Missing Tanker Trucks

Yesterday, the AJC reported that two fuel tanker trucks had been stolen in Atlanta.

My first concern is that I haven’t really heard any more about this. It seems like a pretty serious crime, because you don’t just steal gas tanker trucks to fill up your lawnmower tank or support your 4th of July personal watercraft gas usage at Lake Lanier. This doesn’t seem like a joyride situation.

Even more concerning, though, is that they don’t seem to have been located yet. What does this say about law enforcement authorities, if they can’t find two fuel tanker trucks? It’s not like traffic in Atlanta moves that quickly. It’s not like we don’t have air support. The FBI is involved, for God’s sake!

Where are the fuel tankers and why haven’t they been located? Sadly, my money is more on Georgia truckers being the ones to located and notify the authorities of the whereabouts of the trucks.

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  1. Tony Mc (unregistered) on July 5th, 2006 @ 10:37 am

    The trucks were taken by 2 men. The on-duty security guard stated that they appeared to have a key to gain entry, looked familiar and that the trucks were not deemed missing until the actual drivers appeared many hours later to drive.

    The thieves had a very large head start and the trucks are not equipped with GPS. So, the police may have a difficult time finding them since there are lots of trucks all over this city. Alos, all the TV news outlets gave descriptions of the trucks and tag numbers.

    One theory is that the fuel was stolen to be resold and that the trucks will be abandoned once the gas is gone. I think this is the most likely theory but would not be surprised if the security guard were somehow involved with either a very large bribe or knew of the plot from the beginning.

    I think that being overly critical of the police in this situation is a tad premature. If someone steals something and no one reports it until many hours later I believe that the culprits may have had time to find a good hiding place.

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