Doesn’t It Feel Good to Pay More?

The other day we were trying to get on 85 North when we spotted the seemingly-brand-spankiní-new Atlanta Gas Light building ñ all shiny and fancy. I thought, ìWow, theyíre obviously spending some of our money on making themselves comfortable.î

Anyway, today I read that the new building is by no means the end of their frivolous expenditures. It turns out that four years ago, a surcharge was added to the cost of heating homes under the guise of coal-tar cleanup. Evidently that surcharge funded incredibly expensive barbecues and a canal cruise, as well as holiday cards and a bunch of other items that are totally unrelated to cleaning up toxic coal and tar.

The Georgia Public Service Commission is investigating the situation and so far it looks like there have been double billings and other shady actions taken in order to generate more revenue ñ and what could be a more honest way to make money than lying to and cheating your customers. Well, I must be careful since the verdict isnít officially in yet. But Iíll be interested to see what comes out of the audit thatís being conducted.

This link has the full story.

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  1. Don (unregistered) on October 31st, 2005 @ 4:39 pm

    “They can keep their stupid smelly dinosaur urine, I’ll take cold showers all winter and move my bed to the basement where its 65-degrees year round. dammit. ”
    I wish I said it but it is from a coworker after I forwarded the article.

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