Spaghettini Junction

I work in Duluth right behind the intersection of I-85 and GA-316, an intersection once deemed one of the most dangerous in the Metro-Atlanta area and now the subject of a major road reconstruction project. If you’ve not ventured that far OTP in some time I’ll try and paint you a picture.

The merge of the two roads seems simple enough. There’s no clover leaf, no on ramp, no stop-and-merge. It’s just a state highway that merges into the expressway. The porblem with it is that the slower traffic on GA-316 has to merge into the far-left lane of 85 South. Additionally 316 quickly narrows from two lanes to one right as you enter the expressway. As such you get a constant tangle of cars going too slow, trucks going too fast, slow cars getting in the way of fast trucks, etc. Throw in the occasional driver coming off of 316 who tries desperately to make it across the six lanes of 85 traffic to get to Gwinnett Place Mall and you’ve just got one big dangerous hazard.

Sitting in the solitude that is my cube I have on several occasions these past few weeks been subject to a deafening boom and the floor shaking under my feet where the DOT is doing blasting. Coworkers rush out to look at the falling rubble and clouds of smoke. Eventually the clouds are broken up by the police-escorted traffic that makes its way down 85 like the early birds at the Peachtree Road Race.

My question is this: When this project reaches completion (the year 2021 perhaps?) what will we call it? It’s seven or so miles north of Spaghetti Junction and although also scheduled to be an overpass and cloverleaf-type arrangement, it won’t be nearly as grandiose as Spaghetti Junction. Do we therefore call this one Spaghettini Junction? Angelhair Junction? Spaghetti-Ohs Junction?

Let’s hear some ideas.

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  1. Lorie (unregistered) on August 2nd, 2006 @ 4:30 pm

    Do you work for Sprint? My building is LITERALLY that one at the intersection of Breckenridge and Old Norcross that is RIGHT there. I don’t go in after multiple almost heart attack inducing booms and building shakes.

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