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The Battle of the Dial Tones

Y’all have a good Christmas? Good. Now that that’s out of the way… Let’s get back at it!

Atlanta’s long-awaited phone fight is finally getting under way.

Telephone battle about to start in Atlanta: Comcast plans big push for VoIP. Story from the beloved
Slowly but surely, the region’s dominant cable provider, Comcast, has started to promote and sell its phone service, called Digital Voice. Set for an even bigger push in early 2006, the service, delivered using Voice over Internet Protocol technology, or VoIP, will put the company on a collision course with telephone titan BellSouth.

VoIP is a cool and relatively new technology. It�s had some hick-ups in the past. Some headlines:

Texas lawsuit against Vonage could drive change in VoIP 911

The Good, The Bad And The Ugly Voip


But, I think it�s getting there. I use Skype and Gismo. Very, very cool and it works.

I like Comcast. Ever since I had that little, let�s call it a �chat�, with one of the �big boys� at Comcast over their FIVE MONTH, �issue� with my cable modem, I just love them! They�re so sweet to me now.

I love BellSouth. I pick up the phone � dial tone � I call someone. I like Verizon Wireless. I speak to my phone, it dials, I talk.

Notice one thing. Three different companies. I like three different companies. If someone digs up a phone line and I�m out of service, I have Verizon. If Verizon is out for some reason, I�ve got BellSouth. If the cable TV is out, I normally have the Internet, even if it�s dial-up, etc.

I like to separate my �mission critical� utilities with different companies. I got the Comcast ad in the mail. TV, Internet, Phone, (they don�t have wireless, I don�t think). Even though I do, actually, like and enjoy Comcast, I just like my backups. Cost more? Yep.

It’s just a thought.

Celebrity Birthdays This Weekend

Today: Singer Lemmy of Motorhead is 60. Author Mary Higgins Clark is 76. Singer Ricky Martin is 34.

Sunday: WKRP Program Director Gary Sandy is 59. Dead great-grandfather of slut Conrad Hilton is 117. Singer Dido is 34. Carpenter, lord, savior Jesus of Nazareth is approximately 2011.

You Are Here…

Photo: NASA. Apollo 11.

Can you imagine what they must have felt when they looked back at their / our ONLY home?

This is a little �poetic� for me but, I want to post it anyway, because of the world we live in right now.

I know that I am not alone in wishing all our dedicated readers a happy……. whatever you celebrate in December. And that�s cool.

Let me first say, that as for me, I will wish all of my Christian friends a Merry Christmas. I will wish all my Jewish friends a Happy Hanukkah! I will wish all my African-American friends a happy Kwanzaa! I will wish all my �olden� friends a happy (past) Solstice and Happy 12 Days.

I am Christian and my partner is Jewish. Our home has unity. We embrace each other’s culture and embrace the common goal of �living together�. I have four Christmas trees in the house, he has a Menorah sitting on the main table. I celebrate with him, he celebrates with me, and I celebrate the Solstice as well. They ALL have meaning to me personally.

The gist of all of this is that I am happy and proud of several things:

First, that I am a member of the Metblogs Community.

Second, that there is true diversity in our blogging community – it makes for a rich and interesting blogging life.

Third, diversity brings a global picture to Human life. It is true that there is great diversity in our lives on Earth – people, religion, culture, etc. – and diversity does, indeed, bring forth issues that are important to all of us and through diversity and spirited debate, we find, I hope, common ground, caring, understanding and love.

Forth, personally speaking, I believe that working toward the concept of �Loving each other and taking care of each other� is the first and most important thing that Humans can do. Blogging has emerged, in the 21st century, as a venue for that, strange as it may seem. Let�s embrace it and see it as an attempt for personal expression and a platform for �reaching out� to others in our world.

I am pleased to be a part of an ever expanding digital home for Humanity. Not only Metblogs but, the blogging and digital home that is expanding daily for all of us. Metblogs adds new cities frequently. I invite you to take the time to read several cities and the entries that are important to those people living there. If we can talk about our lives and listen to our community, we can add � step by step � to what I believe is the fundamental goal of just �getting along� worldwide and enjoying our lives together! That may sound like a bumper sticker but, honestly, don�t you all want that to be real?

Peace and �Live Long and Prosper.� (Spock was right).

Hawks answer The Answer

Yeah, now even 53 points by Iverson can’t stop us. Win #7. I’m guessing that the answer to Seth’s question was that it was, indeed, just a fluke that we lost to the Heat.

Let me just get the first comment out of the way and tell Tony Mc that yes, we do still have a team.

Outlaw dynamite and only outlaws will have dynamite

Throwing Stars
Hand grenades
Plastic explosives
Gas torches
Tear gas
Meat cleavers
Cattle prods

The Transporation Security Administration has just revised its helpful list of what items passengers can and cannot take with them aboard commercial passenger aircraft.

The items listed above are still banned.

You can see the complete list here.

Sister Sites

The Metroblogging Family has expanded once again – adding our 39th city – Singapore! Go on over and take a look.

Also, there’s some really good transit strike blogging going on at the NYC site – check it out.

Hawks fall back to earth

So much for the Hawks love-fest we’ve been having of late.

O’Neal’s perfect start wasn’t terribly difficult — he had six dunks and two layups in the opening half. He set the tone for Miami, which held Atlanta to a season-low nine points in the first quarter and built a 56-35 halftime lead on the way to beating the Hawks for the ninth straight time.

Was this game merely an aberration against one the Eastern Conference’s elite (and newly energized) teams, or is it merely a sign of things (that have been) to come? 76ers and Bobcats at home and at Raptors and Nets all before the New Year – any chance we can go .500 in that stretch, especially getting some revenge against the Raptors?

Wanna Be A Dork?

Sometimes it’s okay, such as when you are and Art Dork.

On January 7th, 2006 the Art Dorks Collective is having a showing at the Young Blood Gallery on Glenwood Av. twix East Atlanta and Grant Park.

I think you should mark it on your calendar, because sometimes it’s cool to be a dork. Trust me.

Tijuana Is Gone-a?

Last night while driving through L5P I noticed that the sign on Tijuana Garage no longer read ‘Tijuana Garage’. It looked like it changed names to something like Sabrosa.

Does anyone have deets?

Okay, now I see what’s happening

It’s hard not to think that these two things are related:
1)Hawks continue to win, making it 4 of 5 and three in a row at Phillips for the first time since April 2003;
and 2)Atlanta may get a White Christmas – the last time we had one was 1993 and I seem to remember one in the mid-to-late 80s, but I was young then and, you know, kids remember some silly things sometimes.

Here’s the interesting thing – 1993 was the last time the city had snow on Dec 25. 1993-94 was also the season that Lenny Wilkens coached the Hawks to the division title… see? Am I the only one getting the whole destiny vibe here?

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