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Cocktails in the Garden

Tonight is Cocktails in the Garden, the wonderful monthly event at the Botanical Gardens that lets you have, well, cocktails in the botanical gardens. Tonight should be a wonderful night for it – not very hot, but extremely comfortable, and it will probably have a near perfect crowd there. It should also be good for those people who like to take pictures of things – hello? flickr people? I’m looking your way…

This truly is a gem of an event and I highly recommend attending. Click for more information.

Note: My friend is the host this month. That is my specific connection to the event. I am also a member of the Botanical Gardens, so I have that connection as well. If you think these make me biased towards mentioning this event and not others, then you are probably right. But at least I’m telling you my biases. They don’t change the fact that the event is a wonderful opportunity to hang out in the gardens on a wonderful night. Who knows? You’ll probably see people and plantlife that you have never seen before…

Would Atlanta?

Some of my news documentary colleagues were talking tonight about the state of the gulf coast and mostly New Orleans in respect to “community bonding” after a tragedy like hurricane Katrina. Sound and video bites don’t always tell a full story.

I’ve always felt like Atlanta was a “civically bonded” city. After 9/11, New York City came together as one community. There was some discussion as to other cities that would come together as one in the aftermath of a catastrophic event such as Katrina. The question was asked – would Atlanta?

Some of the people in the group, who have traveled around the U.S. (and the world), decided there might be trouble in L.A., but, cities like San Francisco, CA. and Portland, OR. would be fine. Washington D.C. and, interestingly, Chicago would be suspect and Miami would be an issue. But, the question of Atlanta – which to some people is a rather divided city – would need to be examined.

So, I put the question out to everyone – would Atlanta come together as “one” after a disaster? I’m not talking about the typical sound bites from news coverage depicting solidarity, I’m talking about ALL citizens helping out in the trenches. I think it would. Also, does solidarity happen more, less or equally if the event is patriotically motived as opposed to something from mother nature? That is to say, a threat that is identified as human. What do you think about Atlanta and, perhaps, Georgia in general? I’m optimistic. Keep in mind, our group does it’s questioning as an objective exercise only. Nothing else intended or inferred.

Possible Gasoline Shortage In Atlanta

Sorry for cutting and pasting, but this is important. This is from today’s AJC.

Metro Atlanta drivers are facing the possibility of paying considerably more than $3 a gallon for gas by Labor Day ó if they can get it at all.

The two pipelines that bring gasoline and jet fuel to the region are down ó powerless to pump as Hurricane Katrina wreaked havoc on electrical infrastructure.

The metro Atlanta region generally has about a 10-day supply of gasoline in inventory, said BP spokesman Michael Kumpf. The pipelines have been down for two days.

Read more.

This is unreal

One of America’s great cities is, as I’m writing this, filling with water from Lake Pontchartrain. The efforts to repair the breaches in the levee have failed. The 20% of New Orleans that isn’t under water now might very well be tomorrow.

And one of our hometown networks, CNN Headline News, is showing Nancy Grace talking about a fucking kidnapping.


“I hate y’all”

Mr. WideOut Can’t Catch the Ball guy
Metblog Atlanta Presents: Real Men of Genius
(real men of genius)
Today we salute you, Mr. WideOut Can’t Catch the Ball guy
(Mr. WideOut Can’t Catch the Ball guy)


We gave you twelve point five mil, for just 6 tee-dees and two seasons full of ‘oopsies’
(Whoops did I drop that?!)
Dropping this pass and that one, you’ve got more Butterfingers than the Piggly Wiggly
(Oink, Oink!)
If there was coverage, you got shutdown. If there was a route, you took a detour. And if Vick decided to run, you blocked worse than the GDOT at an IKEA opening!
(Which WAY do I go?)
So crack open an ice-cold Bud Light, Slick! There are thirty one other teams out there …. and plenty more fans to disappoint! We.Hate.You.Too
(Mr. WideOut Can’t Catch the Ball guy)

Thank You Coach Mora, Rich McKay and Arthur Blank – can we talk about Finneran now?

Metrobloggers Unite

FULL DISCLOSURE: This post is a cross-post of something from my personal blog, but I think it needs a wider audience.

Metrobloggers of the internets, our founding father, Sean Bonner, is being targetted by Wikipedia ne’er-do-wells as a shameless self-promoter and general bad guy. As such, they’ve scheduled the Wikipedia article on Metroblogging for deletion.

Now this isn’t one of those Arthur Dent-style situations where we can’t do anything about the situation; far from it. Register for a user account on Wikipedia and join the throng of supporters shouting “Keep”, at least virtually. Better yet, be a good Wikipedian and write some more content for the article.

Here’s the text of my comment to the powers-that-be:

I’m a Metroblogging author and I think that information about this blogging community should be available on the Wikipedia. Weblogs, Inc. and Gawker Media have Wikipedia pages, and the Metroblogging concept is similar, so why delete this article?

I make some good points, mainly that the two other large players in the for-profit blogosphere, Weblogs, Inc. and Gawker Media both have Wikipedia entries. Choosing to delete Metroblogging is nothing short of discrimination.

Fight on Sean!

UPDATE: It looks like the Metroblogging article will be kept! I’m off to make some edits right now.

Radical Georgia Moderate – 2005 NCAA football picks

This past Sunday, Rusty “Who the f*ck kicked my barstool” Tanton, proprietor of the politically ambiguous Radical Georgia Moderate announced the kickoff of his 2005 NCAA football picks contest. It’s really quite simple. Each week you give a thumbs up or a thumbs down to the Vegas odds of all the games involving teams on the ESPN/USA Today Top 25 poll. Correct picks are worth a point. Incorrect picks are worth 0 points. The most points at the end of the season wins a $50 Amazon card. The official rules can be found here.

A split-second visit to RadGaMod lets you know that Rusty cheers for one of those schools that drains tuition money away from Georgia, but sends all its graduates yelping back to Atlanta to find jobs. (Auburn? What?) You can’t really blame them, though, for not getting accepted at Georgia. (Full disclosure: I wouldn’t get accepted at Georgia today either). In this spirit, Rusty has extended a special wager for Georgia grads who maintain blogs.

The games for week #1 are already posted so if you want to participate, get your picks in. All are welcome.

Guilt: It’s Not Just for Catholics Anymore.

All of this death and destruction has left you feeling guilty for not doing more, hasn’t it? It’s ok, we’re all friends here, you can admit it. That’s the first step, after all.

Whether it’s in light of Katrina (who shall be here fore referred to as “That Bitch”) or because you’ve been “meaning toÖ” but didn’t know where to start, try these resources and find a way to get involved and give back to your community.

My life has rules and one of the most significant ones is this: “If you have a problem and you don’t do anything to fix it, you forfeit your right to bitch”.

Litter, vandals, loss of trees, medical epidemics, it’s easy enough to help – if you want to. Have a particular cause in mind but don’t know where to begin? Email me and I’ll figure it out for ya, because I love you that much. In the meantime, try one of these three for ideas and contact info:

I’m Sorry – the What-fest?

If you’ll be in town for Labor Day and you like cover bands, crowds, barbeque and most importantly – whiskey – then this event might be for you. Whiskey Fest. Yep, you read that right.

Boasting a beautifully designed site with very little content, I have no idea what this event holds in store. It’s being held at Park Tavern so you can count on pretty people en mass, but you encourage the addition of gross amounts of whiskey add whiskey and it could be ugly. Hey, maybe they’ll have a mud wrestling pit. Who knows?

All I know is I won’t be driving anywhere near that part of the hood on September 4th.

Movie night at Cowtippers

Amidst the rain last night, I headed down to Cowtippers for a burger. Sitting there eating my burger (which was excellent and medium rare, just how I like it) and ranch mashed potatos (not quite as good, a little too ranch-y for my tastes, but then again, what did I expect), at 9 o’clock two projector screens were set up inside and they started playing Pretty Woman. The crowd was sparse (because of the rain), but apparently every Monday night is movie night at Cowtippers. Usually there is also a screen out on the deck so you can sit outside getting eaten by bugs while you watch your movie.

Anyway, I’m definitely going sometime in the future (I only sat through half of the movie last night), it seems like a really good time.

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