo boring, and I have started running outside occasionally on weekends while my husband watches the kids. Now that my eldest has started a preschool program three mornings a week, I would like to start running outside during those hours, with my daughter in the jogging stroller.

things to do in atlanta when you’re (not) dead

i wrote a couple of times about the almost demise of seeger’s, one of atlanta’s two mobil travel guide five-star restaurants in atlanta. eating at seeger’s was something i always wanted to do, and when it got its second lease on life, i decided what the heck and actually went this week. my point isn’t to review seeger’s (you can read my thoughts here) but it got me thinking about other atlanta experiences or things i really want to do but haven’t yet and really ought to plan to.

here’s my top five –

1. eat at the dining room at the buckhead ritz-carlton
2. see the atlanta rollergirls play
3. go to oktoberfest in helen
4. run the peachtree
5. climb stone mountain

how about you? what’s on your “really mean to do that” list?

p.s. – if you don’t get the title of the post see here.

Creative Loafing Best Of

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The Creative Loafing Best of Atlanta is out! I’ve just looked through it fairly quickly and have a comment.

Best new thing in Atlanta: Beltline. (critic pick) Yeah, I don’t know about this. Technically, the Beltline doesn’t exist beyond the idea and attempting to get funding stage. It isn’t new yet and isn’t a thing. Don’t get me wrong. I hope it comes to be. And some of the things that the potential beltway is inspriing are good – such as the park that the critics mentioned. But aren’t there other things that are new in Atlanta that actually exist? The readers pick is more along the right lines – the Aquarium.

Harry’s no longer Whole Foods

I was shocked — really shocked — to find out that Harry’s Whole Foods in Duluth (aka Harry’s Farmer’s Market years ago) has closed shop. I went there last week to pick up some stuff and the parking lot was empty. Now on the border of Duluth and Alpharetta (by the Chattahoochee River), I witnessed a Whole Foods get built from the ground up. It took less than 6 months. It had its grand opening last week (Sep 21st). Though I’m sad that Harry’s Whole Foods is now closed, it’s been replaced by this new Whole Foods closer to where I live. Check it out:

Whole Foods Market
5945 State Bridge Road
Duluth, GA 30097
678.514.2410 fax
Store hours: 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. Monday-Saturday and 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. Sunday

Teachers for Taylor

(A small bit of politics)
The Georgia Association of Educators is backing Lt. Gov. Taylor in his gubernatorial bid. This isn’t much of a shocker. Especially because Taylor has been running ads focusing on his strong education credentials. Oh. Wait. He hasn’t been running those ads? You mean, instead he’s been running ads that seem to be attempting to outflank Gov. Perdue on the right by increasing the death penalty and abolishing parole in some cases? No. way. Next you’re going to tell me that Gov. Perdue is running ads touting his education record. I don’t believe it. I mean, it just doesn’t make any sense.

(yeah, read the sarcasm)

Oakhurst Jazz Nights

I don’t know if you hang around Oakhurst much, but it is one of my favorite (somewhat hidden) areas of town. Tomorrow night is the last Oakhurst Jazz Nights concert from 7-9 pm. These take place at the old Scottish Rite Hospital (just outside of Palate‘s doors). Tomorrow night features Nicole Chillemi.

My recommendation? Get a bottle of wine from Palate and enjoy the music.


Okay, so since writing for Atlanta Metblogs, I have received some really strange emails, but this latest one pretty much takes the cake. Seems this guy, Garth, likes my posts (right. . . ) and he wanted me to know about his “Extreme Craft” article on Agrifolk Art. Basically, I was thinking, WTF?, but flattery will get Garth everywhere, so I clicked on the link. There is also a link to his Flickr set of pictures documenting the whole thing.

Pretty interesting stuff, actually. Trees that draw. On a farm in Cumming. Who knew Cumming was so interesting?

Thanks to Garth for sharing the story.

The Elephant in the room

So, um, last night the Saints beat the Falcons.

The New Orleans Metblog is all over the game, the relief effort and everything else in between.


I think we’re too shocked (23-3? Couldn’t the Falcons get one TD?), reverent (clearly it was the perfect ending for Saints fans and the city of New Orleans) or just plain ambivalent (I mean it’s not like the Braves missed the playoffs. Wait. Damn!).

If you have to vent or send well-wishes to the Big Easy or whatever, leave a comment.

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