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Free Cones

April 25th has been declared Free Cone Day.

Stop watching your waistline and head to the North Highland or Alpharetta Ben & Jerry’s locations for a free cone.

I hear the Black and Tan is a hit.

2006 Atlanta Hip Hop Festival

ahhf.jpg Over this weekend, the 2nd Annual Atlanta Hip Hop Film Festival returns bigger than ever, including a New York-esque block party, panels on social responsibility, gaming and the film industry as well as an awards ceremony honoring LL Cool J, Ice T, F. Gary Gray and Lauryn Hill (ahem, that’s Ms. Hill to you). The free film lineup proves to run the spectrum of hip-hop from the “dirty South” to the frigid North and will be shown at the Auburn Avenue Research Library from April 27-30. The awards ceremony will be at the Carter Center on April 27 and will also feature the theatrical debut of “Dead Prez: It’s Bigger than Hip Hop”. Check it out — the four day event begins on Thursday at 10:00 a.m.

P.S.: Also coming up in September will be the 7th Annual Billboard R&B Hip-Hop Conference and Awards.

Gimme a Blogbreak

You gotta hand it to the AJC; they are continually trying to find out what works in the cross-section of newspapers and the Internet. Their latest experiment comes in the form of — another blog! (You’ll remember AJC first started their blogs back in 2004.) They call it…Blogbreak.

Need help finding that dream job? Want to discover ways to brush up your resume? Keep up with the latest Atlanta job market trends and get advice from our panel of contributors.

The topics range from multilingual speak in the workplace to cross-generational work environments. I’m surprised the majority of comments aren’t from voracious job seekers anxious to get an interview and posting their resume and phone numbers. Then again, with commenting only open from 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday (them’s working hours!), chances are those desperate pleas are snuffed out. Personally, I would have liked to see a more diverse panel of contributors (specifically in terms of age), but hey, this thing is still in its infancy. I think it would be a good balance to have job seekers as well as long-time job holders contribute to topics. Just my two cents.

4th Annual Spaghetti Junction Urban Film Festival

Today wraps up the 4th Annual Spaghetti Junction Urban Film Festival at the Decatur Holiday Inn Conference Center. (I went to the one last year, and completely forgot about this year’s festival.) The SJUFF includes a student film competition, panel discussions and work shops, as well as international film showings and an artist’s market out in Downtown Decatur Square.

Tonight’s IMPACT Awards Ceremony looks to be a treat; the SJUFF will present the cast of “A Different World” with the IMPACT awards for their positive portrayal of the Black college experience, including bringing awareness to HBCUs. Kadeem Hardison, Darryl Bell, Michael Ralph and Cree Summers will be accepting. It’s not too late to attend either — $25 will get you in the door to the awards ceremony.

P.S.: You knew that Hillman College, the fictional setting of “A Different World” was modeled after Atlanta’s own Morehouse and Spelman Colleges, right? Just checking.

Puppets and Dad’s Garage

This morning for the first time I witnessed the humor and insanity that is Dad’s Garage. I went with my wife and daughter to the birthday party of a little girl in my daughter’s daycare to see Uncle Grampa’s Hoo-Dilly Storytime, a mix of fairytales, puppetry and audience participation. The show was a little bit more for the adults in the audience and the performers onstage than the kids, but that was fine by me. Bonus points for featuring Atlanta’s acting man about town, Lucky Yates whom you probably recognize from his appearances on Good Eats or 96 Rock. Funny stuff.

Now I’ve had friends and co-workers involved with Dad’s Garage before, but I had never been to a show there. Small, cavernous, poorly ventilated and most likely always filled with laughter. It seemed like the kind of place built on improvisational comedy and the love and dedication of a core group of performers. I’ll definitely find a reason to go again.

And I’d love to go tonight to see the Late Night Puppet Slam. It fits in nicely with my blog nom de plume, Mostly Muppet, plus I’d love to see the Yates puppetry again.

In any event, Dad’s Garage == good. Go and laugh.

That is all (enjoy the rest of your weekend).

A Place with Personality

So it’s getting close to the weekend and you haven’t planned anything fun to do. Well, if you’re in the mood for a mellow vibe, great downtempo music and fantastic cocktails, head over to Azul. Located right in Decatur Square and attached to Raging Burrito, it’s convenient and atmospheric.

You can enjoy the low blue glow indoors, or you can breathe the fresh air on their patio. On Friday and Saturday nights, you can chill out to the sounds of world/triphop and electronica music, spun by DJ Preston Craig. I was there last Saturday and stayed for hours, sipping a delicious chocolate martini (one of the best I’ve ever had), and listening to the absolute best selection of downtempo tunes I’ve heard in a long time. The bartender was also incredibly cool and friendly.

If you’re looking for a classy place without the uppity airs, check out Azul. You’ll feel right at home.

420 Fest

Today is April 20th also known as 420. To celebrate this fact Sweetwater Brewery is throwing the Second Annual 420 Fest at the Masquerade music park from 3-10. Dubconscious, Entropy and Deep Blue Sun will be playing. I have seen Dub and Entropy before and highly recommend both bands. The Sierra Club will also be there pouring beer and pushing pamphlets. So come on down, fire one up, grab a beer and listen to some tunes.

Silver Coment

I’ve got a not-so-secret desire to some day ride the Silver Comet Trail end-to-end (all the way into Alabama) on my bicycle. The problem I have is that for as long as I have known about the Silver Comet it has been “under construction” with a “to be completed soon” schedule.

Olmstead Park?

Driving along Ponce, I see that the Frederick Law Olmstead Park is getting close to reaching its funding goal. It’s a lovely spot for a park, there. The wife and I are Olmstead fans of a sort, so we’ve been curious what the plans are down there. Anybody know what the future of Olmstead Park is?

Woodruff Park Revamped

Woodruff Park — most know it as that sometimes shady land island between Park Place and Peachtree Street heavily congested with homeless people and GSU students. CAP/ADID is seeking to revamp the Park in a number of ways (if you recall from last year during the Downtown Atlanta Festival, they transformed Woodruff Park into a beach volleyball arena in May). For starters, CAP/ADID hired Dan Biederman for a consultant (one of the driving forces behind revamping Bryant Park in NYC — remember the free ice skating?) and with that, they’re planning to bring some new and expanded events to the space (after the jump):

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