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Wide open apetures

The ACP (Atlanta Celebrates Photography) Opening Reception is tonight at MOCA GA Midtown. This is the seventh year of the festival and includes many lectures, exhibitions and events.

Checkout their website for additional details:

Atlanta Celebrates Photography

The Loaf also did a writeup this week:

Global imaging

If you like to take pictures you can participate in My Atlanta on October 9th in Piedmont Park. This year’s theme is Dance.


Oh yeah. Did you feel it?

Did anyone else in Atlanta sleep with their windows open last night? If you did, then you know what I’m talking about. For various reasons, the wife and I have been living sans air conditioning for the past couple weeks. First, It seemed like summer’s oppressive strangle hold was loosening slightly. In retrospect, that was probably wishful thinking. Second, I think it’s ludicrous to go into the end of September with the A/C raging full-on; I don’t care what part of the country you live in. Finally, call it a meager attempt to conserve some energy both in the spirit of environmentalism and in the face of natural gas bills thal, this winter, will surely amount to gang rape.

So, we’ve had the windows open and the ceiling fans threatening to cause residential lift-off. The mornings have been okay, but going to sleep at night has been a swampy, sweaty endeavor.

Until last night.

I had the front door, the back door, and all the windows open wide while I wandered around the house taking care of random minutae with which I will not bore you. At one point, I was passing through the living room and a chilly breeze washed through the house, stopping me in my tracks. Despite the fact that I was home alone, I looked around to see if anyone else felt it. I became giddy with excitement as, for the first time this year, it felt not like summer’s grip was merely loosening but like autumn had actually shown up to the party.

Last night I slept like six dead polar bears.

After the PanHandling Bomb!!!

Chirp Chirp…… all quiet. I read an article this morning in the AJC [Article] Mainly it talked about how there had been a decrease in panhandling and that things seemed to be much quieter down town…. I have been down town a few times here and there, but it all seemed the same to me. Near the parks, near centennial, … near five points, underground…. I still see some Panhandling here and there…. Am I crazy? …. or am I a Panhandling magnet?


Maybe someone who is always down there can speak up? Is the media not getting a broad enough scope on the results, or am I just “lucky” with Panhandlers?

Oakland Cemetery

For those of you that need a little incentive to visit Oakland Cemetery for the “Sunday in the Park” this weekend that Thomas blogged earlier today, here’s a pic of the cemetery taken this afternoon from the rooftop patio of Six Feet Under.

Or if you just enjoy poor photography that obscures the true beauty and wonder of a cool Atlanta landmark. Either/or.

Oakland Cemetery

Coldplay at Philips Arena

ColdplayLast nights show by Coldplay at Philips Arena can only be described in one word


More of that later… After my ingenious plan of using a disposable camera as a decoy to allow me to sneak my digital camera in proved to be pretty must worthless as soon as I entered the arena as security didn’t particularly care about people using cameras (as this shot shows).

Anyways, onto the show… The support act was Rilo Kiley and they were pretty good, a few catchy songs in their set, most noteably a song called “It’s A Hit” which I think I had heard before, but never knew who it was by.

Then there was a huge wait for the main act but once they arrived (complete with countdown on the video screen behind the stage) it was just a great show… Though, I’ve heard them play live before they mixed things up slightly by playing most of the memorable songs like “Politik,” “Yellow” and “Speed of Sound” early in the set. Usually you would expect these to be played later on.

Coldplay and Michael StipeAnyways, Chris Martin was downright bubbly throughout the night, running around the small stage like a man possessed and also taking a moment to run through the capacity crowd to the back of the arena during “In My Place.” He also managed to screw up the start of “The Scientist” which he compared to being voted off American Idol… He was also throwing out special mentions to Atlanta left and right, even managing to work OutKast, Michael Stipe and “Georgia On My Mind” into the lyrics of “Politik” and later on during the encore he brought out a special guest in the shape of Michael Stipe who then went on to sing “Nightswimming” with Martin on the piano to the delight of all there.

The show was a hugely enjoyable spectacle, well worth the wait and extortionately high ticket price… I doubt you’ll find anyone who was there who’d say a bad word about the show, easily one of the best ones I’ve been to…

Is it a bit chili in here?

That’s right!! It’s that time of year again…. and if you are like me and can eat your weight in Chili, this event is for you!!! The world famous Atlanta Chili Cook Off!!! I am not much of a cooker… but I am much of an eater. I have been to this once before and was not dissapointed (until the next day…from over eating).


So here is some more info:

When: October 1 @ 10 a.m. – 6 p.m.
Where: Stone Mountain Park
Cost: $8 parking or $35 annual parking permit. Entry fee $10; free ages 12 and younger
Information: 770-498-5690

Sunday In The Park

Few places in Atlanta are as incredibly lovely as Oakland Cemetery. Part of the beauty comes from the stones and statues that stand for the dearly departed, but beyond that … you have to admire such a grand expanse of predominantly green space that has yet to be recycled into another unnecessary real estate opportunity.

This Sunday, October 2, the Historic Oakland Foundation is hosting their annual Victorian Street Festival. “Sunday In The Park” will feature food, story tellers, an artist’s market, tours of the grounds and even an era-appropriate costume contest (lots of velvet corsets, most likely).

Admission is $1.

Political “Ads”?

A couple of campaigns I’ve worked on in the past have had to deal with this issue, so I feel I know a little about it.

Cathy Cox is the Secretary of State of Georgia. Two weeks ago, the office of the Secretary of State “began a $500,000 advertising campaign on black radio stations across the state cautioning listeners about financial scam artists and telling them where to get help. The advertisements will run through November in Atlanta and through the end of the year outside the metro area.” Unless you’re just staunchly against government warning people about this sort of thing, this sounds like a good idea, no? Well, here’s where it gets tricky. See, Cathy Cox is also currently running for the Democratic nomination for Governor. Against Lt. Gov. Mark Taylor. So some people see it as tax-payer funded campaigning.

Last year’s Cox ads prompted Republicans to push legislation outlawing such practices, arguing that it’s unethical for Cox, a Democrat, to use the investor funds to campaign for office.
“These ads have nothing to do with investor protection and everything to do with raising her name identification among likely Democratic voters,” said Sen. David Shafer (R-Duluth), a sponsor of the legislation, which was unsuccessful.

The problem with that approach, I think, is it puts office-holders who are in re-election or other election campaigns in a position that makes it very difficult to do their job. If Cathy Cox’s office is the one to talk to about scam artists, well, then I should know about it. Frankly, Bill Bozarth of Common Cause Georgia has it just about right – “[Office holders] always have the power to get themselves in the public light,” he said.

Now, I’m not saying there aren’t abuses of this privilege – and they do need to be checked. But this is not such a case and is more likely just typical election cycle complaining.

[Note: (1) Both Dems (in favor of Mark Taylor) and Repubs (in favor of Perdue) are doing complaining on this and both parties (both statewide and national) have this sort of issue occur with them, so don’t start leaving comments about how this or that party is full of dirty tricks, etc. That would just be unhelpful.
(2) An interesting part of this story is that it is running in Atlanta only through November and in the rest of the state until the end of the year – I wonder why…]

Decatur Beer Tasting Festival – Two Weeks!

Admit it – you’re interested in going.

Re: Congratulations

Mr. Robert J. Cox receives rare, gushing praise from major media outlet.

Cox no doubt the best in the biz

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