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Sunny Sunday on the Silver Comet Trail

I meant to blog this over the weekend, even yesterday, but Flickr ate my photos.

This shot was taken at the 3.8 mile mark, looking East.

Great weather on a sunny Sunday is not something to ignore.

Driving 55 on the perimeter

This has been circling the internets for a bit, and I thought this was appropriate for our beloved traffic-hating readers.

Some kids decided to really show Atlanta what driving the speed limit on I-285 (55 mph in case you didn’t catch that) would be like. So they coordinated their efforts and filmed the entire thing. It’s quite a spectacle.

Some Like It Green

The Atlanta City Council – Community Development and HR Committee Meeting is today (Feb. 28), at 12:30pm in the Committee Room 2 (2nd Floor) – 55 Trinity Avenue, SW, Atlanta, GA 30303 . They will be discussing the new Tree Ordinance amendment which will allow every homeowner in Atlanta to remove one tree per year from their yard, without replacement, regardless of health, size, age or significance.

For Daniel

From Urban Dictionary, the word of the day is:

Obsession and erotic enjoyment derived from the mere thinking of Apple(tm) Nano Ipod or its accessories
user1: until then, IPOD CASES!!!! seriously. i’d get a nano just to have those SEXXXXAY cases.
user2: um we going or are u just going to have nanogasms

I think we could expand the definition to include all things nano, whaddya think, Daniel?

Welcome Nashville!

Also, welcome Nashville to Metroblogging! Now, 7 of the 43 Metroblogging cities are in the southeast USA

And, while we’re around the network, I recommend this Dubai Metroblog post for a view from the other side of the whole port affair.

Boring Congressional Map


One of the more exciting things about off-presidential year elections is looking at the Congressional maps and trying to decide what shapes the gerrymandering has created (you know, like looking up at the clouds and trying to figure out the shapes). Unfortunately, I looked at Georgia’s map this morning (PDF) and nothing was coming to me. I mean, maybe the 13th looks like something but the map as a whole renders much less interesting shapes than it used to (PDF again – I’m seeing a dragon or Loch Ness in the 13th and a chicken leg in the 12th).

Anyway, it used to be a fun little time killer, but now it’s gotten boring (I almost wrote “goran boring.” Firefly is too much in my mind).

A bevy of bikers

Not the motorcycle type, the spandex shorts type of bikers, were en masse last night as I made my way to The Highlander. Travelling north on Peachtree Street, they formed a human/bicycle serpentine dragon wending it’s way east through midtown, turning on Tenth Street just ahead of me while I was stopped at the light.

Some bikers guarded the intersection, ensuring the safe passage of the rest and blocking through traffic, despite the fact that the light had changed. They repeated this behavior as they turned briefly south onto Monroe and then onto Virginia.

I craned my neck to see their methodical, deliberate and snake-like form climb the hill and out of view.

Who were these night riders that inspired my poetic (or not) words?

Blank Says No To Braves

I’m surprised it hasn’t been mentioned before now, but after Turner South (now sold to Fox) and the Braves went up for sale, I said Arthur Blank would be a cool owner, alas it appears that that particular pipe dream is over.

Atlanta Falcons owner Arthur Blank has suspended his negotiations to purchase the Braves.

Blank met with representatives of Time Warner and Turner Broadcasting last week. But in a statement yesterday (Tuesday) from Blank aide Kim Shreckengost, the Arthur M. Blank Group cited an inability of the two sides “to reach a preliminary agreement on the sale” of the baseball team.

Sources familiar with the talks indicated last week that Blank used a monetary figure that hardly distinguished itself from those of other potential suitors. The sources said that adding the Braves to his portfolio might be too expensive for The Home Depot co-founder.

Blank paid $545 million for the Falcons in February 2002.

Forbes Magazine valued the Falcons at $690 million, the fourth-lowest ranking among N-F-L teams, last fall.

Forbes estimated that the Braves were worth $392 million. It estimated Blank’s net worth at $1.2 billion.

Oh well.. It’s a little over 5 weeks till opening day and 6 till the home opener on April 10th against the Phillies, best get your tickets in now…

Teapots on the move

Now this is something different. I think it’s the first time I’ve heard of a Teapot Festival but, it actually sounds rather cool.

ATLANTA – (February 22, 2006) – In April, Atlanta will host an important new city-wide cultural event. The Atlanta Teapot Festival will celebrate teapots, tea ceremony, and related objects with a broad curriculum of educational events, exhibits, and works for sale.

Story from

Fox adds another one

Atlanta based Turner South has been aquired by Fox. For some reason, it seems odd that a Turner property will go to Fox. The deal will give FCN its 15th owned-and-operated network devoted to local sports programming. Story from Reuters

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