How Can This Be?

I read an interesting article today about the 1946 Moore’s Ford lynching. I guess I am a little shocked that to this day, the witnesses involved are keeping mum about what they know.

The fact that this happened just 50 years ago, in an area so close to what is today a cosmopolitan, open-minded city, is mind-blowing to me. In my mind, lynchings are something I read about in a history book, or saw a documentary about on PBS. A lynching is something that my older cousins said that my grandmother saw in Louisiana in the ’30s. In my mind, it is not something that living people experienced. I just can’t understand how it is still being covered up today, in 2006. How impressive (and sad) that Bobby Howard, who has sought answers in the killings since he was a teenager, is still working to find those answers today. He is in his sixties. And shame on those who have kept their secrets all these years. You can find out more about this case here.

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