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Sketchworks, a local sketch comedy troupe, is running their “Best of Sketchworks” show one final weekend this Friday, Saturday, and Sunday at their new theater space on the outskirts of Decatur. I went to see the show Saturday night and had a blast. I’m one of those people who doesn’t laugh out loud at very much, but I have to admit they had me cracking up on several occasions during the course of the evening.

If you’re not familiar with live sketch comedy, think scripted (more like “SNL” or “Mad TV”) versus improv. However, since it is performed live, you never really know what’s going to happen and how the actors will react, like when some of them cleverly incorporated Saturday evening’s thunderstorm into the sketches. In between many of the live scenes, they show filmed shorts that are just as amusing. And there are a lot of funny Atlanta references in the show, including one about the well-endowed bicycle shorts man.

The show contains some adult material, so note that 16-and-unders have to be accompanied by a parent or guardian. Friday night’s show also features local folk rock act Butterfly Stitch.

Developing Story: Midtown Bomb Scare

11Alive has the story and local blogger/podcaster Rusty Tanton has some timely pictures of the scene, but there has been a suspicious device found in The Proscenium.

It was found on the 22nd floor – the home of an Advertising Agency and scene of a fire last week.

All I know is that my daughter’s daycare several blocks over gave the “all clear” about 30 minutes ago, but they’re watching the situation and so am I.

If you have first-hand accounts of what’s going on – pictures, information, anything – leave a comment or a link.

I’ll update this post appropriately as I learn more.

UPDATE: It looks like the whole thing was just a fake. Sorry for alarming everyone.

Two things

  1. Saturday evening I went to Manuel’s for dinner. I’d also been there last Monday. In the intervening time they greatly expanded the non-smoking section by knocking down the wall between it and the large room on the south side of the restaurant. This makes for a very large non-smoking section. Yay! By the way, this week is Manuel’s 50th Anniversary
  2. Later, I went to the Masquerade to see The Format show – excellent – and reminded myself both why I could care less that they are closing that dump of a place down (or are they – it’s been a while since I’ve read anything about it closing and there doesn’t seem to be any sign of it closing… Anybody know anything?) and why I typically don’t go to all ages shows.

East Atlanta Friday Night

My family has a Friday night tradition of eating dinner out, then grabbing some ice cream. We usually hit Little Azio at Moreland and Ormewood (tres child-friendly) and then Bruster’s, but occasionally we mix it up with something different. Friday night, we had East Atlanta Thai and Sushi, then strolled down to the neighborhood bookstore, Bound to be Read.

Best Salsa in Town

Who has the best salsa in Atlanta? I have my favorite, and I doubt anyone can convince me otherwise.

Don’t Cry for Me, Atlanta

After 4.5 years of almost melting in the summer heat, slipping on the winter ice, and dying of boredom at another indie rock/emo show, I am departing from the splendid city of Atlanta. I’m headed for even rainier weather – but I think the other cool stuff I find will make up for it.

I hope that during the occasions on which I return to Atlanta I’ll see improvements being made to the city – and I mean to the older structures and neighborhoods that have seen so much change. I hope that the direction will change from building false cities (like Atlantic Station and the one in Edgewood with the Target, Lowes, and a million other retail businesses) to renovating the one that has existed all this time.

I hope that the music scene is revived and more music clubs open so bands don’t have to compete to get into the same five venues. I hope Dad’s Garage stays around and that more gallery spots like Eyedrum open up. I hope a new Mayor comes along and cuts all the crap that makes it impossible to have a small business or night club. Overall all, I hope that “It’s Always an Opening Day in Atlanta” will one day apply to everyone – not just the privileged.

World Series of Pop Culture

Is anyone else infatuated with Vh1’s reality gameshow du jour, The World Series of Pop Culture?

I have numerous friends (mostly from work) who tried out, both during the audition process here in town and online, but none of them made it.

Luckily enough, two teams with Atlanta connections did: I Love Jake Ryan and El Chupacabra.

I have two questions, then, for all you trivia-playing people:

  1. Has anyone played trivia with these people/do you know them personally?
  2. What’s the best place in metro Atlanta for trivia?

While we’re on the topic of trivia, does anyone know how many Chik-fil-A Dwarf Houses are in the Atlanta area? Just curious (I’m researching another post on the “Hot Brown”).

Play on!

Spaghettini Junction

I work in Duluth right behind the intersection of I-85 and GA-316, an intersection once deemed one of the most dangerous in the Metro-Atlanta area and now the subject of a major road reconstruction project. If you’ve not ventured that far OTP in some time I’ll try and paint you a picture.

Good eats and drinks abound at City Grill

A friend of mine recently retired from City Grill, a downtown restaurant and catering facility that, I must admit, had I not been invited to go chow down on some free eats and drinks, I wouldn’t have likely visited. Located in the Hurt Plaza the place is basically a stone’s throw from Georgia State and yet in my years of attending school there I only knew the place as the building with the marble double staircase inside. Turns out it’s not just a gorgeous facility but the cuisine is colorful and varied, not pricy, and the staff is pleasant and most accomodating. Twas a marvelous event in a place that obviously aims to please. You can find them online at Worth a visit.

To be or… whatever

Last night I saw the Shakespeare Tavern‘s production of The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (abridged). It was hilarious and I implore you all to go see it as soon as you can. And before Aug. 6, as that’s the last day it’s showing.

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