New Orleans Jazz Funeral/Protest in Atlanta on Friday

UPDATE: It turns out that the organization putting on the shindig below is affiliated with the Revolutionary Communist Party. It’ll be worth going just to enjoy the irony of watching self-declared Maoists and Leninists exercising political free speech — something that Mao and Lenin would have murdered them for.

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Another one from the “Interesting Press Releases” file.

Note: I’m not associated with, nor do I endorse this event in any way. I’m passing it along because it seems interesting and provocative.

September 8th, 2005
For Immediate Release


National organization demands ìRescue, Not Repression, for the Gulf Coast!
The Bush Regime Must be Driven From Office!î

When: 5:00 PM Friday, September 9th
Where: Richard Russell Federal Building, 75 Spring Street in Downtown Atlanta

The new national organization, ìThe World Canít WaitóDrive Out the Bush Regime,î is holding press conferences and New Orleans style funeral processions around the country this week. In Atlanta, a Press Conference and Funeral Procession will take place at 5:00 PM starting at the Richard Russell Federal Building this Friday, September 9th.

Complete with New Orleans jazz music, black umbrellas, banners and signs, people from the Atlanta area will demand rescue, not repression, for the people, mourn the dead, and denounce the Bush regime’s criminal negligence in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.

The Press Conference will include recent evacuees from New Orleans, relatives of people trapped in New Orleans, organizers of rescue missions, and student and community activists who are anguished and outraged at the Bush administration.

The group, ìThe World Can’t WaitóDrive Out the Bush Regime!î held a similar action following their first national conference in NYC last weekend. A local organizer who participated in the New York conference said, ìWe demand rescue and not repression for the people of the Gulf Coast. People who are attempting to meet their basic survival needs must not be shot down or arrested. The full truth of this tragedy must be discovered and those responsible for both the lack of preparedness and lack of response should be held accountable. We accuse the Bush regime of committing mass murder through negligence. This is just one more reason why Bush has to go.î

ìThe World Can’t Waitî is looking ahead to this November 2nd, the anniversary of Bushís ìre-election.î The day will be a massive and public proclamation across the country that we refuse to be ruled in this way and will not stop until Bush is forced to step down.

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  1. speakup (unregistered) on September 8th, 2005 @ 4:17 pm

    Are any other groups/individuals focusing on the martial law the people of NO are being put through? I think evacuation is the right thing to do, given the medical/disease spread risks alone, but this is no way to treat people who have lost/are losing everything. I’m sick of hearing non substantiated accounts of attacks and looters to make these people out to be chaotic. And anyone judging the actions of looting (as its called)would do well to look at the NO authorities who have “looted” the lives of the poor in that city.

    I am not, however, associated with this group, which is a front for the Revolutionary Communist Party, USA. While their platform is as scary as martial law in NO, they still make a valid point about the situation. Help people live, don’t lock them up and treat them like animals!!

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