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Screen on the Green

We’re about a month away from the first film, but it’s never too early to start thinking about Screen on the Green and movies in the park. This year’s crop of films seems pretty musical, what with the addition of bands at the Thursday night showings.

6/1 – A Hard Day’s Night
6/8 – The Wiz
6/15 – Ferris Bueller’s Day Off
6/22 – Breakfast At Tiffany’s
6/29 – Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory

So we won’t have The Wizard of Oz, which has made the rounds a few times at Screen on the Green, in favor of The Wiz.

What does everyone think? Any movie you’d go out of your way to see on the grass surrounded by your fellow Atlantans? One you’d particularly avoid?

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Rumsfeld vs. McGovern

Did anyone attend the speech at the Southern Center for International Studies and catch the kerfuffle between Donald Rumsfeld and Ray McGovern (and other protesters) today?

It’s been all over the news and the progressive blogosphere, but I wondered if the reaction of the attendees or Mr. McGovern is more indicative of sentiment in Atlanta or nationwide or both or neither?

And why pick Atlanta to publicly go after Rumsfeld in this setting?

Anyone? Am I just not doing my homework here?

I realize McGovern is a vocal critic of this administration – going so far as to advocate impeachment – but why pick this speaking engagement to confront Rumsfeld?

Is it the proximity to CNN? Does McGovern live here? Does anyone care that this happened in Atlanta?

Bye Bye, Pad Thai

For years I wondered how the Virginia Highlands supported so many Thai restaurants. In addition to Pad Thai, a quick thought brings

  • Surin
  • Panita Thai Kitchen
  • Harry and Son’s
  • Ma-Li

to mind, all exisiting within a few miles of one another.

I guess this trend is reversing. Last night on my way out of George’s Bar to go running I noticed that Pad Thai looked empty and that there was a notice posted on its door. The noticed informed all who read it that Pad Thai had closed its doors forever on April 30th, 2006.

RIP, Strong Dad

I didn’t personally know Donald Chapman, AKA Strong Dad, but his sons are two of Atlanta’s finest (The Brothers Chaps produce the wildly successful and always funny Homestar Runner web cartoon). So it’s with great sadness that I mark the passage of “Strong Dad” on April 15 at the age of 66.

From all accounts their father was an integral part in the creativity of the show and the success of the business of Homestar Runner. He will be missed.

My condolences to the Champman family and to all the Homestar (and Strongbad) fans out there. I hope we get a moving tribute to him on the site – it only seems appropriate.

One thing I’ve always admired about the site and it’s content was the lack of ads and commercial entanglements. Sure, the Brothers Chaps sell H*R merchandise and DVDs – I own 3 DVDs, two t-shirts and a hat – but they never sold out or compromised their integrity or sense of humor. I’m sure they made their dad very proud.

[Via Majikthise]

MSM’s Mini-Medical School

msmlogo.jpgJust caught word of this yesterday, kids; the Morehouse School of Medicine is offering what they’re calling their Mini-Medical School. Quoth the website:

The Morehouse School of Medicine Mini-Medical School is series of seven two-hour educational workshops and lectures designed to provide attendees with an introduction to health issues impacting our communities. These interactive classes offer an open exchange between our expert researchers and attendees every Tuesday with the goal of grooming Community Health Ambassadors.

The sessions run every Tuesday from 7 – 9 p.m. and are free, free, free. Check out the website to get registered and get informed.

Route 100 aka the Atlanta Tourist Loop


I don’t remember if there was ever a route 100 in the MARTA bus list, but if there was it’s now the new Atlanta Tourist Loop. The ATL is basically a MARTA bus skinned and making the rounds every thirty minutes to the Georgia Aquarium, the High Museum the downtown hotel district and other downtown landmarks.

Yep, it pretty much loops around downtown and goes north to the Fox Theatre and the Georgian Terrace. Will the MARTA-sponsored line run anywhere else in town? They’re planning on it — a Midtown route promises to roll out by Memorial Day which will run from the Georgia Aquarium to Arts Center MARTA and then towards Piedmont Park and the Atlanta Botanical Gardens. For regular MARTA riders, the buses will take your MARTA cards and Breeze cards. According to the site, the buses leave from North Avenue MARTA.

Because, you know…it’s a MARTA bus.

Let’s see — $1.75 for a bus that runs every thirty minutes (minimum) with limited hours on weekdays and weekends. And this differs from regular MARTA bus service how?

OK, all cynicism aside, this might just be the shot in the arm MARTA needs to help boost its image to tourists. I’d end it here with a quip about MARTA’s perception with the public in Atlanta, but you could just read Creative Loafing.

Add Atlanta to Monopoly!

monopoly.jpgVia the tip line: Add Atlanta to Monopoly!

Monopoly, the Parker Brothers game of wheeling and dealing in the world of real estate is set to get a national face lift, replacing the popular Atlantic City street names with landmarks from all over the country, and Atlanta’s in on the bid.

From now through May 12, you can surf over to the Monopoly website and vote for one of three Atlanta landmarks: Peachtree Street, Centennial Olympic Park and Stone Mountain. Dubbed the “Here and Now” edition, the new multi-city variation of Monopoly will debut on shelves this fall. Right now, Centennial Olympic Park is leading in the current standing for Atlanta with 45% (as of this post), and additionally, the votes will also determine where each landmark will appear on the gameboard (Boardwalk’s the most popular). Among other changes, the railroads will be replaced by — get this — JFK in NYC, O’Hare in Chicago, LAX and Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport. Check it out!

Luke, tell Uncle if he gets a translator, be sure it speaks Bocce!

In the town square of the Glenwood Park village/development this weekend, I notice all these people (I feel comfortable calling them yuppies) gathered around with tables full of white bakery-style boxes. They’ve got dogs with them, some of them are plainly spectating, but I can’t tell what’s going on.

So I ask the girl inside Perk (which I visit several times a week now, stop hassling me), “What’s going on across the street there?”

She says to me, “It’s a bocce ball tournament.” When she says “bocce ball,” it comes out with a hint of “can you believe that?”

Honestly? Barely. But it’s nice to see the square being used for something. Glenwood Park, until its restaurants and storefronts open (I’m hoping for more than dry cleaning and hair salons), still feels a little like a Ren Faire or a Disneyland without the doors open.

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