Signs, Night-time glow and Homes

While I was driving on Ga. 316 to and from Athens today, I was looking at the amazing number of little signs on the side of the road advertising new subdivisions and what must be an amazing number of new homes. Now, I’ve seen some of them before but, all of the sudden today, there were a lot more. They’re homes in the $150K to very low $200K range.

On the way home tonight, I saw a glowing sign behind the trees and as I got closer what did I spy? A big old Home Depot building. It’s out in the middle of “nowhere” but, “nowhere” not much longer.

Now, the last trip I made (along what once was a very nice and quiet road) to Athens, I don’t remember seeing the Home Depot glowing from behind the trees. There’s no sign frontage on 316 so, perhaps, it’s an un-opened store or a distribution center.

Well, the only point to this is that 316 and the trees are going to be changed into a super corridor to Athens very soon. We all knew that but, wow! Even thought I am well aware of the expansion in Metro Atlanta, I still get taken by surprise at times.

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