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Louvre in Atlanta

Oh, sure, you could go to Paris to see the art in the Louvre. You could stand in the annoyingly long lines. But why would you want to? Especially when you’ll be able to see them here at the High:

Starting next year, art lovers won’t have to cross the Atlantic to see sculptures and paintings at one of the world’s finest art museums. The Louvre in Paris plans to display some of its renowned collections in the United States, but only at one museum — Atlanta’s High Museum of Art.

It will mark the first time in the Louvre’s 212-year history that the museum has agreed to share entire collections with another museum for an extended period.

The “Louvre in Atlanta” project will be launched in January with an exchange of high school students between Atlanta and Paris followed by the display of some Louvre exhibits at the High Museum starting in the fall of 2006.

As a side note, High director Michael Shapiro was awarded a knighthood in the Order of Arts and Letters from France for putting together the collaboration. I mean, it’s cool and all to be a knight (do we have to call him Sir Michael now?), but the Order of Arts and Letters has got to be one of the least intimidating orders of knights ever.

Off-season Braves moves

After game 4 of the division series, I say the Yanks can have Farnsworth.

The Yankees and Farnsworth have been talking about a two- or three-year deal averaging $4.5 million to $6 million, a high-ranking baseball official said Tuesday, speaking on condition of anonymity because the negotiations were ongoing.

NY Corned Beef

If you’re looking for something to do this Sunday at 4 pm, and you happen to be in Decatur (aren’t we all, always?), then I’m going to suggest the monthly New York Corned Beef Society of Atlanta.

[A] hefty hot corned beef sandwich on Jewish rye slathered with Hebrew National deli mustard, with sides of potato salad, cole slaw, and, of course, a pickle รณ all for $8.

I defy you to name something that could taste better. I especially recommend this for all those UGA fans who will be still stinging from Saturday’s defeat (Yeah, that’s right, I said it).

“Walking The Line” screening

Controversy usually follows me around. Many of you know that. Well, here’s some more, on the big screen in Atlanta.

IMAGE Film & Video Center and the Martin Luther King, Jr. National Historic Site DREAM Series present:
WALKING THE LINE Thursday, December 15, 2005 at 7:30pm

Thanks to Atlanta’s Image Film and Video for the email. Here’s the synopsis of that documentary:

WALKING THE LINE offers a harrowing view of the chaos, absurdity, and senseless deaths along the U.S.-Mexico border through private citizens who are taking the law into their own hands. Southern Arizona, a region celebrated for its history of lawlessness, has become the most highly trafficked area for immigrants in the world – and one of the most dangerous. A shift in border policy forces migrants to cross the unforgiving desert where thousands die; those who make it face volatile civilian militias. The film explores the front lines of what many fatigue-wearing, self-styled warriors dub a “border war.” A discussion will follow the screening.”

Volatile Civilian Militias? Hmm. Okay then. I’ll save the rest for my personal site and spare you all. Have a look at the film if you’re available.

WHEN: Thursday, December 15, 2005, 7:30pm
WHERE: MLK, Jr. National Historic Site Screening Room. 450 Auburn Avenue, NE. Atlanta, Georgia 30312
404.331.5190. MARTA: Five Points station
TICKETS: Admission is FREE for the general public. FREE parking.

College Education? Whatever.

Some Ga. colleges waiving SAT, ACT requirements

I’m not sure what to make of this article from but, I have a feeling I don’t like it.

S.A.T., A.C.T., I don’t care, but, at least try…

My S.A.T. score was great! I studied my hot young ass off in high school, finished all my class requirements and graduated in the 11th grade; then, went right into college. Hard work. AND I NEVER GOT A BREAK!

I don’t know anything about the validity of the S.A.T. Whatever. But, now:

Come on IN! Screw the S.A.T. If you got a G.P.A. that’s, hmm, something above a C++++, then go to college.

“…Georgia is looking to lure more high school students into college with a pilot program that waives SAT or ACT scores as a requirement for admission to many of the state’s two-year and smaller four-year colleges…”

Story from

“…Though the program was announced in April, some Middle Georgia school counselors say they got the message just weeks ago and are hustling to get the word out to students. The experimental program was spurred by three developments, said Daniel S. Papp, the University System of Georgia’s senior vice chancellor for academics and fiscal affairs…”

Please note the words, “fiscal affairs”.

Yeah, the people who were suppose to get the word out may not know how to spell. But, I digress.

Apparently, the Board of Regents thought this would make access to a two-year collage more accessible – to, well, “publicly educated students”. Oh dear, what to contemplate next?.

“…High school counselors say they welcome the program because it opens up college to many students who would not otherwise attend…”

Or can’t get in. Okay, just ignore me and my diatribe….. read the article above and you decide.

Georgia last in SAT’s (2003)

Silver linings in SAT clouds. Georgia’s score rises, but still tied for last (

A Sonny S.A.T.

A Stone Mountain Christmas

A Stone Mountain Christmas. Oh yeah, I got to have me some Christmas stuff and this is a very cool event. Take the time to check it out. Then, hitch up the horses to Rosebud and head out.

Millions of lights in Crossroads
The Christmas Train & Show
Santa’s Grand Entrance on his Sleigh
Home for the Holidays Show
A Tinkerdoodle Christmas* movie in the 4D Theater
Kids’ Land & the Coca-Cola Polar Bear
Christmas Lasershow
A Crossroads Christmas Carol Live Show (pictured at right)
Storytelling with Mrs. Claus
The Coca-Cola Christmas Tree – “Give, Live, Love – Coke”


I probably should’ve mentioned this earlier, but the place is getting too crowded as it is and eventually if it gets too popular I’m not really going to want to go there any more. So that’s why I’ve been holding out.

The best Monday Night Football deal I know of is at the Highland Tap. For each beer you buy, you get, if you want free of charge, a brat and a nut bowl. A good brat. So that’s (if you order crappy beer) $3 for a beer, a brat, and some nuts. I defy you to name a better deal. The only negative is that Highland Tap is a smoking bar, so, especially if a crowd from Sweetwater comes to the bar, you are doomed to wreaking of smoke.

But I guess that’s the price you have to pay.

Fireworks in Midtown, 6:40pm

Now we’ve got fireworks popping and thudding in the sky over Midtown. They sound a lot like the shotgun blasts I heard over the weekend in South Carolina. Certainly they have the same effect on the dog, who is now hiding in the bathroom with her ears fully deployed above her head like the tips on Batman’s cowl or the ears of Anubis.

And just as quickly as they came, they’ve stopped.

Singing in Midtown, 10am

Not sure where it’s coming from, maybe the lady with the groceries walking up the street, but somebody’s singing outside the house right now. Well, singing might not be accurate. She’s not terrible, but to project her voice she’s really more shouting a song than singing it.

And now the song’s drifting off.

Marc Fournier, 1965-2005


Fans of local music might know Marc as Soolaiman, the lead singer of the popular Atlanta Neil Diamond tribute band, Hot August Knights. According to an e-mail from his brother, Marc died last weekend of complications resulting from pneumonia. He was just 40.

Marc was a great performer and, in my admittedly few conversations with him, a kind, engaging and interesting man. You can see him performing as Soolaiman in the documentary Feel Neil by Atlanta director David Sarich.

(Photo credit: Ken Kelly, copied from

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