The Things You Overhear…

This could also be known as “the things you find out when people get blind drunk at a ballpark”

Having sold our own tickets and another pair we aquired for todays game we found out we still had another pair of tickets, so we headed down arriving just a little bit late, and while we usually sit in line with 1st base we were now seated beside the left foul pole and surrounded by increasingly intoxicated employees from an unnamed company who taught us a new thing about Turner Field.

It has a detox room, a detox room you have to sign release papers to “escape” from…

Now, I’m all for having a few drinks at the ballpark, but when your so drunk you pass out on a bathroom floor after 2 1/2 innings, well, thats just obscene. So we were sitting surrounded by her friends who weren’t shy in relating every last detail to everyone around them, so we were getting constant updates about how she was wheeled out the bathroom in a wheelchair, almost arrested by police, taken to detox and all that jazz. Infact it was getting so bad that we had to leave after the 7th inning of a pretty close game just because one of them deciced to sit next to us (in a seat that wasn’t for them) and proceeded to lean forward on the railing in front, pretty much blocking our view (it was a big lady), plus the smell of booze from them was pretty overpowering.

Usually the people seated around us are nice, pleasant and courteous, these people were just plain rude… I’m not complaining persay, just saying that if you want to drink that much and be obnoxious during a game, there is a place for it located in right field…

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  1. letsgomets (unregistered) on September 6th, 2005 @ 2:12 pm

    Maybe ya’ll can set up cubicles to watch the game. Then, an usher can come by and let you know when to cheer. Of course, the Braves can also build a “chunnel-like” gateway so you don’t actually have to look at the city of Atlanta as you are whisked away to the northern suburb of your choice*!

    *special points for alpharetta vs roswell grudge match!

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