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for some of us, the word ‘football’ does NOT conjure up ‘dawgs,’ ‘falcons,’ or any other animal

you may not know this but the us soccer federation ranked the brewhouse cafe on moreland in little 5 as one of the five best soccer bars in the country. pretty sweet, huh?

well if you want to know why (and don’t think because you went to a world cup match you’ve got it) it’s because the atmosphere in there for a big english premier league match is absolutely amazing. I have watched a ton of manchester united matches there, but there is nothing like the electricity in the brewhouse for a big match.

knowledgeable fans, screaming and hollering, people on the edge of their seat everytime a superstar striker touches the ball near the goal. yeah, its awesome.

i would like to invite all of you who have never experienced top-notch professional soccer out to watch the fa community shield at 10 am on sunday, august 13 at the brewhouse. the shield pits the previous season’s fa cup winner against the previous seasons premier league champions and this year it is two of england’s most storied and best franchises going at it; chelsea and liverpool. a ton of storylines that make this an amazing match and rest assured it will be a top-notch 90 minutes.

so remember. brewhouse cafe in little 5. 8/13. football (the kind with the round ball.) you’ll get hooked so bad you won’t even remember what a ‘dawg’ is

No tacos? No Strongbow?!

Last night, I went to slake my steak taco craving at a chain taco joint that I won’t name ’cause I don’t want to have that conversation, and discovered to my dismay that they were out of soft tortillas for tacos. (How do you let that happen?) Then, after making peace with the idea of steak tacos in hard shells instead, I was given chicken tacos.

I know. Life is hard.

So now I’m back at Hand in Hand, where the wife and I came specifically for Strongbows and rocket salads (and, to be fair, the free wifi), and the waitress has just broken the news to us: No more Strongbow. Ever. In its place they’ll be serving — sigh — Woodchuck. So there’s a lot of pressure now on the fishes, the chips and the candied pecans we’ve got coming. If they don’t change my mind, this may be my last visit to Hand in Hand. I mean, I like it here, but I know me pretty well and I’m likely to skip a place that can’t get me a Black Velvet with Strongbow in favor of one that can.

You know the Prince William Tavern? Or the Spotted Dog? I don’t. I haven’t been to those places ’cause I’ve been coming to Hand in Hand. Will they all be out of Strongbow now? What other British-style pub-type joints should I be trying out in Atlanta? You have to tell me.

Here comes the food. I’ll let you know how it turns out.

Google Traffic for Atlanta on your cell phone

Well now! If only my phone were supported, I could get google traffic for Atlanta! Perhaps you can, if you want to try.

Supported Devices Page is here

On your computer’s browser (not your cell phone), go here:

Click on (Get it for free) to acquire the JRE browser plugin if you don’t have it already (I’m using Firefox on Mac at the moment and it worked fine. You may have to either reload the page or restart your browser)

Then you can do the interactive demo on your computer’s browser. You have to zoom into Atlanta on the first map of the U.S. in order to see traffic data. The demo page appears to update, showing hot spots in the metro area. Cool!

Anyway, just wanted to pass this on to you. Most certainly there are airtime charges from your carrier but, I don’t know if there are any extra charges. Proceed at your own risk. But, it’s pretty cool. At least it would be if my cellphone supported the JAVA applet. News Article is here | Cellphone Browser URL is here

Georgia is 9th “Most Representative” State

…or something like that.

So, this was an attempt by CNN Polling Director Keating Holland to rank the states in how much like the nation each state is. The lead starts out with a statement about Iowa and New Hampshire, so I can only assume that this was done in order to make some statement about the primary system.

Holland identified 12 key statistics — four that measure race and ethnicity, four that look at income and education, and four that describe the typical neighborhood in each state — and added up how far each was from the figures for the average state on each measure.
Holland said he chose these 12 different categories because “they have a strong impact on the political landscape in every state.”

Yeah… it seems to me that a lot of different people would have a lot of different viewpoints on what has “a strong impact on the political landscape in every state” and I even strongly suspect that it is different for each state. So it’s my suspicion that this really has no meaning at all. Oh, wait…

“It’s important to note that there are hundreds of ways of making this same calculation, and dozens of states could all make a legitimate claim to being the most representative state in the nation,” Holland said.

So, yeah, I was right. It has no meaning other than Georgia is, according to a somewhat arbitrary metric, 9th in something.

Speaking of Best Ofs…

The AJC has a special insert in the print edition today called “The Ultimate Guide: Everything you need to know about metro Atlanta” (here’s the online version). It’s pretty decent, a lot of the things are somewhat typical for this sort of thing, but the real value is in the “Resources” section in the middle of it. It includes resource sections on registering to vote, contacting state officials, public parks, schools, etc.

P.S. I’ve been picking up the paper for the last week or so and actually reading the print version instead of the online version and there’s a world of difference. I read more articles and get a better sense of what’s going on… I recommend it.

The Ultimate Wine and Food Adventure

Yeah! It’s Wine.
Yeah! It’s Food.
Yeah! It’s a great cause.

My buddy, Wynn, is a great guy and he’s got a great cause so, check out this event. It will be worth your while.

This Saturday, July 29th, Motovino is sponsoring a restaurant graze in Atlanta to benefit the Make a Wish Foundation of GA and AL. This is a great event with fantastic food by some of Atlanta’s greatest chefs. There is a party afterward at Murphy’s with free Motovino wines, Red Brick beers and great food from Murphy’s.

Donation/Tix are $20 and available at Motobravo Scooter shop on Monroe- at Ponce, 404-350-8388 (credit cards accepted).

You’ll leave Motobravo at 12:00 and proceed to One Midtown Kitchen and the talents of Chef Richard Blais. You’ll taste and stay about 20 minutes and proceed to Pangaea for a tasting of Chef Rafael’s “Global Grub”. About 20 minutes later you depart for Two Urban Licks to experience their savory styles. After a taste, depart for the end party at Murphy’s, which begins around 3:00.

At the party you’ll have more free food, Motovino wines, Red Brick beers and the official Motovino DJ: DJ Vando. Cars, motorcycles, and scooters welcome. There will be prizes for best car, motorcycle, scooter, outfit, attitude, or whatever Wynn deems worthy. All proceeds go to the GA/AL Make a Wish Foundation. The party ends at 5:00. Spread the word and come on out this Saturday! It’s all for a great cause, and the food on the last Moto-Graze was incredible! (The wines were great too!)

it’s called underground because of the movies, not the venue

i, for one, really love what happens when really creative people have access to some cameras and not a lot of money (well with the unfortunate exception of the blair witch project.) well the lineup for the 2006 atlanta underground film festival has been announced and for four days in august (23-27) be prepared for some seriously entertaining stuff.

on the lineup – a film about two guys who try to live on nothing but guinness, a documentary about people who think george w. bush is a space alien, and my personal favorite, a ‘mockumentary’ about some people trying to build the biggest mega-church in the land*.

the festival will be at various venues in the city, and will most likely be just as much fun for the people watching as the movies themselves.

ah – ain’t indie fun?

h/t to badlit.

Another Night in Yuppie Hell

So this past Friday, some friends that work for a huge communications company wanted to go out for drinks (again) in the Perimeter area (again!). Not my speed, but I don’t have much time left to see them. We ended up going to the new location of Eclipse di Luna in the growing hellish blob of strip malls and condos. Just when I think that area’s gotten so crowded they can’t possibly fit anymore in, they squeeze in another set of bars or apartment homes.

Best Of Atlanta ballots

Creative Loafing’s Best Of Atlanta ballots are now online. Go and fill one out by tomorrow.

If you’re stuck, here are a few of my recommendations:
Best Bartender: Elizabeth at Taco Mac VaHi
Wi-fi Location: Octane (of course!)
Local Website: This one. The Atlanta Metroblog.
Local Podcast: Go to the GA Podcast Network and pick one. Any one.
Restaurant to take visitors: Agnes & Muriel’s
Best Cuban: Kool Korner’s Grocery

I’m sure that you have some of your own thoughts on these…

cool off for free in l5p! – and more about why i

this saturday take an opportunity to cool off with some free icy treats in little five points. start at xocolatl, the funkiest little ice cream shop you have ever been in, which sits sandwiched between savage pizza and a capella books on moreland. They’re going to be giving away 1,000 mexican style popsicle, called paletas, as part of a grand reopening, between noon and 6 pm.

after that you can head over to criminal records for ice cream and some literature. the duck and herring company will be doing some live readings and the folks at criminal will be dishing out some free ice cream.

so l5p is the place to be (hey that rhymed!) this saturday for some free ice cream.

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