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Dim? Sum?

So the place I used to like is out of business now, I guess. Where do I go for Dim Sum in Atlanta?

First the US, next the world

On a lighter note, the Columbus, GA, Little League team won the national championship yesterday in the Little League World Series. Congratulations boys! Now good luck in the final today against Japan at 3:30, if it isn’t delayed due to weather.

Flight en route to Atlanta crashes

Comair Flight 191 (Delta #5191) from Lexington, KY, to Atlanta has crashed just after takeoff. Approximately 50 people were on board. The crash is under investigation and there were no reports of bad weather. Comair is a subsidiary of Delta.

If you are a family member or friend seeking information regarding passengers on Flight #5191, please call Comair at: 1-800-801-0088

Grant Park Summer Shade Festival

What are you up to this weekend? You might want to check out the Grant Park Summer Shade Festival. It takes place this Saturday and Sunday (August 26th and 27th) in Atlanta’s other park. No, not Candler, the other other park – Grant Park. Activities include a 5K, artists, food, music, and children’s activities.
Those “children’s activities?” Husband and I won’t be caught anywhere near them as we have procured the services of my parents to watch the kids on Saturday. Nothing like ditching our loser offspring, spending the afternoon drinking beer at a friend’s house near the park, and then walking over to check out the festival. Maybe we’ll see you there. At the park, not the friend’s house; you are not invited.

I Scream

I met a woman yesterday whose uncle is an ice cream taste-tester. He got offered a job tasting ice cream in Hawaii, but he turned it down.

I told my coworkers if I didn’t make it in one day, they would know where to find me.

Go Columbus!

Columbus, Ga, is playing Saturday in the U.S. final for the Little League World Series. The game yesterday was good and pure domination from our local boys, but Saturday should be more difficult – Oregon no-hit their way into the finals (of course, they gave up three runs in the no-hitter – I love Little League).

Good luck to the Columbus team. We’re rooting for you!

Shopping Disparities in Atlanta

I wrote earlier in the week about my thoughts on everyone sweeping Andrew Young’s recent bigotted comments under the carpet. A few readers of Metroblogging Atlanta made some interesting comments; one reader commented on the obvious disparity between services and goods in stores in affluent areas versus those in “the hood.”

This got me to thinking, and I took a look around at the disparity evident in intown Atlanta neighborhoods. Particularly, I started comparing my experiences at two Kroger stores: Both are on Moreland Ave., but one is in the burgeoning Edgewood Retail District, while the other is older and located farther south on Moreland in East Atlanta. The ‘older’ Kroger is older by just a few years – I remember when they built it and people were excited about having a new Kroger in the hood. At first, the East Atlanta Kroger was clean, well-stocked, and friendly. Things started to go downhill when a new Publix came to East Lake on Glenwood Ave. That store became the new, clean, well-stocked store. Service and cleanliness went noticeably downhill at the East Atlanta Kroger within a month or two.


DragonCon‘s coming up in two weeks. Sort of like a costume party with 30,000 people. Highly recommended.

I’ll be the nine foot tall robot covered in aluminum foil.

Returning to campus

How it’s done at UGA:

Police in Athens-Clarke County made more than 70 arrests on alcohol-related offenses during the first weekend of fall semester at the University of Georgia.

Between Friday and Sunday nights, 40 people were arrested and charged with underage possession of alcohol, police said. Eleven people were charged with having open containers and 21 were charged with driving under the influence.

The GaTech students here on campus seem to have been very subdued in their return to school. A little nerdy and very subdued… I suspect that that has something to do with newbies being stacked three to a room and returning students living it up in plush apartments.

The Airport is Thunderdome

AirTran was very nice about the hour-long delay coming out of Chicago, but we lost precious minutes at every turn. They said we’d arrive in Atlanta around 11:15pm, and they were right, but we didn’t make it to the gate until 11:45pm, at least. 30 minutes sitting in giant, jet-engine airplane traffic after a measley 80-flight is a little obnoxious.

But so what? That’s nothing, really. It once took me 24 hours to fly from Phoenix to Atlanta (I could’ve gone to India in that time), so this is no big deal.

Then I realized: All my recent airplane suckage has happened while I’m headed back to the ATL. For two years, I’ve been snobbishly arguing that O’Hare is still the busiest airport in the world (I have no idea if it is), but the truth has been going right over my head: Having the busiest airport isn’t something to be proud of, it’s a reason to apologize.

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