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A sad hour

Not strictly an Atlanta related post, but Coretta Scott King died last night:

Coretta Scott King, the widow of Martin Luther King Jr., has died.
The 78-year-old Mrs. King died in her sleep. Bernice King, one of her daughters, found her about 1 a.m., said former U.N. Ambassador Andrew Young, a family friend and former King aide.
“It seemed as though she was resting when she passed away. Bernice thought she had had a rather difficult day yesterday and felt like she needed her rest. It wasn’t until early this morning that she [Bernice] went to check on her and saw she had passed away.”

Something – new – on the radio?

Welcome to 97.1FM The River!

“We’re Atlanta’s Classic Hits station and we’re debuting with 10,000 songs in a row with no commercials! Thanks for checking us out!”

Since there is nothing new on Atlanta radio – if there IS something new on Atlanta radio, I’m willing to point it out.

The “new” 97.1 FM – The River – Classic Hits

Check it out on the dial and the Internet. I like what I’m hearing so far.

More on McMansions

Adding some more to the topic,’s Sandy Springs Blogger Jim Osterman joins the debate, echoing my thoughts about it:

I understand their objections, but I can’t buy into them. They don’t want the character of their neighborhoods compromised and I get that. Builders truly don’t build ‘em like they used to, and that’s a shame.
There doesn’t appear to be much artistic craftsmanship going into new homes — even the seven-figure structures. Style points don’t seem to be the order of the day.
However, what bothers me about stopping such efforts is this: If a neighborhood has no existing covenants that prohibit the practice of McMansion-ing and there is no truly historic value to the home, the buyer should be able to build pretty much anything that passes existing building and zoning codes.
Coming in after the fact because a buyer’s plans don’t conform to a subjective standard is just wrong. And arrogant.
I hope my neighbor won’t paint her home Tweety-Bird yellow, but if she does I’ll just have to live with it. If I had a chance to talk her down from such a color, I’ll go for it but I wouldn’t go hysterically running to city hall demanding relief.

And one of the commenters adds this: “If the problem is that the zoning requirements are not stringent enough – then change the zoning instead of placing a moratorium on the rights of the property owner.”

Free Screening

I’m not aching to see it, but if you are, you might be interested in knowing that New Cinema is having a free screening of Final Destination 3 next Wednesday. Click here to sign-up.

Georgia Information Site

The New Georgia Encyclopedia provides an authoritative source of information about people, places, events, institutions, and many other topics relating to the state.

It’s located right here:

Thanks to the for the heads up.


Last week, this happened:

  • Watched the trailer for Idlewild on the Apple trailers page.
  • Loved it.
  • Walked immediately to the Borders on Ponce to spend a gift card I got for Christmas.
  • Also, to take advantage of the beautiful day and the store’s proximity, both of which are/were fleeting.
  • Saw who I am almost positive was Andre “3000” Benjamin in the Philosophy section.
  • Felt the world get smaller, was surprised to like it fine.

I started off by saying…

I started off by saying… no f*****g way….

Then, I thought about it…

I read that The University of Georgia has signed a contract with head football coach Mark Richt that will pay him a salary of $2 million+ a year.

“Georgia’s Mark Richt is back among the top-paid head football coaches in the Southeastern Conference with a new two-million-dollar-a-year deal. UGA’s athletic board of directors approved a new eight-year, 16 million dollar contract for Richt yesterday. The deal also includes incentives if his players meet high graduation standards.” Story from WTVY

We’ll if Mark can get the team to the summit of the “Athens Mountain”, then more power to him. I went to UGA and I thought the Dawgs were the Icon of the University. If alumni love the Dawgs, they’ll love to send their money back to the “homeland”. The homeland needs all the money it can get. So, pay the man so the homeland can get even more! That’s just the way I see it – and I DON’T have season passes to the Dawgs.

“Richt’s 2005 team won its second SEC championship in the last four years. Before Richt’s arrival, Georgia had not won a conference crown title since 1982.”

Am I off base? Y’all can fight it out. Oh, and by the way, real estate in the Metro Athens area is WAY over priced!!!

An Event Apart: Atlanta

Jeffrey Zeldman and the A List Apart team are coming to Atlanta

On 3 April 2006, America’s favorite pastime (designing with web standards) will come to the 755 Club at Turner Field, as the famed ballpark’s spectacularly furnished club hosts An Event Apart Atlanta.

Join messieurs Eric Meyer and Jeffrey Zeldman for an intense, in-person seminar on standards-based design and enjoy the club’s tasty cuisine and panoramic views of Turner Field and the Atlanta skyline. (You don’t have to tell your boss about the good food and great views.)

Say it now with me… Ohhhhh…

Unofficial Award for High Museum of Art Expansion

It’s been listed on Artinfo as one of the 12 best new buildings in the world, number 6 to be exact…

6. Best Expansion:
High Museum of Art
Architect: Renzo Piano

The magical daylight infusing Renzo Piano’s recent works–at his Nasher in Dallas, especially–again takes center stage at the expanded High Museum, alongside Richard Meier’s 1983 attempt. A thousand light scoops face southward like sunflowers, or a platoon of robot soldiers, capturing and diffusing rays among the collection hanging in 17-foot-high upper galleries. The intimate piazza created by the new, bright-white structures comforts and shades visitors, in spite of their harsh aluminum and glass edges. Simple glass bridges span the gallery volumes.

Meier undoubtedly approves of the new quad on the Woodruff Arts Center campus. But while Piano respectfully maintained Meier’s original design concept, the original spaces disappoint even more so today, next to the contained brilliance of the $110 million new wings.

FYI, the new Scottish Parliament ranks number 1, not bad for a project that was much derived in it’s country for being vastly over budget, greatly delayed in construction (it took 7 years to build) and a little bit over elaborate for what it essentially a government building…

Atlanta producer signs AI Twins

I was sitting in the barber’s chair getting my semi-monthly haircut when the news came through on Fox 5 — twins Derrell and Terrell Brittenum from a recent episode of American Idol tryouts were charged with forgery and theft. What was more interesting was that the twins actually used to come to the barber shop I frequent.

Hey, that’s kinda Atlanta related.

This actually isn’t the Brittenum twins first try at a television talent show. Remember 1998 MTV’s “The Cut”? The twins first got their big break on the AI precursor and had the opportunity to tour with some nationally known gospel artists such as Kirk Franklin and Kim Burrell. (The winner of “The Cut”, Atlanta native Lil’ Noah, was signed by Jermaine Dupri and was last seen in Lenox Square serving #5 combos at Burger King. No lie, y’all!)

Now these past few days, a couple of rumors have been circulating concerning the Tennessee twins, one of which was a record deal. Well, V-103 confirmed that rumor this morning — Atlanta’s own Jermaine Dupri has signed the twins to a production deal.
Who needs American Idol…just steal a car and get signed by JD.

Maybe that’s how Dem Franchize Boyz made it.

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