The Danger Zone

It is dangerous on the “top end perimeter” – especially in the rain – especially at night – especially, for some reason, going west bound.

Driving back into the area tonight, I had to get on the section of 285 I hate the most – between I-85 and I-75. It’s hard as hell to see what lane you’re in while it’s raining as the reflectors are pretty much nonexistent and the white lane markers don’t really show through the water on the road. I sure wish DOT would fix the problem.

There is a section, just east of the Ga-400 exit, that has been re-paved, re-“lined” and re-“flected”… lol anyway, it’s basically a new section of roadway. Boy, what a difference that makes. You can see the road with no problem, even in heavy rain. I wish it were not the exception.

OH.. and check this out. There’s heavy rain, I can’t see cramp and I’m thinking this tractor-trailer truck is coming up awfully fast on my right side. It’s not a tractor-trailer truck, folks, it’s a MARTA BUS! No, joke, this bus was at least pegging 70-mph – IN HEAVY RAIN! I wish I could have seen the I.D. numbers but, the water mist was too great.

Just a little tale of my travels for ya.

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