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Yeah, I know, I quit, and I’ve got sixteen things to attend to right now, but they have to go on hold for a second, because of THAT STUPID WHORE KATRINA. Cough.

So if you have already given money, and given goods, and helped out at one of the local shelters, and put your listing on Hurricanehousing.org (2300 and counting in the Atlanta area), or even if you have done none of those things, you can still come help up on Cobb Parkway for the next couple weeks.

People from Verso Technologies have joined up with FEMA to get at least 1,000 voice-over-IP routers into the affected areas, and to the victims, as quickly as possible; these would allow the affected to get both Internet and phone access in one fell swoop. But the routers need to be configured and organized before they get shipped out, and that’s why we need all hands, preferably hands with phones and laptops, on deck.

As a friend of mine who’s helping with the project wrote:

The two things needed most are Telephones and Time.

Telephones ñ We are sending out over 1000 ATA/VOIP units to the area. Every one of these units needs a telephone to plug into it. Any household telephone will work. If you have a working telephone that you would like to donate, please let me know.

Time – Anyone interested in lending a hand is welcome. We are looking for people with laptops to configure ATA units (the process is pretty simple even for non-technical folks). We also have lots of non-technical work such as packing equipment for shipping, prep work, runners/gofers, and clerical type of work. Our staging office is over by the Galleria (75&285). We will have several crews working most evenings and weekend day/evening for the next few weeks. If you would like to help, contact:

Bill Learning
Brian Whigham

I’ve been over there twice already, and will probably be over there a few more times before the month is out. It’s Building 400 in the Cobb Galleria Centre. You can talk to Bill or Brian — or, hell, me: jessicaharbour at gmail dot com — if you’re feeling skeptical, but seriously, the more hands on deck, the better; and the more hands with laptops and phones, better still.

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