New Place: The War Room

Could’ve also called this “New Place: Duluth, GA,” as this was my first trip into that whole northeastern quadrant of suburbs and shopping plazas. Good lord, but there’s a lot of new stuff going up out there. Thankfully, this meant a new, affordable space for The War Room, the store that everyone said first when I asked, “Any good game stores in Atlanta?”

The War Room stocks model kits, miniatures (including the new Axis and Allies miniatures game), those colorful Osprey Publishing books on military history, role-playing games (Vampire: The Requiem, D&D, etc.), war games (Warhammer, etc.) and all of that kind of stuff. I was out there for a work event, running demos of our new game and meeting Atlanta gamers.

Not a gamer? I never got to see the War Room’s old location, but this (smaller, they tell me) new space still has plenty of gaming room, including three distinct rooms in the back for card gaming and the like. So, if you’re not a gamer and you’re in the area, go out there and become one. I saw a good number of fathers coming in with sons and daughters to ogle the miniature fantasy armies and detailed starship models they’ve got on display. A couple of visitors sounded like they were out on their Saturday father-son routine, picking up a couple of superhero figures to take home and play with in their home game.

Video games are great, but they’re not a substitute for games with genuine face-time. Locally owned Atlanta stores like The War Room and the Game Factory are examples of folks in business because they love their hobby. In many cities, brick-and-mortar game stores are hurting in the face of internet shops, but an internet shop doesn’t let you watch die-hard war gamers play out epic fantasy battles on tabletops gorgeously decorated with hand-crafted castles. Internet shops don’t have demo copies for you to try. Internet shops don’t help your child find new friends to play intelligent and creative games with, in person, in your own city.

Your local game store does.

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  1. Thomas (unregistered) on October 10th, 2005 @ 11:23 am

    Hey! That’s just down the street from me!

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