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Signs, Night-time glow and Homes

While I was driving on Ga. 316 to and from Athens today, I was looking at the amazing number of little signs on the side of the road advertising new subdivisions and what must be an amazing number of new homes. Now, I’ve seen some of them before but, all of the sudden today, there were a lot more. They’re homes in the $150K to very low $200K range.

On the way home tonight, I saw a glowing sign behind the trees and as I got closer what did I spy? A big old Home Depot building. It’s out in the middle of “nowhere” but, “nowhere” not much longer.

Now, the last trip I made (along what once was a very nice and quiet road) to Athens, I don’t remember seeing the Home Depot glowing from behind the trees. There’s no sign frontage on 316 so, perhaps, it’s an un-opened store or a distribution center.

Well, the only point to this is that 316 and the trees are going to be changed into a super corridor to Athens very soon. We all knew that but, wow! Even thought I am well aware of the expansion in Metro Atlanta, I still get taken by surprise at times.

Graffiti Advertising

Well, it’s certainly one way to drive traffic to your site…where is it?

Will ATL Raise Hell?

Access Atlanta broke the news this morning on a “secret” memo forwarded to Perimeter, Cumberland, Discover Mills, NorthPoint, Oglethorpe, Southlake and Augusta malls by Valor Security Service Perimeter Mall security director W. Mark Crowell about potential violence stemming from the new movie “ATL”, a dramedy/coming-of-age film starring Atlanta rapper Tip “T.I.” Harris. Color me suspicious, but this could probably stir a bit of controversy, especially considering the movie revolves around following your dreams and achieving your goals more than slanging ‘caine and performing drive-bys. (Tongues are already starting to wag on SOHH Atlanta about the memo.)

Boyz N The Hood, it ain’t. Roll Bounce? Perhaps.

Don’t You Test Me, Chambliss!

I don’t know what email I sent back in the day that landed me on a mailing list for this guy, but you can bet I was amused by the message when it fell into my inbox.

Oh, the voices in my head…
“Are you threatening me?” ala Bevis and Butthead
*tap tap* “Is this thing on?” as an ode to Paulie
“No one told me there was going to be a test!” 9th grade flash back
“Testing what…your novice abilities managing e-mail notifications?” the snide, real-time me

They went on and on…so thank you, office of Saxby Chambliss, for entertaining me.

Trader Joe’s sites secret?

The AJC confirms what Lori told us almost a month ago:

Trader Joe’s isn’t saying. The company is infamously quiet, refusing to divulge locations and opening dates even after whispers on the street have risen to a roar. Spokeswoman Alison Mochizuki would only confirm that Trader Joe’s is coming to the market in 2006. She would not discuss possible locations.

The locations can’t be all that secret. Just read the comments here.

This Little Piggy Went to Market…

Darling members of the opposite sex:

Flip flop season is bearing down on us, and I’d like to remind you that we females are not the only ones who should be prioritizing the tidiness of our digits. BTW, clipping your toe nails over the toilet does not qualify as “grooming”.

Thanks to my quick trip to NY and the March issue of Delta’s Sky Magazine, I offer you this in hopes of a summer free of Hobbit like feet –

the executive
360 Pharr Road Suite 3021
Atlanta; 404-869-400

Palate Dessert and Wine Bar

I finally managed to make it in to Palate Dessert and Wine Bar after missing it in October. It is excellent. The laid back atmosphere is wonderful and the desserts were to die for (I had pieces of an Oreo Cheesecake and a Red Velvet Cake – both were delicious). It’s hard to know what else to say – the place was amazing, the decor was amazing (I almost knocked over a $600 for sale standing lamp), and the food was fantastic. Go there. Try it.


So here’s a discovery –
The Edgewood shopping center has many stores. Three, in particular, share a parking lot – Kroger, Barnes & Noble, and Target. All three of them have a Starbucks. Clearly, Seatlle has won the culture war.


Seriously. Groan.

Calling all Techies

Tomorrow is Hands on Atlanta’s Technology Service Day. This is your chance to help nonprofits and schools using your IT knowledge. No, you don’t get paid – but you don’t get paid when your parents and friends ask you questions either. The event runs from 7:30 to 1:00 on Saturday, which is bad timing in my opinion considering it’s the morning after St. Patrick’s Day. There are 46 projects to choose from this year, about half of them still have openings. If you are too hung over tomorrow or don’t have any tech skills you could always donate as well. They are currently running a campaign called Give Us A Hand, for $50 or more you will get a personalized tile in the atrium of their new volunteer headquarters.

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