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more golf clubs than you can shake a, er, golf club at

i was going to title this post ‘yet another big-box for you itp shopping pleasure,’ when i realized that really all this was, was one big box swapping out for another. according to the atlanta business chronicle the old home depot expo center on piedmont near lindbergh is going to be turned into a 58,000 sq ft golf and tennis pro shop. should fit in well with the chilis they opened up the street.

but i digress.

my real issue with this is, can you really call this BUCKHEAD? the land of tower liquors, the fuji spa and tattletales. a bit of a real-estate stretch if you ask me, and how i know this is a reprinted press release. why not just call it va-hi? its about as close.

oh, and btw, if you were wondering where the brilliant plan to have almost 60,000 sq ft of golf crap for sale was hatched; yup, you guessed it, right here in the atl*.

atlanta: paper capital?

okay, so mark this as odd, but for some reason in the last few days i have come across multiple sites for high-end, artistic stationery products being produced in our city.

the first was these cards and invitations from the bumblebee press.

then this morning in the atlanta issue of daily candy (and yes, i know it’s for women, so sue me. it helps to get into the mind of the other half) was a link to this, high end floral postcards form a local atlanta photographer and artist.

and then of course there are these very nice note cards made by metroblogging’s own sabrina.

can we call this the ‘atlanta stationery movement?’

okay, so maybe three websites in the course of a few days doesn’t make a ‘movement’, but hey it takes a snowball to start an avalanche.

anyway, just thought I would share.


To Georgia Senators Chambliss and Isakson for their votes to amend the Constitution of the United States to prohibit the physical desecration of the flag of the United States. I’ve been so worried about the proliferation of violent flag-burning protesters and how their expression of freedom of speech might affect the health and well-being of my family. What a worthwhile use of the time and money of Georgia taxpayers! Much more important than, say, improving the public schools that my children will attend.

100 Days of Summer H.E.A.T.

If you’re planning on taking a road trip this holiday weekend, don’t forget that we’re now in the 100 Days of Summer H.E.A.T., or “Highway Enforcement of Aggressive Traffic.” This means that cops all over Georgia will gleefully pull you to the side of the highway for speeding, aggressive driving, not wearing a seatbelt, or otherwise doing something you’re not supposed to be doing in your vehicle.

It’s also worth nothing that the July 4th holiday will be an extended weekend this year, covering 102 hours if you count from 6 p.m. on Friday through midnight on Tuesday. Last year the holiday weekend covered only 78 hours. The Georgia State Patrol is predicting more than 2,000 crashes and 24 fatalities. So here’s a gentle reminder to donate blood at one of the area blood drives if you’re eligible.

“Loaner Cars”

Did anyone hear the piece Thursday night on NPR about the introduction of a new “car loan” program they’re planning to test in Atlanta?

The premise is that for folks who don’t want the full time hassle of owning a car, or for singletons with one in the shop who don’t want to rent a car, you’d be able to pop into these lots with the swipe of a card (your drivers license, credit card and other info on file) grab a car out of the lot with the keys waiting in the ignition and vroom vroom vroom!

When you come back, you swipe again and are charged $9/hr for use, billed directly to the card you have on file. Bonus points for the hassle free – you don’t even have to gas it up when you bring it back – all the maintenance bits and hassles are included in the hourly rate.

It reminds me of the Decatur Yellow Bikes program a bit…but what do I know, I clearly only heard a fraction of the piece. So who heard it? I think they called them “loaner cars” but Google helps me none.

Downtown Atlanta Restaurant Week

The annual Downtown Atlanta Restaurant Week is coming up, so you might want to make your reservations now (not all restaurants offer online booking). The week of July 24-30, 2006, several downtown restaurants will offer a fixed-price three-course menu for $26 per person. Some of the more casual establishments will offer a meal for $26 for two people.

I’ve never been to most of the participating restaurants, but I’ve been meaning to try Pacific Kitchen in Inman Park.

Dinner at Eno

Last night my sexy thang of a wife and I ventured into the city to enjoy a dinner at Eno. As thirty-something suburbanites we save trips into Atlanta for those special occasions like going to the theater, taking in a nice dinner or seeing what’s on the sale rack at Ikea. With a license plate that identifies our SUV as hailing from north of Spaghetti Junction, we stick to the main arteries in town and avoid stumbling into the parts my mother would refer to as “lock your doors.” We try to put on our hipster faces and prepare for the disdainful looks we receive from the uber-urbanites wearing their designer clothes and walking their designer dogs. Ah, the pretense of it all.

mark your calendars, indie kids, sufjan is coming to town

as reported yesterday by rich in cable and tweed, sufjan stevens will be playing the fox on september, 20. a quick check of the ok productions calendar shows ‘tickets on sale soon.’

i’d probably keep checking, ’cause this one is going to sell out pretty quickly.

for those of you who have no idea wtf i am talking about here and here. because you really should. the music is totally worth it.

Morning round, anyone?

This morning I took advantage of an amazing deal. 9 Holes of golf at the N. Fulton Golf Course for under $13. That includes the cart.

The deal is this – get there within an hour of sunrise (before 7:30 nowadays) and it costs that little for 9 holes. If you’re up that early anyway, trust me, there’s no better way to start the day.

P.S. If you time it just right, you get the added bonus of hearing both the initial run and the repeat of all of NPRs stories…

Red Light, Green Light

Putting along in traffic Tuesday night on North Ave. I watched as a decked out Escalade blew through the red light, then promptly pointed and turned into Nelson Muntz with a big “HA HA” as I thought of my pal Eric’s entry from last week about his traffic camera experience at the same intersection.

Maybe I’m trying to warn you from a loving place in order to spare you the fine, but more likely I’m laughing at you for thinking stop lights are a suggestion and that laws don’t apply to you.

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