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3rd Wave -> RippleWiFi

3rd Wave Hotspots are some of my favorite places in Atlanta (Free wifi, people!). This happened a couple of days ago, but it is worth noting that 3rd Wave Hotspot has changed its name to Ripple. As they note on the website: “We didn’t sell-out or anything. We just integrated 3rd Wave Hotspot into Ripple. Now everything matches. We can get dressed in the morning much easier this way.”

And, they’re having a party to celebrate it on June 9th. At Octane!
Here’s the part of the email they sent out about it:
The short version:
We have changed the name from 3rd Wave to Ripple. Yes, still free.
We have fun, slightly controversial T-shirts. You can buy one if you like.
We’re having a party. Octane Coffee Bar. Yes, beer specials. Friday, June 9th at 5:30.
We have some new locations.
We love you.

Is your house in one of these photos?

I wanted to tell you about a cool site. This is not really “new”, as I’m sure many of you already know about this site, but, for those who don’t, there’s a cool search site call A9 – located at Now, you may have to register for this site as it belongs to The upside is they give you a small discount on purchases if you use this site. Anyway…

What was rather cool was the map utility, located at If you go there, you’ll see a small list of cities. Click on Atlanta and you’ll see a map with a magnifying glass icon over a street. If you check the “Mark Streets Containing BlockViewâ„¢ Images” at the upper left, you get to see streets with actual pictures, left and right, of the places along the root you’ve chosen. Find a location you want to investigate and you can see photos of the left and right side of the street.

It’s sort of cool and sort of scary but, hey, we’re in the 21st century where privacy is just a neat concept. (just ask the Justice Department). Just a little note tonight as I work among my many computer monitors.

Where am I?

ITP Selfishness?

Businesses being what they are (businesses geared towards making money), it’s hard to fault the decision of the Flying Biscuit owners to sell to Raving Brands. And as much as everybody may not like what we think is going to come, we do have to ask if we are being selfish with our ITP FB love.

Let’s assume we ITPers are being selfish at the expense of those OTPers (personally, I’m very okay with this). Here’s my question – what other sorts of ITP institutions would we want to keep on the DL, away from those franchising forces that may let OTPers partake without the suffering drive?

I have a few that I can think of – Manuel’s, Woody’s Cheesesteaks. I would like to say Taco Mac, but I lost that battle a long time ago (and, really, the Taco Mac’s that exist outside of VaHi are all-together very different than the original).

So what do you think? And the opposite – OTPers, which ITP places would you like to see franchised out to your neck of the woods?

Runaway Bride story reaches logical conclusion

File this story under “obvious”:

Wedding Off for Runaway Bride

Shocking news, to be sure, but since the original event spawned so much blogging and commenting here, I figured it warranted an ironic mention.

Flying Biscuit to be super-franchised

Flying Biscuit will no longer be that special two-hour wait for food that it is now

Raving Brands, owner of Moe’s Southwest Grill, Doc Green’s Gourmet Salads, and Shane’s Rib Shack, announced Wednesday it has bought Atlanta’s Flying Biscuit restaurants with the intention of franchising the eclectic eatery into a chain…LaMastra said the plan is to open 50 Flying Biscuit locations in 2007 and another 50 in 2008.

That about matches the pace at which Moe’s opened up around the city. Crush the competition by ubiquity, I guess.

I’m not quite sure, though, that there’s the same market for 100 Flying Biscuit’s that there is for mass-produced burritos, but I probably would’ve said the same thing about Moe’s so Raving Brands would do well not to listen to me…

Hip-Hop Appreciation Week Jumps Off in Atlanta

I found this interesting. I submit it as an FYI.

As you know, May 15-22, 2006 is the 9th Annual Hip Hop Appreciation Week; our theme for this year is “ACTION”! The main purpose of HHAW is to de-criminalize the images of the Hip Hop community and to celebrate the positive, productive and progressive aspects of our culture, our leaders and us.


Atlanta drivers = super courteous

(suggested by Carmen and Tiffany via the suggestion box)

Apparently Atlanta has among the most courteous drivers in all of America:

Minneapolis, Minnesota; Nashville, Tennessee; St. Louis, Missouri; Seattle, Washington; and Atlanta, Georgia, were rated as the cities with the most courteous drivers, who were less likely to change lanes without signaling or swear at other motorists…Young drivers and people with long commutes were found to be the most likely to react to an aggressive or rude driver. The top reactions included honking the horn, cursing or making an obscene gesture.
No distinct differences were found between male and female drivers.

I don’t know, maybe its just people complaining about drivers everywhere, but we also have a suggestion (from David) in the box talking about how people in Atlanta don’t know how to make left turns and, driving around, I’m sure all of us see some pretty incompetent driving. Especially on the connector. But maybe that’s what it is. Atlanta drivers are incompetent, but polite about it.


I was at the Braves game yesterday (groan!) so I’m glad to see this news:

“LaRoche said when he got to the dugout, Cox told him, “[Johnson] was out. But it shouldn’t have been close. You have got to start hustling.”
Cox said he wouldn’t discuss publicly any disciplinary measures or elaborate on the situation. He once famously pulled a young Andruw Jones off the field for not hustling, but there haven’t been any comparable incidents since.
LaRoche finished the game, then went to Cox’s office to apologize. Cox told him Brian Jordan would be in the lineup today for the series opener against Florida, and that he didn’t know what he would do beyond that.

Good. LaRoche should have been pulled out immediately for not hustling. The thing is I actually like LaRoche. When he’s hitting, he’s pretty good and he is, when he hustles, a pretty decent first basemen. Hopefully being benched today and all the booing he got from the fans yesterday will teach him his lesson.

The Day of Escaped Dogs

Today I’ve seen five incidents of dogs escaped on my street. (One dog got out twice.) It may be the weather (I’d like to get out and run around, too!), but with Lori’s message below it makes me especially nervous. You never know if your beloved friend is going to get picked up by somebody unable to take him home even for a hours. If your dog gets dropped off at the wrong shelter on the wrong weekend (see below), she could get euthanized almost immediately.

All of the dogs I’ve met wandering the neighborhood today have been sweet. I’d hate to see any of them get put to sleep. So please do take in a dog if you can, before it’s too late. Help them escape a heart-breaking fate. Some shelter dogs are sweet, well-mannered and already trained, ready to be great pets who just happened to run off without tags when the good weather came calling.

If you find a neighborhood dog, please call the numbers on their tags. I have at least one friend whose dog was euthanized despite having tags. That’s a gut-sinking feeling I wouldn’t wish on anyone.

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