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Like Atlanta Needed Another Reason…

… to swarm Ikea

Now Get It Insured

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Where Am I? #2

That last photo was, of course, the Eiffel Tower outside Paris on Ponce. You all got it right. (Everyone’s a winners!)

Here’s a new one. To get this one right, you’ll need to at least specify the street I’m on. Where am I?

Found on Fark

Rest stops becoming obsolete on state’s highways

News out of Athens points to Gwinnett county (“Gwinnett is great!”) closing their last remaining rest stop in Suwanee.

From the article:

“The majority of the people who congregated there had Gwinnett County license plates these were not motorists who were just passing through,” said Capt. Clyde Byers of the Suwanee Police Department. “If you live in a county, why would you spend your time hanging out at a rest area there?”

Apparently, the Suwanee rest area was a hot-spot for sexual depravity. Who knew?

And all you ITPers thought that you couldn’t have any fun OTP in “metro” Atlanta. Pshaw.

ATL’s New Theme Song

Brand Atlanta and Dallas Austin unveiled Atlanta’s new theme song last night during the Falcon’s half time show.

So come on… what did you think?

(Listen to a clip here)

Nice Weather We’re Having

Forgive me, but I’m posting about the weather. 50 degree temperatures? This wind? I love it. Seriously. Love it. I went to Scotland and Orkney on my honeymoon. This is just the way I am. Scarves, corduroy jackets and cardigan sweaters? Yes, please.

When we moved down here, my wife and I were concerned that we wouldn’t get this kind of weather anymore. We didn’t know what to expect from the ATL. Honestly, it wasn’t pine trees and the Blue Ridge Mountains, but I’m delighted to see that this is how it is.

You know who doesn’t like this? The dog. Like Lori’s dog Molly, who is a biggie-sized version of our dog, Clem, this sudden chill is apparently too much to bear. The little wuss. Dogs in Minnesota didn’t need coats or scarves until it snowed. Even then most of them toughed it out.

By comparison, my in-laws dog, also named Molly, likes it so hot that she sleeps on the superheated hearth of their wood stove. One night, her tail caught fire. Actual fire. She’s fine, but man, that’s one cold-fearing dog.

Anyway, now that this great weather has arrived, I’m going to Phoenix for a business trip. Sunny, sandy Phoenix, for a convention at a golf resort. No one in the world is further outside the target market for a palm-lined Southwestern golf resort than I am. I’d much rather stay in this Halloweenesque weather and attend the Halloween parties at Halo or The Independent, but at least I’m doing something new.

Anybody want to recommend me a place to eat in Phoenix?

Quick note on something that you can’t go to anymore this year

That is, Unplugged in the Park.

I went to the last one of the season last night and, well, given the recent change in temperature, it’s about time for it to end for the year. Oh, the music was good (as it usually is), and the food was good (the salmon teriyaki salad is highly recommended), and the view of the midtown skyline was spectucular, but about halfway through the show I had to go inside and sit on those great 1.5 sized leather seats they have in front of the fire. As Lori pointed out on Friday, Fall has arrived.

A fantasy question

On two of my fantasy teams, I have two different Falcon’s players. Crumpler and Vick. However, in both leagues I need neither to win the week and in one of them if Vick gets negative points I could lose the week. The question is this – do I start them both anyway, knowing that I am shielded from loss by Vick’s superior athleticism and knowing that I have faithfully supporter the team? Or do I take the wimp way out and assure victory over honor?

I’m leaning towards the former.

(By the way, does the AJC’s ridiculous logon annoy anybody other than me? I mean, first name, email address, AND password? Why not just username and password?)

Delta changing out aircraft

I was reading in the AJC (paper edition) today about, Atlanta based, Delta Airlines streamlining their aircraft types. (can’t find a URL for you). I like Delta Airlines but, I have to admit, I hate flying on any airline post 9/11. But, for this post, I’ll focus in on only one aspect that makes me feel that way: 3×3 row configurations in aircraft. You know, this seating arrangement:

image source: Delta Airlines

I actually avoid flying on jets with this type of seating. Why? It’s just to confining for me. I’m 6-3 and feel like I’m in a cage when ever I fly in a 757 or 777-200.

Even though I’ve hoofed it around the world, visiting some harsh environments, for some reason, that does not compare to a long flight sitting next to two other people and being unable to stretch out a little. This is especially annoying if the people are as tall as I am.

There may be some new hope…

Where Am I?

Stealing a page from our neighbors in London, I thought I’d try a little photoblog game. Here’s how it works. One of us posts a picture, and folks guess where it is. Your prize is pride and the admiration of strangers.

We’ll start easy. Where am I?

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