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Flicks on 5th Returns!


From the depths of the sea, back to the block, the Flicks on 5th series returns for a second season! The popular outdoor summer film series takes place Wednesday evenings at 9:00 p.m. between Spring Street and Williams Street and is absotively, posolutely F-R-E-E. Rain or shine, baby. Aside from the free popcorn, you can also grab a bite at any of the 5th Street restaurants (I personally recommend the Globe) and chill out under the stars. The series starts June 7, and you can check out their website for the list of movies or for contact information.

After an evening at Wednesday WindDown, this’d be a great way to shake the hump day blues.

Marine vs. Muggers

I don’t know if you are following the story or not, but the tale of the Marine fighting off muggers in Midtown is pretty interesting. And tragic.

“I’m sorry this whole thing happened. I hate this world has gotten to the point where it is predatory,” said a shaken Autry, speaking briefly to reporters from behind the screen door of his Atlanta apartment.

I can understand not wanting to be labeled a hero in this incident. Here, Autry defended himself rightly and succeeded. However, I don’t think that that makes the situation that he finds himself in any less tragic. All we can say, I suppose, is that he did what was necessary. And our thoughts are with him and the family of the now-dead teenager.

If Memorial Day Has Passed…

…it must be time for the Virginia Highland Summerfest

For fans of heat, art, and music the weekend-long festivities along Virginia Avenue cannot be beat. Check out the music lineups for Saturday and Sunday nights and you will see some of Atlanta’s best local bands listed.

In a Bowler, On A Bicycle

A couple of weekends ago, during the weekend of escaped dogs, I walked right by a fella on Glenwood who, despite the weather, was wearing a black tuxedo and a bowler. If I had to guess, I’d say the suit was wool. It was a hot-enough day that dogs were panting in the street. His round spectacles completed the look.

But it was his bicycle that took this fellow to perfection. It was an honest-to-goodness penny-farthing.

“And there’s a bit of history for you,” this gentleman said to a nearby homeowner on his stoop. Then he hopped up on the seat of his ordinary, did a U-turn on Glenwood and pedaled away into the summer. This delights me to no end.

Welcome Hyderabad

Hyderabad, the fifth largest metropolis of India, is the state capital of Andhra Pradesh, known for its history and culture, But now its about to be known as something else – Metroblogging’s 47th city.

Welcome Hyderabad!

New Georgia National Cemetery

“To be able to honor the Georgia veterans who have wanted this for so long — it’s been a great experience to help them,” said Sandra Beckley, director of the Georgia National Cemetery.”

As I was reading some of the Memorial Day reports online, I learned that we have a new National Cemetery up near me in Cherokee County. It’s the Georgia National Cemetery located at 2025 Mount Carmel Church Lane in Canton, GA.

Maybe, one day, in the future, we won’t need any new “national cemeteries” for our war dead. I’m afraid I won’t see it in my lifetime but, I thought I’d pass on the information and the website.

[[ Mark rightly corrected me in the comments. These cemeteries are not just for war dead but, for vets. I knew that but, failed to be clear. ]]

AJC Online Fun

The AJC has a shoot the hooch flash game up. It’s mildly entertaining, but I got bored before I got to the end. And it clearly isn’t as fun as the real thing.

Tornados. Yeah, ya think?

I was reading this article as I was looking at the radar screen last night. Up here in the N.W. Territories (Acworth) we have our share of bad weather. Cherokee County must be on the tornado hot list. The areas south of the airport seem to be as well.

As I was listening to the alert tone on the NOAA weather radio, 7 times for me and for my folks east of here, I thought about the long “weather season” we have in front of us. Anyway, this was an interesting article. Is Atlanta A Tornado Hot Spot?

…Cherokee County’s population is booming – and the tornado count is one of the highest in Georgia — so many tornadoes that Cherokee has requested more tornado warning sirens than any other county in the state…

Summer. Fer Sure.

Now it’s summer. For sure. Here’s how I know:

1. The Car: Getting into the car after it’s been sitting in the parking lot at work is like getting dumped into solitary confinement in an aluminum box at a penal quarry. It’s hot. “Maybe I’ll just sleep here at the office,” I say, desperate to avoid the car. When the car’s too hot to support life, I know it’s summertime.

2. The Festivals: Last weekend was the 31st Annual Atlanta Festival of Festivals Festival. It seemed like every corner was another one, from beer festivals to bands playing outdoors for free, to mixtures of the two in Little Five Points. At one point, over at Caroline and Moreland, we drove past what seemed to be eight or nine fire trucks parked around that triangle of land with no houses on it. One of them had a big banner on its folded-down white ladder, which read “City of Atlanta.” I thought that was some kind of community meet-and-greet or fund-raising barbecue or something, but I heard later that it was, you know, an actual fire. Now I feel like a complete jackass.

3. The Bugs: Atlanta has the most cunning, most savvy mosquitoes I know. I am dotted with startlingly itchy red dots, but I don’t recall seeing a single mosquito on me yet. (Bastards.) Meanwhile, everywhere I look I see those little red lady-bug-looking Japanese things, ant-like flying dudes, orange-colored shiny-shelled flying nubs, mosquito-eaters (where can I find more of those?) and, recently, what may be the biggest amber-backed red-bellied roach I’ve ever seen. Those things I wasn’t prepared for when I moved down here, but I used to see them all over the sidewalk where I lived in Midtown. (Sorry about that, Lori. Good look out there.)

What about you? How do you know when it’s summer in Atlanta?


I’m here at Octane getting some work done and right next to me they’re shooting what I assume are promotional pictures. They’ve set up the table with a laptop, a coffee mug (with coffee in it), and a beer glass with one of those cardboard hot cup holders on it. Now, I assume that they are using the hot cup holder with the beer because it has the Octane logo on it, but still… it’s just a little silly…

(Update)/i> – A thought – maybe they’re trying to highlight that they are a coffee shop that also serves beer…

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